Warby Parker… Continued

I got my Warby Parker home try-on glasses last night. Let’s test them out together.. I probably should have brushed my hair first. Nah.. I’m going back to bed.
The Miles glasses:  My cheeks are too big for these babies.
The Finn glasses:  My cheeks are still too big.

The Madyson glasses:  My whole face is too big.

The Cailin glasses:  Too small for me. Check out the husb getting ready to rock out.
The Harper glasses:  The best out of the bunch but still feels a bit tight.

These are the glasses I have right now.
Verdict:  Warby Parker glasses are for people with slimmer faces and probably not for Asians because the temples (the pieces that keep your glasses on your ears) are also too long for me. But if you have a regular face, I say try them out.

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