How to Style Your Hair in a French Twist by Kristina

Yep…that’s me sporting my hair in it’s most natural state of fuzziness. I never, ever, ever try this hairstyle on freshly washed hair…my hair is just too bouncy, so this hair style is reserved for a couple days after a shampoo when the ends are at their frizziest and there’s just nothing else to do with it except pull it back (or wash it again), but who doesn’t want to get one more day out of their product, huh?

1. To keep the front of my hair from splitting down the middle, I pull back the front section of hair and use a bobby pin or clip to hold it in place while I do the rest of these steps. This also prevents the weight of my hair from pulling the front back too tight.

2. Pull your hair into a ponytail where you want the center of the twist to be.
3. With your hand on the bottom of the ponytail, twist your hair up and around toward the ceiling to create the roll.
4. Hide the ends of your hair by taking the ends and twisting them down and tucking them under the twist formed in the previous step. The longer your hair, the further under you’ll need to tuck.
5. Anchor the style with bobby pins in these three places first, tucking in any stray ends. Continue pinning until your hair feels secure.
6. As you pin, make sure to check this angle in the mirror for shape. You don’t want it to look great from the back only to be bulging out in weird ways from the side. I think the fullest part of my twist here should have been a little higher, but that would just be me being picky. HA.
7. Check the front for shape and pin accordingly. Recently, I’ve wanted my hair to be a bit higher and more dramatic in the front, so I haven’t been pinning it back too much.
8. That’s it! A french twist made easy. Much love, mah dears.

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