Skirting Around by Kayla

I’m Kayla of Freckles in April. I write about food, fashion and anything else I feel like.

When I was a teenager I changed out of my Sunday skirt into sweats as fast as I could without ripping out zippers and buttons. My mom would frequently stay in her dress. When I asked her why she hadn’t changed yet she’d shrug and say, “Because I’m comfortable.” And I’d think, “Whatever, you loony.”

When I first started fashion blogging I was terrified at the prospect of wearing a skirt outside of Sunday activities. It felt weird. Truth be told, anything beside jeans made me feel like an imposter.


Now it’s my jeans that rarely see the light of day. Skirts are classy and feminine and comfortable and could probably bring about world peace if we gave them a chance. They can be romantic, breezy and light, which makes them a perfect alternative to shorts in the summer time. Plus, they’re more versatile than you’d think.

A change of shirt and accessories can make skirts appropriate for whatever you have going on.

Skirts are particularly nice if you like a “healthy breze round [your] privates.”  Just sayin’.

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