Best Chanel Bags

When it comes to women’s fashion, the handbag is a staple of the complete women’s wear. Aside from the handbag being a place for you to store important valuables when moving around, it is now a thing for fashion and luxury.

If you are a woman who enjoys the luxury life or who loves to buy quality and unique handbags, owning a piece or a couple of Chanel handbags will go a long way in adding taste and class to your fashion collection.

There are various designs of the women handbag that looks good, but there is just something about the Chanel brand. Aside from the fact that it has been in existence as far back as 1955, the Chanel brand has built a name that tops other designer bags.

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The Chanel history is one considered iconic; it has various bag designs of all time, and is an excellent investment to the woman who is a lover of style, class, and the vintage life. The Chanel bag is not just a timeless wardrobe piece, but one that increases in value over the years.

If you have decided to purchase one this luxury piece, you might get a bit confused about which one is best for you. Also, a lot of women fall victim to buying fake Chanel bags either while shopping online or at a vintage store. We have taken the time to come up with the best Chanel bags of all time and how to identify the fakes from the original.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Aged Calfskin & Black Metal, Black

The Chanel 2.55 is a modification of the first Chanel design bag made in 1929; the Chanel 2.55 was designed in February of 1955, which is where the name of the bag originated from. Coco modified her first design into the Chanel 2.55 by adding a strap for a more practical choice of handbag.

The Chanel 2.55 features iconic quilted leather which has become a staple with all Chanel bags; this bag design is the foundation of other Chanel handbags. It’s the oldest of all Chanel bag design, but it’s value increases with each year that passes.

The design of the Chanel 2.55 today is a rectangular shape that has a rectangular metallic lock. If you are a woman who loves classy stuff, this bag is one you should consider adding to your bag collections – it’s an investment that you will be happy you made.

Features of The Chanel 2.55 Handbag

  • The original Chanel bag was in a burgundy color that represented the color of Chanel’s uniform at the convent where she lived; over time, we have seen the same design in various colors.
  • On the inside of the front flap, there is a zippered compartment where you can store items.
  • There is a flap on the outer backside where you can store your money
  • It features a double-chain shoulder strap you can place on your shoulder, freeing your hands for other things.
  • It has quilted diamond patterns on the outside.

How to Style The Chanel 2.55

It is a portable bag and can complement almost all outfits. You can use it to work, parties, events, and other places you might need to use your hand without your bag getting in the way.

2. CHANEL Blue Denim Timeless Classic Wallet on Chain (WOC) (Pre-Owned)

Have you heard about the Chanel wallet on chain bag? It’s a mini version of the famous Chanel 2.55. The Chanel wallet on chain popularly referred to as WOC gives you a little more ease when you are out. Aside from the comfort it provides, it’s a bit more affordable than the Chanel 2.55.

If you are the type of woman that likes a portable handbag, the wallet on chain will become your go-to bag if you purchase one. The bag also has a versatile feature that most women will love; It has an all-in-one character.

The bag comes in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes; owning one will be a fantastic investment for the enthusiastic fashionable woman. You could either style your WOC as a shoulder bag, wallet, cross-body bag, clutch, or a messenger bag. Who wouldn’t want to own a bag that can serve various purposes?

Another interesting fact about the Chanel wallet on chain is that there is always an upgrade on the color every season. The style for 2019 will have even more exciting features for you to choose from; it will come in black, red, burgundy, and tweed with the signature CC in front of the bag.

Features of The Wallet On Chain Bag

  • It is smaller than the 2.55 even though they look similar
  • It features a chain and leather strap
  • It can serve the purpose of a wallet, clutch or a shoulder bag
  • It is a lot more affordable than the Chanel 2.55

How to Style The Chanel Wallet On Chain

The WOC is a small and portable bag that you can use on different outfits; it is quite versatile and will be a good choice for either a dinner party as a clutch, your shoulder bag on a casual date, as a wallet when you need to go shopping.

