21 Best Body Shapers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Every woman craves that hourglass shape. Nothing generates more confidence than being able to fit your favorite dress flawlessly without the shoddy sight of bumps, love handles or a protruding pouch.

While it’s easy to say that exercise plays a crucial role in achieving your desired body outline and the body weight you have always dreamed of, a lot of women out there find it hard to stick to a regimen while being denied of all the good food they can eat. Who can bail out thousands of postpartum women who have gained weight or those the tired ones recovering from surgery?

Enter body shapers.

Body shapers give a quick fix to torso-related concerns in the most harmless way. It is a worthwhile device that maintains your size and shape while making you comfortable and flattering.

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We have duly created a list of the best bodices to help you slim down and attain your beautification goals so that the next time you have a dinner on a short and you are in a rush to look flawless, you know that you’re well covered by our ever-reliable selections

Exciting right? I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s begin.

1. Spanx Women’s Higher Power High-Waist Shorts

This versatile corset shapes your thighs and hips, placing special importance on the tummy. The shapewear is designed to tone down muffin tops. It also has a no-slip waistband added to help it stay in place. Users love that the fabric is seamless, breathable, lightweight, and firm, cinching you nicely for an all-day wear. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen swear by them and that’s why they are enjoying rave reviews on Amazon.

2. Flexees Maidenform Shapewear Hi-Waist brief firm control

In need of tummy control without high coverage? Then go for this high-rise corset which provides firm control around the tummy. The silicon waistband helps to secure this piece in place. The hi-waist is designed to smoothen your bulges, making it more pronounced for that killer, spanking lusciously-ravishing hourglass shape. It comprises 70% nylon and 30% elastane.

One commenter wore this under-drape all-night and it felt absolutely comfortable. The top will rest under the bust line and has as rubbery band that keeps it from sliding down irrespective of whether you’re sitting, standing, running, and dancing.

3. Yummie  Women’s Lena Seamless Shapewear Tank Top

If you’re one to wear a layering tank every day, then the Yummie tank top girdle must not be overlooked. You can place it under tops for a smooth, slim feel. However, it won’t feel as constricting as regular shapewear. The manufacturers in a flick of genius adroitly increased its compression at the midsection, designing it to fit up to a G cup bra without yielding a compression effect to your bust. It is made from 95.5% nylon and 4.5% spandex for that everyday shaping control and comfort.

4. Bali Women’s Lace N Smooth Full-Body Briefer

This wonderful unit of hosiery holds you up comfortably as it keeps everything in place way better than bifurcated shapewear. It is made from 72% nylon and 28% spandex and also has a smooth lining around the cups because you probably don’t need your own bra. It has a nice-looking lace configuration to give you that edgy style. Lace N smooth is breathable and allows you to pee conveniently thanks to its bottom-closure system.

5. Flexees Maidenform Convertible Full Slip

This slimming slip can be worn under your favorite dresses, thanks in no small part to its convertible straps which you can remove or stylize to complement your apparel’s neckline. It has a special 3-in-1 design that comes with a bodice, no-slip bra, and built-in underwear, which shoppers say delivers just the perfect degree of support and control. It is built with 81% nylon and 19% elastane.

6. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Plus-Size High-Size

Some shapewear shorts can incise your thighs or ride-up…Not this elastic body wear. With an outer body of 70% nylon and 30% spandex, this bodice creates a smooth-silhouette undergarment that sits comfortably on your upper thigh. Over 3000 buyers gave these soft, micro-meshed, high-waist shorts top ratings, proclaiming its firmness at a fair equilibrium price. They can’t all be wrong, could they?

7. Spanx Women’s ThinInstincts Girl Short

This puttees can smoothen and shape-up the underskirts especially when you want to reveal your beautiful legs. They offer practicality and style at the same time. They’re fantastic for when you’re just out living “la vida loca.” In the pool, on the beach, riding a bike or playing volleyball, and want to feel comfy and unabashedly protected. It comes with another version that takes the coverage a notch and delivers additional midsection control.

