What’s that on your head?

How do you like mah hurr? I don’t really talk like that. I was inspired by Rebecca’s crown braid. I wish “inspired” meant “the same as” but it doesn’t because I’m incompetent when it comes to my hair, which is why it’s always boring straight or wavy. Anyway, she has a tutorial here. Check it out. Try not to make me feel too stupid because I can’t get it.

(Don’t look too closely at my face. You’ll see my bajillion pimples. I promise I’m 23….)
I chopped up my blue Gap dress and turned it into a new shirt because last night I realized I didn’t have any blue t-shirts. What’s wrong with me?
Now I’m off to gorge myself with all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ with Chase and my bro. I forgot to starve myself today. I guess I’ll consider that “practice”.. Not like I need it. (That’s why I’m wearing BF jeans and a loose t-shirt… That’s me…always planning ahead.)

I’m wearing a JCPenney trenchcoat (free with gift cards), Gap dress-now-shirt ($8), JCPenney orange necklace (free with gift cards – buy it!), Gap Factory boyfriend jeans ($26), and H&M black flats ($13) with a JCPenney black bag (free with gift cards).

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