Paint the Town Leopard..ish

Got this shirt at Forever 21 a few weeks ago. It was one of those moments where I gave up after five minutes of being lost in that gigantic fastfash hole when this top caught the corner of my eye just as I was walking out the doors. It’s sheer with a tie front. Thought I’d tell you because you can’t tell in these pics. I’m not sure what kind of pattern this is.. Leopard? Paint blotches? Whatever you are I love you. Just don’t tell my husband. With this shirt, I saw the coral and wore the next closest color – my hot pink skirt! When wearing bright colors, pair with nudes, creams, and beiges to tone down the brights. Or don’t, whatever.


Oh, hello, wind hair.
By the way, this is only my second time breaking in these shoes and my feet were HURTING after church. Chase thinks I’m crazy. I think I looked hot. Beauty is pain…until someone designs some wide shoes for me that aren’t uglytrocious. Until then I’ll have to settle for my method… Le sigh.
Why, yes. I always laugh with my legs perfectly crossed.

I’m wearing a Forever 21 top ($16), vintage skirt ($6), JCPenney pumps (free), and Anthropologie necklace (free).

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