Rule Breaking Monday!

Sorry this is so late. With my skirt failure and my Debbie Downer post last night, I totally forgot! Thank you to Alessandra for reminding me it is Rule Breaking Monday! Do you have an outfit from this past week where you broke your styling rules? Then link up here every Monday!

If you don’t follow these rules, your entry will be deleted because I’m a meanie.

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  4. In the “Caption or Title:” section, tell us what rule you broke in 30 words or less. For example, Wearing black and brown together.
  5. Check out your other blog-friends’ rule-breaking outfits.
Winter white and floral
Four non-neutral colors
Red & Pink
Patterned tights at the Office
Mixing Casual and Dressy
Dress as Skirt


Wore a Skirt as a Top
Mixing neutral items together
shop skirt from the suits
Mixing Patterns
Wearing little boy shirt
Mixing Patterns
Black with Brown(s)!
Blue On Blue
White Pants!
Snow Boots In The Office
My week of teacher wearings
Black & BLue
Way too many prints!
skinny jeans and short legs
Outfit Leftover
Stripes and spots in Dublin!
Stripes & checkers
Dressing like a hot dog
Red Overload
Denim and Dressy
Navy and Black?!
Different color accesories
Faux Leather Fringed Skirt! : )
Brown, Nude, and Black
A dress a skirt and a shirt
Sweater Vest AND a Sweater
Peeptoes In the Winter
leg warmers. . . in the not-1980s
Brights in the winter
wearing 2 knit shirts together
Dark Colours
Wearing lots of bright colors
Wearing a loose top
Mixing Metals
Literal Movie Reference
How not to do Demeulemeester
double denim
Red and Pink?
Mixing Patterns
wearing team colors
Bright + Skinnies
Stripes, Plaid and Dots
Wearing Blue, Gray, & Black
Red checked & Mint Green


Iffy by Melissa



Button-up: Madewell (similar) | T-shirt: Shade Clothing | Skirt: Madewell (similar) | Shoes: J.Crew (very similar!)
To be honest, I am not quite sure what I was thinking here. Was it “How many patterns can I fit in ONE outfit?” or “I am going to pick blindly from the closet and just put it on.” Maybe it was “I am going to be wearing camo for the next month – get in all other patterns while you still can.” Whatever it was, I still thought it was pretty fantastic till about half way through the day. Then it was more like, “What am I wearing?!?” Anyone else feel iffy about their outfit choices as the day ends?

How To Make a Colorblock Dress from T-Shirts by Kristina

Sometimes a favorite piece is just too comfortable to throw away. I didn’t want to get rid of my perfect fit tee from the GAP so I decided to up-cycle three extra large men’s polo shirts from Goodwill to create a dress inspired by this colorblock dress.
Chic Girl’s Tip: Anytime you plan to up-cycle jersey knit pieces, wash and dry the clothes before cutting them for your projects. For this project, I used the largest shirt as the bottom layer and smallest for the top to make sure the shape of the skirt portion was a-line.