SJP from S/TC

Layering gold necklaces here made me feel like SJP from STC. Did you get those acronyms? I mean, DYGTA? I should just do this whole post that way. IDKWISHBYW. (Translation:  I don’t know why I’m smirking here but you’re welcome.) Okay, that was too hard.

I think the trick to layering gold necklaces without looking like you’re in the mob is to vary in different types of necklaces…which I didn’t do here. I used two gold necklaces of similar chain breadth so I’m either channeling SJP or this guy. You can decide! Actually, don’t. My last successful gold-necklace-layering attempt was earlier this year. I used three different necklaces of different breadths and I like that one better than whatever is going on here.. Have you guys mastered the art of gold-necklace-layering? Let’s see it!

I’m wearing gold necklaces ($30, $5), an H&M shirt ($16), secondhand Gap jeans ($9), Target clogs (gift), and vintage bag ($15).

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