Just got out of the slammer…


I’m wearing a H&M sunglasses ($1), H&M striped shirt ($6), fringe necklace (c/o The Little Tiny), Forever 21 striped skirt ($7 – buy it!), and Fitzwell black flats ($75 – buy it!) with a vintage Gucci bucket bag ($3).

The debut of my “new” skirt! This is how I would dress if I were in prison. Fashionably and with some fringe. Oh, you like my necklace? This girl made it for me! We go waaaay back…like last year in Salt Lake City at church. I’ve been blog-stalking her ever since.. It’s not creepy because she has a cute baby. Or is it more creepy? I forget. What’s even more awesome than me being creepy is you can make your own fringe necklace!!! Check it.


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