As you guys know, I don’t like graphic t-shirts. If you didn’t, you do now. I currently have two graphic t-shirts that I’ve worn on the blog. But I still don’t wear them very often. So I was really surprised when I grabbed this shirt this morning. It’s white so it’s basically a basic….basically. Plus, it has my favorite verb. If you can guess which one it is, you’re probably reading my blog too much….and that’s awesome.

Don’t forget!!! If you’ve broken one of your style rules this week, email me your outfit and about the rule you broke so I can feature you rebels.

I’m wearing a secondhand scarf ($3), my husband’s cardigan ($20), Herro Hachi shirt (won from RicAdeMus’ giveaway sponsored by Herro Hachi), J Brand jeans ($158), flats from the Philippines ($7), and JCPenney bag (free with gift card).

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