Turn Your Handbags Into Wall Art by Kristina


For years, my handbags have had no real space to call their own. They’ve been stuffed into already crowded shelves or thrown into the pile of shoes at the bottom of my closet. A few weeks ago, I asked the husband to hang these rods for me on the wall behind the door and it’s been more awesome than I would have imagined. They are out of the way in a previously unused space, hidden by the door when it’s open so the different colors don’t clash with the room decor, yet I can see at a glance which bag will work best for the outfit I’m wearing.

Any substantial curtain rod will do for this project. I bought these from the kitchen section at IKEA during a visit to Cincinnati. Just make sure to leave ample room between rods for the length of your bags.


The hook will need to have a large knob to accommodate the straps of your larger bags.


Not sure why I’m just now getting around to organizing my handbags, but the convenience of this little project makes me wish I’d thought of it years ago. And it was so easy, too…25 minutes max.

So, how do you store your handbags?

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