Best Bra For Small Breast

There are many perks women with small boobs enjoy, but shopping for a bra is not one of such benefits. People always assume it’s easy peasy to go shopping for bras when you are a size AA, but the truth is that you cannot wear anything you find – just because it fits.

While women with small breasts find it easy to go braless and wear those backless or plunging dresses without fear of their boobs falling out, getting a bra for such breast size can sometimes be a frustrating ordeal.

Many bras made for women with small breasts either has too much padding, too little support, or cups that are too big – creating an awkward gap between the chest. Because of how stressful and frustrating it can be to get a bra that fits, a lot of women have decided to throw-in-the-towel-and-go-commando rather than keep buying bras that never serve its purpose.

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For this purpose, we decided to take away some of the guesswork for you by helping you find some of the best bras suitable for women with small breasts in the market. So, whether you need a sexy lace bra style, something comfortable you can sleep in or a blend of both; you can make your pick from the list below.

1. Champion Absolute Sports Bra With SmoothTec Band

For women who enjoy participating in one sport or the other, you can testify to how uncomfortable you might feel if you have your breast jiggling every time you jump, run or perform an exercise. Aside from the discomfort going commando might cause during a workout, accidents might occur with someone hitting you hard on your boobs. Ouch! That can be extremely painful.

Thankfully, there is a bra type made to serve this purpose. The Champion absolute sports bra has patented smooth tech band for your ultimate support and comfort. The bra design has quick-drying fabric and moisture management technology that allows you to keep cool and dry.

Unlike traditional bra styles, the Champion absolute sports bra lets you move freely because the racerback stays put irrespective of the type of sports activity you perform. The sports bra has pull-on closure and supports machine wash.

It’s ideal for women with small breasts to perform sports activities because of its patent-pending SmoothTec band that prevents chafing. It also has a comprehensive fit that supports your boobs and comes in pullover T-back designs to allow for ease of movement.

Other features of the Champion absolute sports bra include:


While carrying out sports activity, you tend to break out in a sweat which your cloth absorbs. The Champion absolute sports bra not only absorbs the sweat but allows it to dry quickly with the vapour technology that keeps you cool and dry.

Easy movement

You must wear things that will allow you to move quickly to avoid accidents during sports activities. The Champion absolute sports bra has a stay-put racerback design that guarantees your freedom of movement.

Maximum comfort

Because comfort is everything when it comes to purchasing a bra; the Champion absolute sports bra provides you with maximum comfort with its minimal seams.

2. Women’s Lace Bralette Deep V Racerback with Removable Pads Seamless Comfortable Daily Bra Sleep Bra

Women with small boobs do not have to worry so much about what bra will fit when next they go bra shopping with this women’s lace bralette; made from 94% nylon and 6% spandex which provides you with comfort and the feel of soft fabric on your skin. The bralette allows you to relax and keep cool while wearing it all day long.

Sometimes, even the woman with a little breast wants to show off some cleavage. The deep V-neck of this design allows you to pull off certain outfits that give you the illusion of bigger boobs. If you want to show off your collarbone or back, the racerback design has translucent lace mesh and floral edge that allows you to show off a little skin.

The women’s lace bralette is a suitable option for wearing clothes like jeans, skirts, suits, loose-cut tops and simple tees. Other features of this beautiful bra for women with small boobs include;


Of course, a lot of women understand how uncomfortable a bra can get when you have the wrong fit; this bra is one of the best choices you can make when looking for a comfortable design that will serve your everyday use.

The women’s lace bralette lacks wire and as such, quite comfortable to sleep in; it’s moisture-wicking and allows you to breathe. It has lace fabrics and elastic mesh lining that provides comfort for you all day.

Natural look

Women with small boobs do not have to worry about support when wearing this lace bralette; it’s lightweight and comfortable and lacks underwires, which presents the breast in its natural state. With the women’s lace bralette, you can easily pull off a sexy, fashionable look.

3. Hanes Women’s Convertible Seamless Wire Free Bra

The Hanes women’s convertible seamless bra has made a name as one of the best choices of bra for women with small breasts; it is a bra design that works well in providing comfort and style for the woman with small chest size.

It comes with the hook and eye closure and contains 80% nylon, 15% polyester and 5% spandex. It supports machine wash; which means, you do not have to worry about hand washing or damaging any of the valuable features.

The hook and eye closure provide the wearer with a custom fit, making it possible for you to adjust the band to your comfortable size. The Hanes women’s convertible seamless bra has a modern low neckline that will allow you to wear deep ‘V’ neck outfits without revealing your bra.

