Didn’t you wear those jeans yesterday?

I just ate way too much pizza for one person…and put way too much garlic on it. Chase and I are making out………never.

 I originally wanted to wear this white button-up with Chase’s cardigan. But it didn’t feel right. Probably because it’s made for a man and not a petite Asian…girl. So I went for the fitted cardigan with loose armpits – totally hate that (weird style peeve #1). I added the pink necklace because the only other colorful necklace I have is my yellow flower one and I didn’t want to pair the yellow with the gold in my shoes (weird style peeve #2). Tell me some of your weird style peeves so I don’t feel so weird and so I don’t have to type weird style peeve anymore.

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Like my bun? Of course, you do. It’s a lopsided beauty.

I’m wearing a reworked JCPenney necklace (free with gift card), Gap shirt ($12), Old Navy cardigan($18), J Brand jeans ($158), flats from the Philippines ($7), and JCPenney bag (free with gift card).

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