Body Image Issues: How happy are you with your body?


A couple days ago I asked on Facebook and Twitter if anybody was truly satisfied with their body. The response was minimal, to say the least.. Well, lately, I’ve been thinking about body image issues…mostly because of my own insecurities. I gained five pounds from our cruise (Hello, desserts!!) as did Chase but he’s actually happy about it… That is a different story…
It made me think… I mean, I know I’m not fat or overweight. I’m skinny in a lot of people’s eyes but I feel fat. Part of it is because I used to be skinnier, e.g., before the cruise..!!! Another part is from what I’m shown and see on the internet, magazines, T.V., etc..
Why is that even though we know these things, we still feel the need to criticize others and ourselves? The human body is amazing! My body is amazing! I can run! I can do a real push up! Just one! For now! I don’t have any injuries that prevent me from doing anything! My body functions the way it should! It is healthy! Exclamation point! Shouldn’t we be amazed and grateful at that alone? There are many people out there, perhaps some even reading this, who don’t have good health. It is so easy to take it for granted right now.
Every time I say or think something bad about my body, I quickly tell myself that I’m beautiful. I’m healthy. And, that’s all that matters.
DON’T let someone or something dictate how you should feel about your own body. It’s YOURS. YOU are the one who ultimately has control over it, of course, as long as you nourish and care for it, physically and mentally.
A great comment from an article I posted about:
There are 3 different bone structures(small, average, large) then there’s 3 different body types(ectomorph/boney, Mesomorph/muscular, and endomorph/fat) and on top of that there are different body shapes(apple, pear, cone, ruler, hourglass) then there’s people with short legs and a long torso and people with long legs and a short torso. My point; WE ARE ALL DIFERENT AND WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFULL NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE WEIGH!!!
Now…it’s your turn. In the comments below, tell me and everyone else that you’re beautiful. Do it. I dare you. No, I don’t.. I take that back.. Do it for yourself.

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