20 Weeks: Tie It in a Knot

Gap dress I cut to be a top, $8 ; leopard print dress I cut to be a skirt via an online Asian boutique ; glitter booties c/o Wanted Shoes

Now that I’m finding less and less shirts that cover my belly, I’ve been tying them in a knot above the bump, which is also right below my boobs. These knots are conveniently placed to make you think from a distance that I have a third boob. I’ve gotten quite the stares from passerbys…(like that girl behind me! I see you!) You’d also think that this would convince me to stop tying my shirts into knots but…nah. My running out of clothes > possible third boob.

I’m so glad I lengthened the slip underneath!! ..even if it is uneven…but you can’t tell from this angle so all’s well.

Also, there’s been a few design changes to the blog! (If you’re reading from a reader, click through and take a gander.) Like new header, new navigation bar, new color, recent outfits on the right, and navigation and additional info at the bottom of the blog. WHEW. I like where it’s going. Not sure if it’s there yet. But, then again I don’t think it’ll ever be there. I get too antsy and always want to change something!!

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