8. Yummie Women’s Nina Seamlessly All-Day Shapely Shortie

This is undoubtedly one of the slimmest and lightest underbodice items out there. It is worthy for use every day.  Crafted with 88% nylon and 12% spandex, this shapewear is 40% lighter than most of the tights of its kind. It also comes certified with level 2 compression standards and is extremely comfy and suitable for underdresses, pants, skirts, blouses and lots more.

We can attest to its premium quality, indicate tapestry and function. It enables the minimization of glaring and embarrassment-causing panty lines giving you a great look from an esthetic point viewpoint.

9. Miraclesuit Back Magic Control Extra High-Waist Thigh Slimmer

This hose is manufactured by renowned shapewear outfit, Miracesuit from premium-quality polyester (86%) and spandex (14%). It provides cutting-edge firmness and control with a supplementary back magic feature. We are glad to reveal that its WonderfulEdge silicone innovation has been embedded in its production.

Thankfully, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as the back magic extra stays in place all day with no “fires to put out.” It hides all visible or possible panty lines and this owes to its high-end fabric blend and laser-sharp edging.

Furthermore, it is inundated with malleable microfibers and a gusset crafted from cotton to reinforce the entire frame. This slimming shapewear helps to reduce protrusions, preventing the incidence of muffin tops while disguising and controlling fatty humps at the back and sides, leaving you with a supermodel-like body.

10. Maidenform Sleek Smoothers WYOB Body Shaper

This supple-looking corset is made with 68% nylon and 32% elastic material. The underbodice provides an all-round smoothening effect that is practical and comfortable. Another vital attribute of this piece is the heavy-duty hook and eye closure. It makes for perfect wearing with your own bra as well as underdresses, pants, jeans, skirts and form-hugging tops and blouses. We are blown away by its sleek and firm leg design that is free of any constrictive elements. It is invisible and does not show any aspect of your clothing. The sleek contraption is indeed your lasting solution to your top and bottom bulkiness woes. This shapewear is available on Blank and Paris nude.

11. Warner’s Women Brief Pantyhose Body Shapewear

This flexible and silky spandex panty is set to be your favorite addition to your underwear collection. The outer is made from 60% nylon and 40% spandex. Breathability, snug, and comfortness, this high-value body-hug has it all. One reviewer was gushing about how it holds up well without that cutting waist feeling. It is a great underwear for those who want comfortable and gentle treatment for muffin top midsections.

12. Shaperqueen 102 Thong Tummy Control Women’s Waist Cincher Brief-Wear

Shoppers are going to love its seamless design and breathable micro-fabrication. This hose prevents the often-dreaded panty lines while projecting a delightful-looking midsection. This thong-imbued piece comes in 12 colors from basic nude and black to purple and pretty pink. Its seamless design is something that users have raved on about nonstop which keeps the whole figure in place all day. 2000 reviews and counting mustn’t have been a fluke!

13. Camellias Women’s Seamless Open Bust Firm Control Shapewear

This fantastic body-shaper is created to be functional and easy-to-wear. Comfortability is made possible by the 3-layer design while expediting weight loss contemporaneously. It is constructed from spandex, latex and nylon to give elasticity, durability, and unrestricted mobility. Camellias cinch control will cinch down onto the body, compresses the waist and abdominal area for more enunciated body contours.

14. Golty Curvaceous Shaper Customizable Body Shaper

This is one of the most modest entries to this list. It is designed to be easy-to-wear and discreet. Donning it is perhaps the easiest of the lot because it has a frontal zippered closure and it’s easy to adjust the swaths on the folder.

Enabled by a low-cut around the chest area, this girdle can be used with a bra and gets the nod for women who are zesty in movement as it is manufactured from sturdier, albeit lightweight material. The shaper has a dash of thermodynamic and physical science to it as it’s designed to increase body heat, burn fat stealthily and facilitate weight loss. This onesie can be used underneath clothes in the camouflaging way.

