Dates on the Cheap

Thank you for all your suggestions!! I’ve compiled a list for your favorite dates on the cheap. Your homework is to do all of them…at once.

  1. Long walks through the forest, the city, residential neighborhoods and pointing out which Victorian houses you like best, or the beach. (JustinebrianneleeKimberellieHalf Dressed,Larysse Tavares)
  2. Picnics at the park or the beach. (JustineLa Historiadora de ModaJessicaEmily, Ruby Slipper Traveller)
  3. Movies…maybe with tea, chocolate, cake rolls, Thai thin biscuits, fermented milk, or pizza. (yours truly dearKimberelliesweetLarysse Tavares)
  4. Nickel arcade. (yours truly dear)
  5. Auto Zone (haha! ;)). (Melanie)
  6. Drives. (Lemondrop Marie)
  7. Beach. (KimberellieJ E S S U)
  8. Coffee dates. (Kimberellie)
  9. Browsing used book stores with Starbucks in hand…or bringing your own tea/coffee and browsing the library. (Kimberellie)
  10. Games…perhaps cribbage. (Kimberellie)
  11. Trying on clothes and asking your husband which outfit he likes best (I love this one!!!). (Kimberellie)
  12. Crafts…like scrap-booking or crocheting. (Kimberellie)
  13. Baking together. (Kimberellie)
  14. Cooking together. (Jessica)
  15. Going to the playground. (Jessica)
  16. Going to the movies. (CarolineLarysse TavaresJ E S S U)
  17. Going to see a band. (Caroline)
  18. Snuggling in front of the T.V. (Caroline)
  19. Playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero. (Caroline)
  20. Grocery shopping together. (RicAdeMus)
  21. Visiting family. (RicAdeMusLarysse Tavares)
  22. Eating gyros and people watching. (definingdawn)
  23. Sitting on the park grass and just talking. (Larysse Tavares)
  24. Eating at fast food snack bars. (Larysse Tavares)
  25. Going to the park and having a BBQ. (J E S S U)
  26. Hiking. (J E S S U)
  27. Camping. (J E S S U)

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