Blog Crush: Thread Ethic

I recently stumbled upon the modest Salt Lake street style blog, Thread Ethic. I was instantly taken aback by the style featured on the blog and their photography. They make Salt Lake City look better than I remember!! The two stylish ladies don’t divulge much about themselves so I had to email them to unveil this mystery.. Turns out they are 2 parts of the sibling piano musical group, The 5 Browns. Now I feel stupid.. As a fellow pianist (hahahahahahh), I should have known!! I’ve even listened to their music!!! Read on to know more about this sister duo and their amazing style.





Where are you from?

Melody:  Although Utah has been home for the past few years for both of us, we like to claim New York as home away from home (and now a true home for one of us). I spent 9 years of my most formidable years there and feel that New York played a huge part in who I am…fashion and all. We also have a bit of Texas in our past. So all three states, Texas, Utah and New York feel like little bits of home.


Why are you in Utah? School? Work?

Desirae:  Melody and I are both part of the musical group The 5 Browns and for the past 6-7 years the group has been based in Utah. Both of our husbands families are in Utah so we wanted to be close to relatives too. Just this past month though I, Desirae, moved back to New York City where my husband will be attending grad school. As Melody mentioned, we both lived here in the past from 1997-2006 while we were attending The Juilliard School so New York feels quite a bit like going back home. We are excited to be contributing to the blog from both New York and Salt Lake City. I’ll be searching for high fashion yet modest looks as I’m out and about in the city and share them with everyone on Thread Ethic.

How do you guys know each other? (This is me being stupid and oblivious!!!)

M:  Obviously apart from being sisters, we work together as musicians. Being a part of our musical group has really shaped who we are in fashion. In our work on stage as musicians, randomly we had quite a few people asking us questions about style. So we figured we’d take it all a step further and work together on a blog to give people more options in fashion. So yes, beyond the familial, we are very much business partners in many ways.

Where do you like to shop in Utah?

D:  Funny enough, our favorite place to shop in Utah lately is Deseret Industries. If you know what you’re looking for you can find things that look exactly like they came off the runway, and it is soooo affordable! We also really love Zara, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Banana Republic, and couldn’t be more excited about the soon-to-be-coming H&M. We also frequently online shop at, Ebay, vintage websites like, and online stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales which will put Utah girls immediately within reach of BCBG, Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein and most designer things they might be looking for.

What are your favorite styles?

M:  We are huge fans of designers like Marc Jacobs and are absolutely loving everything about Valentino right now. Oh and you can rarely go wrong with such power houses like Chanel and Prada. It was kind of amazing to be pretty big fans of Zac Posen and then to work with him so closely. He will always be a favorite in our book. Of course we can’t always afford our favorite designers, so we use them as inspiration for looks we can afford. Their inspiration gives us the creativity to try and recreate what they’ve done on our own and with our own pieces.

What’s your history with fashion?
D:  Through our work in The 5 Browns we have had the great fortune to work with amazing high fashion photographers, stylists and designers. The designer Zac Posen actually asked us to perform on the runway of his Fall 2009 show and designed dresses for us to wear. He very generously wanted our input on the dresses and wanted to collaborate our ideas with his. We learned a lot from that experience. We’ve also learned a lot from watching what solutions stylists come up with to our modesty requirements. Through these experiences we’ve been able to see what ‘high fashion’ really looks like close up and in a real way. After all we learned, Melody and I gained the confidence to take on the task of styling our music group for stage and print ourselves and have been doing so for quite a few years now. We feel we’ve been through a style evolution and are bringing what we’ve learned along the way to Thread Ethic.

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