Just another manic…Sunday


You thought I was going to put Monday, right? I TOTALLY GOTCHU.

This was taken on Sunday if you didn’t get it yet. But it was good – thanks for asking. We had stake conference this past weekend and my visiting teaching companion and I visited with three sisters on our list! ..one of whom is Kari!! I think her contributions to my blog count as VT…

Also, I did a crownbraid again but I did it further away from my hairline and the nape of my neck and I think I look less like a man this way.

I’m wearing a Forever 21 gold flower necklace ($8), Anthropologie gold bib necklace (free with gift cards), H&M white shirt ($10), Tulle teal skirt (c/o Tulle), and JCPenney berry heels (free with gift cards) with an MNG by Mango black bag (free with gift cards).

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