Sometimes, you might get confused about the size of a bra you want to buy because of the labelling on the bra; Hanes women’s convertible seamless bra has easy to understand smart sizes and a stretch fabric that provides a flexible fit. Other features include:

  • Adjustable straps that allow you to convert from the traditional design to crisscross, to suit your choice of outfit
  • The bra comes tag-free to prevent itching, skin irritation and for comfort.
  • The interior cup of the bra has a brushed surface that provides comfort with super-soft fabrics.

4. Icyzone Padded Strappy Sports Bra Yoga Tops Activewear Workout Clothes for Women

It is good to keep fit always, and the easiest way to do that is by constant exercise. You might think that if a woman has a small breast, she really might not need a bra for exercise; but that statement is far from the truth. Women need a fitness bra for support during sports exercises.

The Icyzone padded, strappy sports bra is a good fit for yoga and other outdoor activity; made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, the bra has mesh lining. Because sports activity will require you to sweat, the bra has moisture management technology that wicks moisture away from your skin. How wonderful that sounds!

The Icyzone padded, strappy sports bra supports machine wash, unlike other types of sports bras. The design of this sport bra contours to your body like a second skin; it gives you a streamlined look. You can decide to wear the bra underneath a tiny tee or with yoga pants for exercise.

Comfort is one of the essential features to look out for when buying a bra; the Icyzone padded, strappy sports bra provides you with maximum comfort. It is pull-on-closure, wire-free and has removable padding – you can decide to go natural or add the pads for a fuller bust.

5. ESETAY Women Soft Drawstring Wireless Seamless Deep V Push Up Bra 32B-50DD

For the woman who wants comfort, style and fashion, this beautiful piece is one you should add to your bra collection. The Esetay women soft drawstring bra has an adjustable drawstring that gives your breast a fantastic lift, sexy cleavage and eliminates the problem of sagging boobs.

If you are a woman who feels shy and uncomfortable because you have a saggy breast, the Esetay women soft drawstring bra will boost your confidence as it keeps your breast firm, looking fit and in good shape. With this bra, you do not have to worry about how your breast looks in any outfit.

The bra provides you with maximum comfort all day, with its 3/4 cup size; it also has a beautiful U-shaped back that has five rows of button vertically that you can adjust to keep your boobs firmly in place. The four rows of the horizontal button are to create enough room for you to customize the bra to your preferred size.

The strap has an adjustable widen shoulder strap that reduces the stress and weight on a single strap and around your collar bone. The Esetay women soft drawstring bra makes you feel comfortable with its smooth, breathable seamless material; it is skin-friendly and will not leave you with scars or irritation.

The Esetay women soft drawstring bra can serve multiple purposes; you can wear it as a traditional bra with the strap or as a strapless bra under clothes like prom dresses, dinner outfits or strapless dresses.

6. Wink Gal Women’s Stretch Wireless Padded Removable Cups Cotton Bralette

If you are in need of a bra that serves the purpose of a bra and cami, then you are at the right place. The Wink Gal Women’s Stretch bralette has extra bra buckle that has humanized the design, making it more comfortable for your use.

The Wink Gal Women’s Stretch bralette comes from stretchy materials and has a “V” neckline; it has a “V” back shape, straps like that of a camisole and a centre back clasp styling. If you need to wear an outfit that is cut-low in front or at the back, the Wink Gal Women’s Stretch bralette got you covered.

Wink Gal Women’s Stretch bralette provides you with maximum comfort and a good choice for your everyday use and a beautiful night rest; It gives your chest a flattering and charming look. The material has lightweight stretch fabric that provides flexible support throughout the day.

The bra design has wireless padding, made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The dentelle has 95% nylon and 5% spandex; all of these is to guarantee your comfort and breast support. The soft cotton design does not shrink or lose its color after washing.

The Wink Gal Women’s Stretch bralette is a good choice for women with small breasts; cup recommendation is between A and C – anyone above that might find the bralette discomforting. If you want to pull off a more natural or comfortable look, the Wink Gal Women’s Stretch bralette allows you to take out the cups inside the bra.

7. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Easylite Seamless Wireless Bra

The Bali women’s comfort revolution wireless bra is the next generation of comfort in the bra industry; it features soft fabrics that are very light, you will forget you have on a bra. The style of the bra is such that it lacks hardware or wires, making it a good choice when you are thinking about comfort.

The Bali women’s comfort revolution wireless bra has pull-on closure and only allows you to hand wash; made up of 61% nylon and 39% spandex, the fabric provides you with flexible comfort and shapes to fit your body.

Bali women’s comfort revolution wireless bra has cool comfort wicking fabric that sucks up the sweat from your body, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable at all times. If you do not like your bra lines showing underneath your clothes, the bra has a SmoothTec design that makes it virtually invisible under clothes.

