How to Make a Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace

Ever since I saw this necklace in the J.Crew catalog, I’ve coveted it. Here’s an easier and cheaper alternative.



What you’ll need:

2 strands of pearl necklaces (or fake ones if you’re like me)
1 strand of ribbon (or you can use a gold chain necklace)





Double your necklaces. Easy peazy.





Overlap them.




Slide the ribbon underneath the necklaces.




Tie the ends together.




Grab the ribbon on the other side.

Update:  A reader, Julie, sent me an email and mentioned another great idea – she took her pearly, dangley, charm bracelet and attached her gold chain necklace to both ends to wear as a necklace. Now I need to find a pearly, dangly, charm bracelet and a gold chain necklace..

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