Gotchu Pants

I tweeted these pants like a million years ago and they’re finally making their debut on the blog! Yes, they’re pants!!! Imagine my surprise when I tried on a “midi camel skirt” backwards and was about to turn it around until realizing the crotch wasn’t going anywhere. And that’s when I fell in love. They’re so outrageous I had to have them. I’ve been having an internal battle of whether I should hem them a couple inches or not.. Somebody tell me what to do!!!!!!1 Life or death!!!!!!!!1

As well as a new fake-out skirt, I got new shoes. They remind me of Chloe’s bow pumps. I love the thick heel and the stitched detail on the back that you can’t see. They were a bit narrow for me when I got it so I wore them around our apartment with some thick slipper socks until I couldn’t feel my toes any more. If you try it, you may lose all feeling in your legs for a couple of days afterward, but it’s okay. I think it’s normal.
Nothing is more classy than stripes and camel. Add red lipstick and you’re timeless…just like me. I followed the ol’ rule of wearing something fitted on top if it’s loose on the bottom. I don’t know if I can break that rule with these fake-out pants… What else could you wear with these?
Love this picture
I’m wearing an Old Navy shirt ($12), vintage Anne Klein cropped pants ($6), and JCPeney beige pumps (free) with a vintage bag ($15).

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