The Bali women’s comfort revolution wireless bra has side flex panels that offer an additional stretchy feature to enable comfortable wear and quick removal. The bra lacks hardware or wire, making it a suitable choice for everyday use and night rest.

It also features a back-smoothing that targets support zones for maximum comfort and support. It stretches in all areas and does not pull on your skin, shoulders or back.

8. Hanes Women’s Fully Padded Wirefree Bra

This lovely item is one you will like to add to your bra collection as a woman who loves convenience, style and fashion. The Hanes women’s fully padded bra has a sleek, seamless cup that provides your breast with an incredible lift, sexy cleavage, and eliminates the issue of a sagging breast. 

The bra gives you maximum comfort all day with a sleek, seamless cup; it has poly-fill padding that enhances your bust, giving you a fuller, sexier and curvier chest. Made from 91% nylon and 9% spandex, the bra only supports hand wash.

If you are a woman who feels insecure or uncomfortable about your boobs because it looks sagged, the Hanes women’s fully padded bra will boost your confidence as it keeps your boobs firm, fit and in good shape. You do not have to worry about the manner your breast looks in any outfit with this bra. 

The Hanes women’s fully padded bra makes you feel comfortable with soft, breathable, cool cotton cup lining that feels soothing against your skin; it’s skin-friendly and will not leave you with scars or irritation.

The bra has silky sides and back stretch to provide you with comfort and a great fit; it also comes in an ultra-fine ribbed pattern that gives the bra a beautifully tailored appeal.

9. MsAnya Bralette for Women Girls Teens Triangle V Neck Bra A-B Cups Strappy Removable Training Bra Padded Wire Free 

The MsAnya bralette brings you sexy and comfort in this bra design; made from 95% modal and 5% spandex, the material retains its shape after each wash. For a lot of women, the essential features they look out for when bra shopping is the comfort and uniqueness of the bra style.

MsAnya bralette for women provides you with everyday wear that is comfortable, with deep “V” neck, adjustable spaghetti straps, removable padding, front open and soft material. The triangle-shaped bra has soft modal material that will keep you feeling comfortable and sexy every day.

The bra design is a good fit for different occasion and can also be used by young girls; it’s the right choice for keeping your breasts in place in your daily wear, summer dress or other casual outfits. Comes in A and B cup only, it will serve you well both indoor and outdoor.

With the MsAnya bralette, you can wear low-cut outfits as it provides you with a deep “V” in front to show off your cleavage. If you decide to opt for a more natural look or wish to feel more comfortable, you can take out the pads.

You can care for the MsAnya bralette by washing with your hands or using a mesh laundry bag with cold water.

10. Amazon Brand – Mae Women’s Inner Wire Support Lace Bandeau Bra (for A-C cups)

Nothing equals the feeling of wearing a comfortable bra in an outfit people assume small breast women can pull off without wearing a bra; it’s about finding the right bra that fits and serves the purpose you want it to serve.

In as much as small breast comes with its perks, a lot of women with the small chest find themselves feeling conscious when they have to pull off certain looks. For the woman who is between a size A and C, this bandeau bra will give you that extra boost you need.

Mae women’s lace bandeau bra is the right fit to wear underneath strappy tops and low-cut neck clothes; it features a lined front and has an underwire that provides support and lifts to your breast. The bandeau bra is of lightweight and has 90% nylon and 10% spandex as it’s material composition.

It comes in hook and eye closure design; it is light and comfortable. The lace material provides light support to your breasts all day and balances your beauty style with comfort. The Mae women’s lace bandeau bra supports machine wash.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Bra For Small Breast

When it comes to shopping for a bra, for most women, it’s somewhere between a nightmare, a disappointing or a traumatic experience. If you factor the thought of buying for a small breast, it can turn out to be an exhausting process on multiple levels.

Women with big bust might assume women with smaller boobs got it better; the truth is, both types of breasts have their perks and disadvantages. The woman with the small boobs most times can get away with going commando wearing a beautiful backless designer dress.  

When you have a small boobs, finding the right bra is not so easy, you might have to deal with slipping straps or gaping cups in your search for a bra that fits. Bras are the foundation for a woman’s outfit; they provide support in clothes and our daily activities.

Why You Need a Bra That Fits.

Irrespective of the size of the breast, it’s important that every woman gets a bra that fits her boob size as this will prevent accidents and wardrobe malfunction; your bra fit also plays a major role in how you fill out a particular dress or outfit.

As a woman, knowing your bra size and being able to identify your size every time you are in a bra store will ensure you always get a bra that will serve the purpose it was purchased.

Types Of Bra For The Small Breast Woman

Convertibles bras

The convertible bra is a light padded push-up bra that you can convert into different styles to serve different fashion purpose. You can wear it as racerback, cross back, single shoulder or as a strapless bra; the convertible bra provides comfort and support to the woman with small breasts.

