Easy, Modest Halloween Costume Ideas from Your Closet

I always hated the idea of going out to buy a whole new costume that I was only going to wear once…as well as buying little things that I’ll never use again just to make a Halloween costume perfect. I’m too cheap and practical to have fun. I’m all about using what you already have in your closet and being creative with it!

Last year my Halloween costume was CoCo Chanel…if she were Asian, that is. It was SO easy: LBD, lots of pearls, and a short, wavy bob with big sunglasses.

I’m not sure if I’m going to dress up this year because I don’t like to have fun. But, here are some easy and last-minute Halloween costume ideas from all over the internet I picked out for you…

via Real Simple


Get a cardboard box and cut out a frame-shape as big as you want, probably bigger than your face, and decorate it to look like a frame. You can hold the frame up or find a way to attach it to yourself.
You can do all sorts with this like glamour shots by Deb, 80s, 90s, vintage style…
via Her Campus

Dry Cleaning

Wear something businessy and put a clear trash bag over it with holes for your head and arms. Attach a hanger to your head.
via LilSugar

Got Milk?

Wear all black and don a white mustache whether it’s from makeup or a piece of paper. Then grab a clear (plastic) cup and fill it with anything white. You can paint the inside of it white or tape white paper around it.

Get an old white sheet/pillowcase/trash bag and scrunch up newspaper at the bottom. Attach some thick string (if you don’t have any string, use masking tape halved) and attach a print-out of a tea bag label at the end of it. Wear black underneath.

via Real Simple

Fork in the Road

Wear all black. Use white/yellow tape (or tape pieces of paper) down your shirt. Tape a plastic fork under one of those pieces!

via keiko lynn

Morton Salt Girl

I think this is such a cute one! Wear a yellow dress and gray/white tights if you have ’em with yellow/black flats. Black umbrella. Bonus points if you have a case of Morton Salt!

via Ecouterre

Brawny Girl

Red buffalo plaid shirt, jeans, brown belt, and brown lace up boots. Almost every girl has these in her closet! (Except me..) Don’t forget your roll of paper towels!!

via What I Wore

Flight Attendant

This is such a cute and simple look and I especially love Jessica’s example! White shirt, printed scarf, low bun, pencil skirt, lipstick, and heels. Can’t forget your suitcase..
via IMDB

Orbit Gum Girl

Perfect for blondes! Wear a white skirt suit and a blue scarf around your neck. Show off those pearly whites and that gum!

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