Good Morning, America!

…as my friend told me when I wore this to church on the 4th of July…vintage black earrings ($1), Old Navy striped shirt ($12), vintage red skirt ($6), and thrifted Nine West black heels ($3) with a vintage brown bag ($15). Did you wear the red, white, and blue on the 4th? You wore the Old Navy 4th of July shirts like everyone else, didn’t you? Because nothing is more patriotic than mass-produced 4th of July t-shirts that can and will only be worn once until tossed in the Goodwill pile.

I’d also like to officially introduce my new bag to the five people who still read this blog. The tweet from my Twitter didn’t count. Isn’t it a beaut? I’m pretty sure I heard angels sing when I found it. If angels sound like screaming kids running around the thrift store, then yes. It’s not a famous or expensive brand or anything like that. Don’t worry. Chase already checked on eBay. I’m not even sure it was worth $15. I’m not sure if it’s even a bag.
There’s still a couple days left to enter to win this modest red dress! And there’s only one winner so better fight for it. Cookie bribes are acceptable as well. OMG, I almost typed brides.

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