How to Wear Modest Skirts (Without Looking Frumpy) by Kristine

Living in Japan, I was always in awe of everybody’s fashion choices. Everyone looked so kawaii (cute) in their knit sweaters layered over button up shirts with shorts, tights, and heeled boots. I have envied Japanese fashion since I was in junior high school, and seeing it in real life was an absolute dream.

Just one problem:  the fashionable Japanese girls that I admired were very keen on showing A LOT of leg. We’re talking short-shorts and mini-skirts galore. And it looked great on them. Somehow, they found a way to balance out the amount of skin they were showing by covering up their top half. (I really saw zero cleavage while I was in Japan, which I very much appreciated.) However, because I was surrounded by these amazingly stylish, beautiful, leggy women, and because I have very high modesty standards when it comes to showing skin, every now and then I would find myself feeling so, so frumpy.  I’d look at myself in my seemingly matronly knee-length skirts in the mirror and just frown.

But then I thought, just because I don’t show a lot of skin, doesn’t mean my body doesn’t look good. Showing skin and being leggy does not automatically equal womanly. Sure, I may not ever be sexy…but I don’t want to be seen like that anyway.

Over the years, I have figured out ways to wear modest skirts without looking frumpy. These ways work for me, but I’d love to hear your tips in the comments as well!

H&M shirt ; J.Crew belt (similar); vintage skirt (similar);
Forever 21 shoes (similar)

1. Wear heels.

If you’re petite like me (I’m 5’2”.), this is definitely a must. Lengthening your legs is a must to fight the frump, especially when wearing skirts! I’m talking 2” heels or higher. I can’t tell you how I feel when I put on heels after dressing up for the day:  I finally feel complete.
J.Crew cardigan (similar); J.Crew Factory necklace;
Urban Outfitters top; Crossover skirt from Japan
2. Wear skirts at the waist, not the hip.

Wearing skirts at the waist definitely elongates your bottom half, which is what you want! I also feel as though it creates a very 1950s silhouette, which is very, very feminine. I have some skirts that actually fall at my hip naturally, but I belt them at my waist so they’ll stay up. Just a trick of the trade 😉

Forever 21 hat (similar); Forever 21 top ;
Uniqlo skirt; We Love Colors tights; c/o Blowfish

3. Pay attention to where the hemline falls.

Supposedly, just above the knee is the ideal length for making your legs appear longer. I don’t necessarily follow this rule, but it’s good to keep in mind. For me, I usually wear skirts somewherearound the knee area.

What tips have you got to wear modest skirts without looking frumpy?

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