How to Look like a Librarian…Kind Of

Old Navy cardigan, $17; c/o Hot Magnets flower accessory; thrifted and skinnied Target high-waist jeans, $8 (similar); JCPenney heels (similar); thrifted purse, $3 (similar)

I took these pics a while ago.. like last month. I’m good about taking outfit pics as you can see from my Instagram. It’s writing these posts that is the hard part. I mean, what am I supposed to talk about? I don’t even remember what happened the day I wore this. And I can’t recount my day today because it has nothing to do with this outfit.So, I’ll just leave you with a tip.. If you’re getting tired of your tops, wear a cardigan buttoned up…but not all the way. Unbutton the first button for a sexy librarian look. If you unbutton two or more, you’re just scandalous. Add a broach for the full librarian look (or a flower like I did here) but wear jeans to keep it cool.

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