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You guys, I’m so excited to introduce my latest blog crushEmily of Ruffling Feathers. (I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last did one…) I’ve been following her for a while now and love seeing what she and her cute little family is up to…and occasionally get a glimpse of what she’s wearing! I especially love her Pin Real Life series. She is a wife, mama of two boys, and stylist in Utah. Read on to learn more about this fab lady!

How would you describe your style?

I’ve never known how to pinpoint it, but my friend recently suggested “pretty rocker.” I think that fits pretty well. As far as clothing goes, I like to mix hard and soft, if any one piece is ultra feminine, I can’t help but offset it with something totally boyish or unisex. I’ve never really put much weight in how any one else thinks about how I dress, my family and friends know they can tease me about it, but I wear what I think is beautiful or interesting and it’s something I do just for me.


Where do you mostly shop?
If I am in the mood for something unique that I won’t see all over town, I buy it secondhand or thrifted. There are also a couple local boutiques that only buy one set of sizes in their inventory, which is comforting to me. I buy seasonal or trend items at H&M or Forever 21, if I want a better quality I’ll use ASOS or Zara. I love a good deal, so the only things I invest in are shoes and dresses, everything else has got to be $40 or less or I don’t even look twice at it. My friends and I hold swaps four times a year where we bring anything we’re ready to part with, but is still fashionable and in good condition and trade with one another, it’s the perfect way to get new-to-me things and I’m not paying anything!

What/who are you currently inspired by?
A lot of days, I feel like I am on inspiration overload, there are so many ways to gather it these days. Sometimes it’s nice to just turn it all off and go for what you like, because you like it, not because you saw someone else doing/wearing/eating/listening to it. With that being said I still love sites like They All Hate Us, Stockholm Streetstyle or Wit + Delight that post magazine editors’ street style, you can’t beat it! It’s so progressive and authentic. I pour over my magazine subscriptions with Nylon and Harper’s Bazaar each month, and love to pick apart the stylist’s work on TV and movies.
What inspired you to become a stylist? What are your most and least favorite parts about your job?
I’ve always loved fashion, ever since I was a two or three. My mom said she would buy those ready-made outfits with an oversize puff paint t-shirt, matching biker shorts, and matching bows and t-shirt clips to ensure I looked cute and put together, and I would promptly take them all apart and wear them mismatched. My first job was doing visuals and merchandising at Gap, which taught me how to style to appeal to a mass market. I fell into my styling job accidentally really, but did it all throughout college for a local magazine turned website and slowed down recently to have my two boys. Planning, pulling and actually styling during a photoshoot is a blast! Steamer burns, returning said pulls, and the long hours are not as fun. I love the mental challenge of turning a pile of clothes, accessories and shoes into a handful of cohesive looks for a magazine spread. The ultimate success is when someone who knows you looks at a spread and would never have guessed you styled it. Stepping out of your own style can be the hardest part of the job.

Where do you find such cute clothes for your boys?
I have so much fun dressing my boys! Thrifting for them is the most fun, and probably half of their wardrobe was found secondhand. Besides a handful of vintage cartoon t-shirts, their wardrobes are really plain. If you looked in their closets you’d see a section of American Apparel tank tops, another chunk of AA tri-blend tees in standard and neon colors with several vintage Healthtex or old school cartoon t-shirts, then another chunk of thrifted plaid button ups, a few AA cardigans and hoodies, Gap pea coats, secondhand denim or utility jackets. I get their jeans at H&M, Zara, and Baby Gap Girls section. They wear Converse sneakers, Freshly Picked or Minnetonka moccasins, and motorcycle boots or wellies in the winter. Having two boys makes buying the higher quality stuff easier, you know it needs to last for both of them. They’re 16 months apart, but my baby Cal is fitting all of his brother Hayes’ clothes, so now I’m just buying everything in one size now, and probably will until they head out for college!
Thanks so much, Emily! Don’t forget to follow her blogTwitterPinterest, and Instgram!

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