15. Sunzel Women’s Body Shaper Smooth Wear

We just couldn’t ignore this fan-favorite. The Sunzel body shaper is actually used by A-list models. It is an easy-wear, comfortable and durable and does not give in to wear and tear. And because of its solid fabrication, this underbodice can be worn all day long without feeling the slightest discomfort.

Let’s delve into the science a bit. Sunzel decided to design a fabric that comprised nylon (80%) and elastane (20%) in order to make the camisole stretch easily and allow the skin to breathe well. The material is tear-resistant but we advise that it should be hand-washed to prevent it from ruin.

Occasion-wise, Sunzel body shaper can be worn in any situation hiking, dancing or lounging. It can be worn with a bra and provides a firm grip over the midsection, particularly to the waist. The shoulder straps are customizable and the entire device is easy to put on.

16. Squeem Special Waist Firm Control Shaping Corset

This well-structured body cincher is a boning and streamlining fabric that schematizes to give you that hourglass figure that you have always craved. Yeah, it might look like some medieval corset trying to make an entry into the fashion world, but it hook-closure midway, allow you to customize to your best fit.

It’s designed for all women and is most desired by postpartum women who seek abdominal reinforcement. These stockings also help improve your posture. With 75% natural rubber and 25% cotton, you’ll be looking more sensual than ever.

17. Tirain 3-In-1 Postpartum Support Bodymaker

With over 1400 reviews on Amazon, this body girdle makes a grand entry to our list. It is one of the most effective and efficient under bodices in cyberspace. It’s simple to wear and very affordable. It is developed to enable the wearer to recover her pre-pregnancy shape.

Despite its funny-looking appearance, the Tirain 3-in-1 is truly functional. And the manufacturers put paid to that by adding three belts. The Belly Belt helps your stomach muscles return to normalcy; the Waist Belt supports the flattening of the tummy, while aiding recovery from back pain and reshaping the waistline; the Pelvic Belt aids with transitioning the uterus as it shrinks and regains its usual size. This 3-in-1 set will ease the pain and discomfort, while keeping you completely in check throughout your post-pregnancy period. It is also ideal for anyone who has undergone surgery because it’ll tighten loose skin.

All in all, you are assured of a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable undergarment. It has passed the permeability test to assure that’ll remain bendy for all seasons. Lest we forget, you can choose from two sizes that will surely fit most mothers. One is built for those weighing less than 190 pounds, whereas the other is for those beyond that weight. Size matters so ensure that you get the right size for yourself.

18. Salome Fajas Columbianas Post-Partum Body Shaper For Women

This exquisite model is that control-all silhouette you have always dreamed of. The fabric is made from 100% cotton, meaning that it’ll be on the pricey side. This expensiveness is upturned by its many perks.

The outer layer provides compression. The inner cotton lining allows movement without contrivance for optimum comfort. This shapewear is ideal for mothers who had just undergone a C-section or after a normal delivery. The entire postnatal healing process is made easy with the use of this girdle.

With the Salome body shaper, you don’t need to slave away doing squats are day for a butt lift. It reduces the waistline and abdominal section for that curvaceously stunning look all day.

19. Diane And Goerdi 2396 Mid-Thigh Powernet Shapewear For Women

This body briefer is another super body briefer that has stormed the market. It is designed to add some dimension to the pelvic area while controlling the torso to slim the body into perfect shape. Diane and Geordi designed this corset with a powenet material, which is perhaps the most breathable material.

The compression area controls any additional weight, and due to its rich elasticity, movement in this underdress is dynamic. There is a broad perineal gap that avails comfort when you’re in the bathroom. The inner hook eye and zipper makes for easy wearability. This corset may not be suitable for individuals with large thighs.

20. Everbellus Women’s Tummy Control Cool Comfortable Body Shaper

This is essentially a lightweight tank top that’ll keep you cool and fresh during summertime. It’s ultra-bendy and extremely comfortable, thanks to its lower nylon make-up. It comes with shoulder swaths to keep everything in place. The cool body brief disguises all that wanton weight trimmed down without totally squelching your build. This Everbullus bodice is extremely comfortable and does not restrict movement.

