Making Modesty Your Own by Heather

Hello you lovely Clothed Much readers! I’m Heather from Life of a Passeri, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here!

So I’ve been waiting for some great wave of inspiration to wash over me and tell me what to say to rock your modest fashion world. I mean have you seen Elaine? ‘Cause if you didn’t know, she’s kind of a big deal. So here’s what I came up with:

I like feeling pretty.

Earth shattering right?

When I feel like myself, like I own my style, I feel pretty. There was a time though, that I didn’t feel like I could really look fashionable or “pretty” in modest clothes. I felt like what I wore and what was “in style” were completely irreconcilable.

I didn’t know how to own my style. I was so focused on how modesty prevented me from fitting in, I was missing the point:  my clothes should be less about others and more about me; how they make me feel, or represent me as a person. I should never think I have to fit into someone else’s mold.

I know, right?! How great is that?

So now, older and wiser, and sometimes to my husband’s distress, I’ve learned how to dress for myself and own my modest style. My “pretty” like my style is how I define it.

So here some of my tips on how to dress for yourself and spice up modest style to make it your own!

1. Find accents and accessories that are completely and uniquely you. Such as Steve, the Argentine fish purse:

2. Mix pieces you love that make you feel confident with ones you find exciting or a little outside your comfort zone. Like my favorite silk dress, paired with and unexpected top.

3. Play up your natural assets. I’ve embraced my dramatic frizz and curls by pairing them with big accessories and electric colors.

4. Don’t be afraid to pair something fancy with something not…fancy. Like classic pleats & stripes with a home-made necklace.

Hope you found these tips helpful! Feel free to come on over for more thoughts on how to feel pretty on your own terms. –Heather

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