Le Pop

I’m totally obsessed with these fake-out pants that I wore them again! But I didn’t hem them. Maybe later. I guess I’ll just have to have stumpy(er) legs for a little while longer. It’s okay – I’m used to it. For this look I went with navy and camel. Isn’t that a classic color combo?? I don’t know. It looked good in my head. I added a blingin’ necklace to imitate the crew neckline of my t-shirt because it looked boring by itself. And I don’t do boring. I do simple, which borders boring.

I popped the button in the back of my pants at work the day I wore this!! (A girl’s gotta eat!!!) It was very uneventful. It happened while I was buttoning my pants to get up from my desk because I had unbuttoned it after eating lunch. It didn’t hit anybody in the eye or pop into anyone’s food. I wish. Then this story would have been worth it!! Now I just wasted five minutes of your day. You’re welcome.

I’m wearing a Gap dress I snipped into a top ($8), JCPenney necklace (free), vintage gaucho pants ($6), and JCPenney beige pumps (free) with a vintage bag ($15).

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