7 Ways to Wear a Chambray Shirt by Sherri

Oh, hey! I’m Sherri, a 25-year-old from Winnipeg, Canada. Nice to meet you. I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be here today! I was actually inspired by Elaine to start a personal style blog to represent modesty and to share my love for fashion. At SHERRIAMOUR you’ll find my daily musings, style diary, and thrift finds.

My all time favorite shirt is the chambray (denim-like) button-up. I would seriously wear it everyday if I could. So I want to share with you different ways to wear it.

1. Try pairing it with a skirt for a dressier look.
2. Wear your chambray as a jacket or as a layering piece.


3. Try belting your chambray and pairing it with pants for more of a casual look.


4. Try tying it up in the front. Also, a great trick for a modest cover-up!


5. Wear it buttoned up all the way for a preppier look and add a statement necklace.



6. Try wearing it under a shirt or a knit sweater/cardigan. You can also wear it under a dress or sleeveless top as another modest tip!

7. And, finally, the classic denim-on-denim, which you’ve seen the lovely Elaine work.

P.S. A tip for my thrifty friends:  Try shopping in the men’s/boy’s section at the thrift store (That’s where I got mine.) or a local shop like Walmart for a less-expensive button-up.

Now go and chambray it up!

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