Exit Glamour!

My skants are back! That’s officially my new favorite word thanks to Cat. I fixed the button but it just means I have to starve myself all day to wear these. And that’s never going to happen. Not when chocolate chip cookies exist.

I love the idea of tying button-ups at the bottom thanks to Jenni! This outfit made me feel old (like classic-old, not like grandma-old – actually, I can see it now..) and glamorous…like Katharine Hepburn, which is weird because I’ve never seen any of her movies. But I did see The Aviator. Does that count?

I’m wearing a Gap shirt ($12), vintage culottes ($6), JCPenney pumps (free), and a vintage bag ($15) with vintage earrings that you can’t see ($1).
the behind…MY behind to be exact

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