YOUR Rules Broken

Wearing black and
brown together
Wearing more than one
showcase item at one time
Wearing black and
brown together

Wearing statement piece with
more than one accessory
Mixing dressy
and casual
Mixing different patterns

Wearing green and
red together
Wearing black, white,
and purple together
Wearing khaki and
white together
Wearing black, brown,
and navy together
Mixing patterns and
wearing open-toe booties
Wearing pencil skirt
with flats
Wearing flat shoes with
below-the-knee skirt

Thanks so much everyone for submitting your “broken rule” outfits! It makes you realize that fashion is supposed to be FUN and not uptight like a grandma. Kidding. Grandmas are fun. Not mine though. She’s crazy. But I still love her. And I’ll end with that note.

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