Maximizing Your Wardrobe by Hayley

Hi Guys! I am Hayley, I blog over at a little life and style blog called The Weekend File. I live in Southern California with my boyfriend and our adorable puppy and we are currently renovating and moving to our first home, a 1956 charmer about 4 miles from the beach!

I wondered what in the world I could tell you fashionable ladies that would be considered a fashion tip or how to. Then it dawned on me. It isn’t about “how to” do something but it is about thinking outside the box…or closet.

Considering last weekend it was a bright and sunny 90 degree day and yesterday it was dark and rainy, the seasons are definitely changing here. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress for. I love being able to layer and combine different patterns and textures into my wardrobe. If you are on a budget, or like sticking to the clothes that you already have… try mixing your summer wardrobe into your fall one!

  1. Summer Dresses. These can actually be worn all year long by simply adding leggings and boots to transform the look, and keep you warm! This is a trick I often use to get more use out of one piece, and brighten up my look. For the top, put a shirt underneath or a chunky knit sweater over the top!
  2. Multiple Shirts. Layer, layer, layer! Take your favorite button up and wear it over your favorite tee… unbuttoned! This gives you an added layer, and an added pop of color. Add a cardigan, and even take it a step further with a coat or blazer. You have instant warmth and endless possibilities.
  3. Shorts. These summer staples aren’t just for summer anymore! Put fun, textured tights under your shorts and wear with closed toe heels for a wintery look. I prefer to ditch the denim cutoffs in favor of plaid, knit, menswear inspired shorts.
  4. Lightweight Scarves.  Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean the accessories have to as well. Take your light and breezy summer scarves and wear 2 or 3 at a time. Tie them together to make them longer or twist them side by side to get a chunkier look. You can also use your thinner scarves to make belts with oversized bows! So hopefully these tricks will help you maximize your wardrobe as the seasons change and keep your wallet nice and full!

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