Thankfully, this corset comes in 5 varieties and two size colors. And since it’s an upper-body device, you need not worry about using it in the bathroom.

21. Shaperx Women’s Seamless Open Bust Body-Wear

This Shaperex buskin is made of the smoothest of fabrics. It is also made of three slimming layers which include latex, spandex and nylon with delivers maximum firmness. The mid-sized latex lining helps to expedite your weight loss process. It also absorbs moisture and you can wear it all day long without feeling icky.

The shoulder straps have a secure clasp that is adjustable. Unsurprisingly, this underwear is designed to address the tummy from it thong-style design and open front. There are cotton gussets that are available for hassle-free bathroom use. The zipper up front makes it easy to put off and on. And this well-built body wear makes your clothes appear much better. Compression zones in the midsection helps accelerate the fat-burning rate and rebalances your posture. Users, however, feel that it isn’t flexible and adheres to the skin when it is worn for long hours.

What to look out for when buying body shapers

The internet is littered with an unending sea of items for sale and body shapers aren’t any different. Every woman desires compression for many reasons, to get back in shape and recover after pregnancy or surgery, to look slimmer, more enchanting, and the list could go on and on. To get the best bodice for yourself, here are some of the most salient points you need to note:


Usually, women are overly optimistic that they’ll get slimmed down if they sized down their clothes. This myth is very wrong and does not hold water. In fact, it will only cause bulges and discomfort, eventually making you look bigger to the point that the rationale for wearing a body shaper will be completely sullied. So when surfing the web for the perfect shapewear ensure you use the size chart provided by the chart.


Body briefs are usually made of nylon and spandex. They are manmade textiles that have innovative support mechanisms engineered into them. And while nylon is a crucial material used in body shapers, it’s important for you to decide what you need your body shaper to do for you.

If you desire something that will help you to appear like you’ve shed a few pounds, then you should get a product with high nylon composition. Conversely, if you need something lightweight to help you improve your looks, then go with a briefer with a lower nylon composition.

Plus-sized shapewear has compression zones added, which helps to give you the desired trim by providing a suction effect, sucking the body into shape. Information about the amount of nylon in the shapewear is usually provided in the product description. Finally, if you want to look for body shapers with a blend of cotton if you want to be shapely without sacrificing comfort.

Types of body shapers

Body shapers come in different types based on the parts of the body it conceals. They include:

Full body

this kind of body girdle covers everything; breasts, waist, tummy and everything else worth concealing. This type runs down to the knee area and sometimes has a bra strap. Don’t be surprised to find some models with options to add your own bra.

Camisole or Tank

This shapewear model can hold up your waist, breasts, and tummy in shape. Some models are known to come with bra cutouts so that you can wear your own bra for a customized and glamorous fit.


This body shaper keeps your tummy and booty shapely for full confidence. You can wear these underneath trousers or long dresses and skirts. They are usually made from the smoothest material and are fit for any occasion. They are made in variety of styles for everyday use. Shorts are butt trimming wears that go with dresses, pants and almost everything else. They’re super-comfy and everything feels good with them.


This is also called shaper slips and is one of the best types that’ll keep your bust, waist, thighs and tummy in place and in shape. It is stretchable and the fabric has high elastane or nylon content, and that is why it provides firm control from the thighs to the tummy by elevating and trimming out irregular bits, for that perfect shape. This model is a multitasker and you can wear them under jeans, dresses, skirts and just about everything else.

Waist cincher

Also known as the snatcher, this piece is a wizard when it comes to delivering the best-shaped bust and midsection. It usually comes with a hook and eye-closure. The material it employs is a three-way stretchable textile that is comfy, soft and allows free movement. They are simply great form wearing innerwear garments.

Understand the level of control the body shaper provides

Different body briefs provide varying levels of control. Hence, you need to know exactly what level of control you’ll have. This simply is denotive of the tautness of the body shaper you’re buying. There is light-control, medium control, firm control and extra strong control. Each type of corset delivers a different shape when the wearer puts it on.

Light control

A shapewear that provides light control is one that delivers lightweight support, is not tight, and can smoothen out the bra lining.

