For the love of food (and maxi skirts)

This past Friday I wore an H&M white shirt ($10), yellow scarf (gift from Melissa), Forever 21 maxi dress-turned-maxi skirt ($5), and Target clog sandals (gift). But let’s get to the good part…. FOOD.

I was really anxious and frustrated so excited and happy on my way to pick up Chase after work so I demanded suggested we go get some frozen yogurt right that second for a little date. We were stuck in traffic forever had a nice little drive through L.A. and found Crumbs! And then I was happy. (I got the Milkshake cupcake. DELISH.)

Then we saw a sushi restaurant and decided we wanted sushi. (We always want sushi.) But it was too expensive for us so we found a cheaper and better one a few streets over. We got so excited we ordered a little too much that our waitress had to ask us if we were sure we could eat that much. We said yes. And then no. And then yes again. And then no once more. I’m glad we said no. I’m paying for those cupcakes and sushi right now. I’m doing squats as I type this.

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