Rules are for breaking…unless it’s the law.

I wore this for church today. I haven’t been posting my Sunday outfits because we’re always late and so I end up throwing on whatever and feeling like whatever, you know? But today I did my hair and actually thought about what to wear. I deserve a million points. Change that to dollars and we’ve got a deal.

One of my previous style rules was not wearing like-colors together. But I’ve been trying to break my rules because they’re stupid. I love the light colors here together:  gray, ivory, and white. Your homework assignment for this week is to break one of your style rules!! Email me if you do – I’d love to see your outfit and know about the rule you broke!
I’m wearing an Old Navy cardigan ($4), JCPenney shirt (free with gift card), lace belt (from Fay), skirt from Korea ($10), and JCPenney heels (free with gift card).

Tip:  Use double-stick tape when you wrap your cardigan so it doesn’t flap and get frumpy!

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