Medium control

This type of piece is comparatively tighter than light-control briefs as it delivers more compression and cinches to hold certain sections of the torso with a lopsided shape. It also doubles up as a bra lining smoothener.

Firm control

Firm control shapers come with fortified panels that could bring the waist and tacky areas to be form compliant. This type of briefer smoothens less-desirable curves and makes curvaceously appealing areas more enchanting. Since it’s a firm wear, we suggest that you only wear it for 8-hours as because beyond this period, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable.

Extra strong

This level of control avails the greatest level of contouring and comes with paneling and boning as reinforcing material. Obviously, you know you shouldn’t have it on for more than a few hours to avoid being choked.

Let’s analyze the relationship between level of control and size. The size of a body shaper is different from the level of control it provides. Many shapewear buyers needlessly fall into this pitfall. While each shapewear comes in various sizes, every size has different level of control types. Get it? The primary consideration is size whereas the secondary consideration is control level. For instance, if you’re in need of a medium-size body brief, that same medium size can have four levels of control variants. Hence it is crucial that you look up the specs of the material for the right size and the right control level.


What are the benefits of body shapers?

Makes you look good

The body shaper is so miraculous that it can make you drop 2 to 3 sizes in an instant. It makes you look strikingly stunning in just a few minutes of installation, and makes any unwanted fattiness disappear. Body shapers readies you by making you appear slimmer and well-chiselled to slay at any occasion. Getting into a body shaper can be overpowering when you’re just trying them on for the first few times, but after this frustration period, it merely feels like an epidermal extension. It accentuates your primary shapes just the way you like it.

Improves your posture

The body briefer can be very remedial for individual with back ailments as it assures excellent postural support. It can also enhance recovery and convalescence after a postpartum operation or delivery. There are various body shaper options available on the web for these purposes.

It’s a confidence booster

Body shapers give you a beautiful figure in front of the mirror and make you brim with confidence. High-levels of self-esteem are known to improve your overall mood and mental health.

Facilitates your weight loss regimen

Did you know that body shapers help you lose weight without engaging in any exercise if you wear it every day for 4-6 hours? Well, body briefers provide compression to your torso. This compression causes the temperature of the body to rise, accelerating your weight-loss program if it on during your workouts. When you wear compressive shapewear during workouts, the heat generated results in perspiration from the skin to speed up the fat-burning process. You can even achieve your most definitive workout result with a body shapewear.

Wearing body-briefs can keep motivation levels up. As you look into the mirror, you are reminded of how you’d look when you’ve slimmed down, prompting you to wean off junk food. The compression of the torso will also inhibit you from consuming large rations of food, hence reducing the all-important dangerous calorie intake.

What types of body shapers are there?

There is the full body, camisole or tank, shorts, all-in-one’s, and waist cincher

What types of controls do body shapers provide?

There’s the light control, medium control, firm control, and extra strong

How can I care for my body shaper?

Body shapers perform a critical curative and modish function and it’s only fair that they are given treatment while waiting on the sidelines for the next wear. Washing your body briefer is necessary to maintain their compressive strength and overall quality. Hence, its best to hand wash them only and never machine-washed. Washing a body shaper in a dryer will certainly change the latex lattice configuration and well as the fiber, diminishing its quality considerably.

To handwash, follow these practical steps:

  1. Fil a small basin with cold water and dissolve 1 to 2 teaspoonful of mild detergent
  2. Immerse the body shaper into soapy water and swish  through the entire piece on each side
  3. After it has been cleaned, rinse the body shaper with cold water
  4. Squeeze the excess water gently. Avoid wringing.
  5. Dry the piece with a dry towel to expedite the drying process
  6. Hang the bodice to dry. Do use a dryer machine and do not hand in direct sunlight

Using specially formulated lingerie detergent works well in this case. Avoid the use of detergents that contain additives like dyes, softeners, alcohol, bleach and fragrances as this will irreversibly damage your corset by decomposing its construction. Following these steps will ensure that you enjoy maximum benefits of your body shaper for a very long time.

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