3. CHANEL Black Quilted Lambskin Classic Double Flap Small (Pre-Owned)

It is not abnormal for women to mistake the Chanel classic flap bag for the first Chanel bag – the Chanel 2.55. The Chanel flap bag is the same as the disguised version introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983. The flap bag is still the highest-selling design of the Chanel bag.

If you are a woman who loves quality things, the Chanel flap bag is one that will give you value over time. It comes in lambskin or caviar leather, and the value continues to rise over time. The Chanel flap bag is the classiest design of the brand, and it comes in many varieties.

The Chanel flap bag comes in four different sizes to serve various purposes. It has a double chain that makes the silhouette edgy. If you are a woman who is fashion conscious, owning this amazing flip design is a dream come true.

As is the tradition of the Chanel designers, the flap bag has new colors and design introduced each year; you can decide to get the new design for this year if you are a fashion enthusiast. The various sizes of the Chanel flap bags have the magnificent CC turn-style lock that distinguishes the brand from other brands.

Features of The Chanel Flap Bag

  • It has more than one size for varieties
  • Comes in more than one color
  • It has double chains for your shoulder strap.

How to Style The Chanel Flap Bag

Similar to the Chanel 2.55, the flap bag is a great choice for shopping, traveling, casual dates, or hanging out with friends. Because of the different sizes available, the Chanel bag can serve almost all-purpose and for all occasions; awesome, right?

4. CHANEL Denim Patchwork Boy Bag Medium (Pre-Owned)

Who names a bag after a lover? Karl Lagerfeld did. He named this fantastic piece of fashion after Coco Chanel’s lover Arthur Capel who she often called ‘’Boy.’’ The Chanel boy bag made its debut in the summer/spring of 2010 and has since remained one of Chanel’s timeless collections.

Designed for the woman who loves the tomboyish appearance but in a chic way; this bag will provide you with that look you want to pull off. It is also a great bag for the woman who likes the minimalist lifestyle; the bag is simple but elegant.

Most of all, Chanel’s bags before the boy bag are all very ladylike; the boy bag is a younger alternative to all that ladylike and mature appearance. The fantastic piece holds up as a mainstay in street fashion; after all these years, the bag still maintains its position as one of Chanel’s desirable bags of all time.

Like all Chanel bags, the Chanel boy bag is an investment any women will be glad to make as the bag appreciates over the years. The bag comes in different colors, statement details, and prints. The boyish feel is one that never gets old or out of fashion.

The bag has a rectangular shape and stands out with the CC signature lock which is a staple for all Chanel’s design; it also has an oversized chain strap that makes it stand out from other bag designs.

How to Style The Chanel Boy Bag

Because it gives you this tomboyish look, you can pair it on a casual but chic look.

5. Chanel’s Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag

The Chanel hobo bag is available in a myriad of colors, textures, and designs; the bag is one of the iconic pieces from Chanel. The bag got its name from the brand’s founder’s name Coco Chanel, and it features a classic and sleek design that will stand you out in the crowd.

The Hobo bag has a different shape from many of the Chanel bag designs; it was a major push in the fashion market in 2017. The bag has a double strap that you can style in seven different ways to serve different purposes.

If you are a woman who enjoys fashion attention, then you should consider adding the hobo bag to your collection. The classic black goatskin design is a great option for you to invest in as the color will be a good match for all outfit.

The Hobo bag is a new addition to Chanel’s bag collection; it has a double strap that you can wear across your body and on your shoulder at the same time. The hobo bag has this street appeal that you might not be able to resist if you are a lover of street fashion.

The Hobo bag comes in three sizes, making it more practical for women who might prefer a smaller or bigger bag size. If you are a woman who loves functionality, you should consider owning the Chanel Gabrielle Hobo bag as it’s an ideal choice for that purpose.

Features of The Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

  • The exterior part of the bag has two different parts; the top is made from quilts and the bottom from a harder leather.
  • It comes in three different sizes and a whole range of colors.
  • The bag has two straps that come in adjustable lengths.

