My Top 5 Favorite Not-So-Obvious Accessories by Kristen

Hey there! I’m Kristen from The Mrs. and The Momma….a blog about my musings of life as a wife, mom to four, and a clothes-loving gal. I started my blog after having my last baby to chronicle how my style would evolve during my “transition” phase, but my blog has turned into much more than that. It’s really my fifth child.

For me getting dressed everyday is something I look forward to…especially the accessorizing part. But we all know the basics of accessorizing, right? What I mean is that items such as belts, bags, scarves, and jewelry are commonplace in what we wear. They naturally pull together outfits and are basically the cornerstones of accessories, if you will.

What I love about fashion are the other accessories that give that needed “pop” to an outfit. Not that the above-mentioned items don’t make things interesting, but sometimes I look in the mirror and think, “This just needs something more.” when my other accessories aren’t quite stepping up to the plate. Enter:  My Top 5 Favorite Not-So-Obvious Accessories. (You like that title?)

5.  Nails
Yes, nails can be an accessory. Well manicured, bold-colored nails can bring that wow-factor. What better cheap and easy way to change your look from day to day? (Ahem, more like week to week, for me at least.)


4. Hair

Ginnifer Goodwin, Elle Magazine

I’ve had approximately 36.7 hair styles in the past decade of my life. I just love to try new styles and colors.  A statement hair style such as a pixie cut, a platinum bob, or simply curling normally straight hair can be an accessory to any wardrobe, because the hair standing out on it’s own diminishes the need for strong accessories elsewhere. Look for people with similar face shapes and  coloring as you for inspiration to see what new “statement” hair styles you could try out. I’m absolutely in love with this particular cut.

3. Lips

I know this is kind of a given, but when you need that pop of color, the best way to achieve it in mere seconds is slapping on some bright lipstick. Your choice of make-up, specifically lipstick color, can make or break a look. Coming from a generation who has generally shied away from lipstick and adhered rather to gloss, I find it somewhat hard to get on the bandwagon, but I’m trying. Just make sure you line before you apply. Nobody likes bleeding lipstick.


2. Broaches
Pins and broaches are wonderful in my book. It’s an extra bonus if they are vintage, such as this one that belonged to my grandmother.
Whether they’re placed on a lapel, hat, purse, or on a chain as a necklace, broaches are super versatile in adding an interesting flare. Next opportunity you have, go rummage through your grandmother’s old costume jewelry…I’d be willing to bet you’ll score a find!

1. Hats

Okay, people, if we all band together, I’m pretty positive we can be successful in bringing fascinators over to America. I would die for an occasion to wear one! But until then, I guess I’ll settle for regular hats. Boo. No, not really…I love wearing hats. What better multi-purpose accessory? Not only do they cover up bad hair days and keep your head warm, but there are endless possibilities when styling an outfit around a hat. My favorites include the Gap beret I’m wearing in the above picture and the one below from Target.

Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” I’m not sure I agree with this statement, but whenever in doubt, I do make sure I’ve got at least something of interest going on. So I’d love to hear…what are some of your favorite not-so-obvious ways to accessorize?