Yesterday, Kendi posted this outfit. And today I copied her. We’re totally twins, except I’m not white. (Only on the inside.) If you didn’t know already, she has my pants. And by my pants I mean she got herself a pair from Anthropologie too. It’ll be nice to get some more ideas on how to wear these baggy-crotch-diaper-man-pants. That’s what I would have named them if I were them.

What? Didn’t you know cool people have one pant leg higher than the other? (I am implying that I am cool…and I am.)


You guys, I discovered the most amazing hair routine ever. On the first day, I did this to my hair. The second day I curled it (hurriedly). And for today, I put it in a pony. Try it. It’s fool-proof and easy! Nobody will ever know you didn’t wash your hair for three days. …Maybe one or two will notice.

I’m wearing a JCPenney trenchcoat (free with gift cards), Gap turtleneck ($19), Anthropologie pants (free with gift cards), JCPenney rhinestone necklace (free with gift cards), JCPenney cluster necklace (free with gift cards), and JCPenney heels (free with gift cards).

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