6. Bowling bag

The Chanel bowling bag came into the world of fashion in the summer of 2018, and it became a hit almost immediately. The bag has room for you to store things and has a slight street look; it also has a fancy and stylish appearance.

If you are a woman who is a lover of fashion, the Chanel bowling bag is a design you should consider purchasing. Designed for the fashionable woman on the go, it has a flawless look that will stand you out from the crowd irrespective of your outfit.

Ever since it debuted in 2018, the bowling bag has hit the top as one of Chanel most popular drops. The bag is described as the ultimate chic silhouette and is a larger version of the traditional Coco handbags. Women have more room for storing items and goodies in the bag.

The bowling bag usually comes in black color, and it includes double straps; the design and color makes it a perfect option for the busy, but fashionable woman on the go. The design of the bag could either be quilted or not and the material used could either be leather or nylon.

The bowling bag has a zipper on the top for ease of use and is a good investment for women to make as it’s known that most Chanel bags appreciate over the years. If you decide to sell after a few years, you will be pulling in good money.

7. Small Camera Case

Retro camera cases inspired the Chanel camera case; it first appeared in the 1980s, and it has maintained it’s chic appearance till now. The Chanel camera case is a beauty that will leave you feeling hypnotized.

Even though a lot of people don’t consider the Chanel camera bags, it continues to sell over the years amongst women that appreciate fashion. The Chanel camera case has various finishes like leitmotifs and is an excellent investment for every woman; you will be getting an elegant small bag that will suit any outfit in your closet.

The bag is small, but it has enough room to fit in as many goodies as possible. It has a quilted exterior that comes in a variety of colors, shade combination, and different materials. The bag features a zipper on the closure top.

If you are the type of woman who is superstitious, you will love the design of the Chanel camera bag; it always comes decorated with lucky charms. The bag has two strap designs, the metal chain or the combination of metal and fabric. The design you choose will depend on what you want.

Features of the Chanel Camera Bag

  • It first appeared in the 1980s
  • It has a chic and stylish appearance
  • It comes in various hue and materials
  • It comes decorated with lucky charms
  • The strap could either be metal or a combination with fabric
  • It comes in quilted exterior designs and has a zipper on the top

8. Waist Bag

The waist bag is a trend in the fashion world at the moment; gone are the days when only market men and women used the waist bag. The waist bag is now a big deal in the world of fashion. In Coco Chanel’s time, there were no waist bags, but Lagerfeld added this design to the Chanel collections.

If you are a woman or man that is fashion conscious, Chanel’s waist bag is an essential item to add to your designer collection of bags. Aside from the bag being a fashion trend, if you are into collecting designer bags for resale or if you own a vintage store, then the waist bag should be top of your list.

Popularly referred to as the bumbag, the Chanel waist bag leaves your hands free to perform other activities when you have it on. It’s no news that most fashion trends are comebacks from older fashions. The Chanel waist bag is no different; it’s a comeback from the nineties.

If you are a woman who wants to stay fashionable and trendy in 2019, the Chanel waist bag should become a part of your collection. The bag comes in different style and designs; you might have a hard time making a decision on which you should purchase.

Features of The Chanel Waist Bag

  • It comes in various colors and materials
  • It has a zipper together with the Chanel logo
  • It has a strap that you use to secure the bag to your waist that could either be made from fabric or a combination of fabric and chain.
  • It has a little pocket in front where you can keep the items that you will need at a whim.

9. Chanel’s Gabrielle Small Backpack

A lot of women are opting for bags that are quite functional and leaves their hands free to do other stuff without having to drop the handbag. If you like Chanel’s Gabrielle bag, but you need something smaller for ease of movement, Chanel’s Gabrielle small backpack will serve you just right.

Referred to as the Chanel backpack, many fashion lovers are finding it more comfortable to move around with this fantastic bag twenty-four-seven. The backpack has been in existence for decades now, but it recently experienced a resurgence.

