My I-didn’t-shave-today pajamas

Chase and I had to run a few errands that day and so I rolled out of bed like this, naturally! Kidding. It was a Saturday and I wanted to be as comfortable as I could while we were checking out our NEW APARTMENT!!! We are moving this weekend!!! ..and we still need to pack. I figure since it’s three blocks away I can procrastinate as long as I can. Is that how it works?
I donned my church pajamas as Kari called them because I forgot to shave my legs. Okay! I didn’t shave them for a week…possibly two. But that’s not important. Jeans were out of the question – it was too hot…like 80 degrees! So I wore my church pajamas with denim on top! I’m still in my knot-tying phase as you can see. Don’t worry.. I only have one more button-up so you’ll have to see this at least five more times. What do you guys wear when you “forget” to shave your legs?
I’m wearing H&M sunnies ($1), thrifted Gap shirt ($4), Forever 21 necklace ($3), refashioned Forever 21 maxi skirt ($5), Walmart sandals ($10), and vintage bag ($15).

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