Full coverage bras

The full coverage bra accentuates the small breast; they provide the most natural shape and appearance in a lightweight bra design. The full coverage bra comes in plenty of styles that are available in every cup size.

Front closure bras

The front closure bra provides you with a multifaceted appeal; you get this extra vibe and confidence when you wear one of such, especially if it has gel padding. It comes with a firm and sturdy strap at the back that keeps it in place at all times. The woman with a small breast will enjoy the convenience and maximum support from wearing a front closure bras.

Bandeau bras

The bandeau bra provides attractive accentuation to the women with small breast; it comes in various materials and coverage options. The bandeau bra is a strapless bra that has supportive boning on the sides and stretchy lace; it’s more comfortable compared to other strapless bras.

You need to be careful when buying a bandeau bra as a wrong choice might leave you experiencing the same problem many strapless bras provide. The best options are the ones with silicone inside the top of the bandeau.

Wireless bras

Women that have small boobs will enjoy wearing a wireless bra as it provides comfort. The wireless bra comes with adjustable straps and provides you with comfort and support; the bra design evenly distributes the weight and shape of your breast, allowing you to sleep in it comfortably.

Padded bras

The padded bra has various design and style in the market; it provides comfort and extra support for the woman with small breasts. It adds shape and an illusion of volume to the chest without looking unnatural. Depending on what you want, you can either get a foam padded bra or a gel padding.

How natural the breast looks depends on the padding used (foam, gel or liquid lining). The lighter a padded bra is, the more natural your breasts look when it adds support and volume. Some breast paddings are lined all over the cup for a natural look, while others are at the bottom of the bra to give volume.


Bralettes are one of the few bra styles that are incredibly gaining popularity; designed for the woman with the small breast; it doesn’t provide an incredible amount of support. It most times come in beautiful designs that create an ideal and comfortable shape.

Bralettes is the trending form of bra for the small breast women as it looks like lingerie you can wear anyhow, and anywhere you deem fit.

Underwire bras

The underwire bra is one of the few bra styles designed for women with small boobs; it provides support and looks great under different outfits. The invisible underwire bras are the best choices in the underwire department; they look attractive underneath your clothes and come in beautiful, durable designs.

Sports bras

When it comes to sports bras, bear in mind that sports bras are categorized based on the level of support they provide. The light sports bra works well for yoga and other minimal forms of exercise. For running or jogging, the moderate sports bra works better; for activities like martial arts or tumbling, a high impact sports bra is a better fit.

The sports bra prevents your skin from chafing, allows in ventilation and provides privacy for the small breast women.

Racerback and T-Strap bras

Racerback and T-straps are some of the most comfortable bra designed for women with small breasts; it gives you a sexy appeal and looks pretty without additional enhancement. It is quite soft and also efficient. They work well with shirts and has a solid strap that never slips.

The racerback and T-strap provides women with small breast comfort and an even distribution of weight.

Tips On Finding The Best Bra Fit For Small Breast

Get your right measurement

The first step in buying a good bra that works is getting yourself measured by a professional. You might assume you are a size 34A and discover you are more of a 30C. Ensuring you get yourself measured every six months will save you loss of money and the pain that comes with buying a beautiful bra that keeps embarrassing you.

What to look for

When testing out a bra you want to buy, ensure it sits firmly but comfortably around your body; the underwire should lie flat against your rib cage and most fit all your breast. When testing, place the hook and eye on the loosest to determine the elasticity and stretch of the bra; it must serve you all through its life span.

Don’t limit your choices

Sometimes, you walk into your favorite store and find out they do not have your exact bra size or the particular design you want is a bit too big or too small for you. You mustn’t limit your choices as there are other designs in different stores that will have your exact bra fit in the design of your choice.

A material might make all the difference

Sometimes, the material of a bra might affect the fit of the bra. If you find a bra in a design you like that doesn’t fit, you can look for such design but in a different material or fabric. A lace bra might feel smaller than a stretchy material bra.

Learn to use a padded bra

When you wear a padded bra, ensure you scoop all your boobs into place right on the top of the padding. The purpose of the padding is to give your breast an extra lift; you don’t want the bra sitting on top of your breasts.

Issues with different boob sizes

It’s natural to have boobs of various sizes; in a situation where the difference is very noticeable, you should buy your bra in the size of the bigger boobs. You can decide to take out the padding in the bigger boobs and leave the one in the smaller breast (if you buy a bra that has padding) or fill in bra cutlet into the smaller boobs.

The grip is all that matters for strapless and bandeau bras

When choosing to buy strapless or bandeau bra, the ones with silicone are your best choice. Silicone strips placed around the band gives your bra an extra grip and allows it to stick to your skin.

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