The Scarf-Belt

Wearing Ann Taylor Outlet dress ($20), Gap scarf ($7), Geox flats ($37).

I’ve received some requests on how I tie my scarves (scarf belt, belt scarf). Here’s a visual tutorial to get you started! Note: If your scarf-belt doesn’t look like mine, you’re probably doing it wrong… Just kidding 😀

step one

Lay the scarf as wide as you can against your stomach.step two

Wrap it around your cute little body….TIGHT. Or else it will be loose for step three.step three
Make a knot.step four: option 1

Make another knot. Tuck the remaining ends as flat as you can under the top-most layer of the scarf….not the one closest to your body. End result.

step four: option 2

Or….after the first knot, tuck the ends of the scarf following the direction of the knot. Tucky-tuck. Again, make sure you make it as flat as you can when you’re tucking.


Now you’re a scarf-belt master.

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