Reader Question: Wedding Dress (…not that one)


I have this dress I plan on wearing to a wedding next week, but it feels pretty dressy to be wearing all day long. Can you help me with ideas on how to make it look different for, say, the luncheon versus the reception? Even though I don’t plan on changing during the day, I’d like to be able to make it look less dressy since it is pretty fancy on its own. The only obvious addition I can think of is a black cardigan. Any ideas? I have black earrings to wear, but because the neck of the dress is so high, I was thinking the choker necklace that matches them might be too much. Also, it seems that with a neckline like this it is flattering to wear your hair back away from the face, but again, I don’t want to be too dressy. What do you think?

From the picture it looks to me more of a work dress than a wedding dress. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transform it for a wedding! I think black would be too harsh as the dress is a very bright electric blue. Instead, I am thinking pastels and feminine details. It also looks like this dress needs to have a belt. I usually prefer to wear a belt and no necklace and vice versa with my dresses, which is why I only chose fancy belts with lots of bracelets for these looks. I agree about the hair – I think an up-do would look great with this higher neckline…especially a messy up-do.

For this first look, I chose a light pink cardigan with a little shimmer and glitter down the neckline to add more pizazz around the face, which is also why I picked stud earrings. I love these pumps! They are nude so they’ll match anything but the black outline and flower makes it more elegant. You could wear the cardigan under the belt for the luncheon and take it off for the reception. Check out this great up-do!

For the second look, I found a white and black lace cardigan that would go well with the cobalt blue. To add some interest, I picked this sequin belt. I love that you can have the sequins in the front or the back! Plus, it’s adjustable for any size. I chose another nude pump again – this time it’s plain to complement the busy top half. To add more color around the face, I found these beautiful colorful earrings. To transform this outfit for the luncheon and reception, you could either take the cardigan off for one event or reverse the sequin belt for the other. This hair tutorial looks pretty easy to do for this look.

For this third look, I kept things a bit simple…except for those fabulous shoes! I liked the idea of pairing blue and purple together to create a harsh contrast but because they are pretty similar in color, it wouldn’t be as bad. I think this hair do would be great with this outfit.


What do you guys think? Which look do you prefer? Or if you don’t like my picks, what do you recommend with this dress?

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