Pretending to be photographers…and new clothes!!

If you didn’t know already, Chase and I went to Sacramento for the weekend for his sister’s wedding. We played photographers and took their wedding pictures…actually, Chase took their pictures and I bossed my SIL and her new husband around. I loved it.

Me and Chaserbug

Me being a bossypants
The end result
Notice anything new and different? I’M WEARING ALL NEW CLOTHES!!!! This has never happened on Clothed Much before either. I just went shopping-crazy over the weekend. Chase didn’t know who I was. Neither did I. It was fun for a little.
  1. thrifted Express white blazer, $3 — Got it for 50% off! It fits sooo perfect!!!! I threw it in the washer to get the thrift store smell out and it came out all squished and crinkly :(. I read the inside tag and it said DRY CLEAN ONLY. Then I cried :””(. Then Chase ironed it out and it looks as good as new!! I love irons!! and Chase!!
  2. JCPenney gold beaded necklace, FREE — Yes, I still have a little bit of moneys left on my gift card. My niece said it looked like a Nerds candy rope. So I bought it.
  3. MNG by Mango sunnies were also bought with the gift card. I already had these from before. You can buy them here.
  4. green tunic thing from Target, $16 — It was for my leggings.  You can buy it here.
  5. Target black leggings, $20 — It was for my tunic.  You can buy them here.
  6. Fitzwell black flats, $75 — My H&M flats were getting stinky and uncomfortable. They were only subs until I found some durable, comfy, wide ones. So far Chase doesn’t think they’re worth $75. Whatever, guy. You can buy these here.

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