Belt Loop Secrets by Melissa

J.Crew skirt (similar); Aldo boots ; belt from great-grandmother’s closet

I love the look of a skinny belt wrapped about a pencil skirt. It just adds extra emphasis to your waist! What I don’t love is a skinny belt that won’t stay in place. I don’t know about all of you gals but I only have ONE pencil skirt with belt loops. So after too many days constantly adjusting my belt, I decided something had to be done. With little to no skill with a sewing machine, I turn to the next best thing:  safety pins!

Keep the pin head on the inside of the skirt and pin it a little larger than the width of your belt and you have a sleek belt look that stays tight against the fabric keeping your belt in place! I usually put one on either side of my skirt. I have never had anyone notice they were there. 😉

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