Friday Recap (yes, already)

Today I wore a maroon scarf (gift from a blog friend), H&M white shirt ($10), Old Navy brown belt ($10 – buy it!), secondhand Gap flared jeans ($9), and Target clog sandals (gift from my in-laws) with a vintage Gucci bucket bag ($3). My belt was also slowly coming undone and nobody even told me. Just because I sit all day doesn’t mean I don’t care about how my belt looks. But I guess no one knew that.

Chase and I went to get Chinese food in Chinatown tonight and it was horrible. Worst $10 we’ve ever spent. It may have had something to do with the fact that our dinner was $10 and it could’ve fed 20 people and/or dogs.

So we went to Little Tokyo and bought some mochi to make us feel better about spending our money unwisely. Mango in my right hand and chocolate in my left hand (and my mouth). DELISH. (And, yes… I did change. Two outfits in one day isn’t enough for this girl.)

Then Chase made me figure out how to get home by myself.

He found me.

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