99% Vintage

Wore this to church on Sunday. Funny story… I play the organ once a month and was late yesterday…but made it just in time for me to play the first hymn. As I pressed down on the keys, no sounds came out!! Elaine 0 – World 2

I was so proud of myself for wearing almost all vintage. But then my mass-produced Target clogs got in the way…like always. (JKlawl. I love ’em.)

I got this pleated skirt the same weekend I got this skirt and these shoes with my expert thrifter friend. It’s from Japan so naturally I can’t breathe when I wear it. Guess I’m never wearing it again.

I’m wearing a reworked vintage cream blouse (giveaway win from Raleigh Vintage), vintage tan belt($5), vintage plaid pleated skirt ($5), and Target clog sandals (gift from in-laws) with a vintage Gucci bucket bag ($3).

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