Lazy Meets Office

thrifted blazer, $3 ; thrifted white t-shirt, $5 (similar); Target sweatpants, $18; Target sandals, $8 (similar)
This post is brought to you by thrifting and Target. I got these sweatpants a couple weeks ago and they’re all I’ve been wearing at home (with a t-shirt, gross! {..or is it?}). Can you tell I’ve been in a be-as-lazy-as-possible-but-still-look-put-together-with-the-least-amount-of-effort mood lately? Ahem. In fact, I’m so lazy that I wore this to work. I’m 97.4% sure that I wore this all weekend too. But that’s the beauty of it all… Add high-heels and a blazer and you can’t even tell they’re sweatpants!! (Work with me here..)

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