On a day where you are feeling sporty, the Chanel backpack will add style and class to your appearance. It is a backpack, but possibly the most fashionable and expensive of all backpacks; it’s an investment worth making.

Like every other Chanel designs, the Gabrielle small backpack comes in various colors, finishes, and details. It’s one of the top trendy fashion bags in 2019. The bag is a modern design and has the traditional logo of Chanel ‘’CC’’ in the front.

The backpack features a chain strap that is decorated with either leather or other materials in between the chain strap – depending on the design of the bag. The backpack can serve various purposes, and you have multiple options to make your selection.

How to Use The Chanel Gabrielle Backpack

  • For light traveling bag
  • As a hand luggage
  • To events where you need your hands free
  • As a school bag

10. CHANEL White Acrylic Camellia Minaudiere (Pre-Owned)

For the woman who loves elegance, style, and class, the Chanel Minaudiere should not be missing from your bag collection. The embellished minaudiere with intricate beading has a good dose of iconicity. The minaudiere bag is a type of Chanel’s collector piece and is one every woman should desire for her wardrobe.

The bag has a vibrant and playful look, and it is one of the trending bags for 2019. It is small, but it can add an air of elegance to your evening attire. The bag comes in various colors, shapes, and designs. It could either be a little black embellished bomb in a round shape, rockets, cameras, perfume bottles, robots, etc.

The newest collections are a lot cheaper than the older collection. Every year, Karl introduces new collections that will top previous debuted designs. The new collections are embroidered, embellished, and more beautiful.

If you are into the collection of Chanel bags because you own a vintage store and you intend to resell, the best time to buy the minaudiere is when a new collection is debuted. The older they get, the harder it becomes to find, and the more expensive it becomes.

If you need something more iconic than the Chanel Minaudiere, you should go for the transparent version of the minaudiere from the spring or summer of 2018. It is made entirely from resin and metal and produced exclusively on demand. How much classier can it get!

Features of The Chanel Minaudiere

  • It is a small clutch-like bag
  • It comes in different shapes, designs, and colors.
  • It is considered one of Chanel’s collection designs
  • It could come with intricate beads
  • It is a good option for evening wear.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Owning A Chanel Handbag

The Chanel name is a world-renowned brand; they are known for the exclusivity and classiness of their handbag collection. Chanel bags are an exquisite and beautiful piece of art that has a classic design, a functional layout, and brilliant colors to complement each design.

As part of their brand staple, Chanel uses only the best leather materials for designing their bags, which makes it last as long as you want. As a woman who is a fashion enthusiast, you might be wondering about why you should own a Chanel bag, and if the money spent on such a luxury piece is worth the investment.

Here are the cons and pros of owning a Chanel bag, according to vibe


You will own a beautiful piece from a coveted brand

Owning a Chanel bag means owning a beautiful piece of fashion history. Chanel has built a name for themselves in the fashion world, and buying a product from them is an investment any woman will not regret making.

Over time, the Chanel bag appreciates, and you can get a reasonable sale price for your investment if you decide to sell.

Designer bags are equated with status

Very few people can afford to buy a designer bag – like the Chanel bag. Rocking an expensive bag from your favorite designer adds class and style to your wardrobe. If you are about the celebrity life, owning a pair of Chanel bag puts you on par with your favorite celebrity.

Owning a pair of luxury bags gives you something to aspire to even if you might need to empty your account to make such payments.

Patronizing your favorite designer

It might not seem so, but your favorite designer is in the fashion industry to make money; patronizing them keeps them in business and helps them to continue to make lovely collections for you. For people who respect quality and craftsmanship, you will be happy to invest in the Chanel bag collection.


Purchasing a designer bag requires a lot of money

You do not have to empty your bank account to get quality designer bags; there are many amazing designs priced to suit your budget. If you are keen on purchasing only bags made from known designers, you might end up emptying your bank account to satisfy this need.

Durability also comes with low-end designers

People always assume the more expensive the bag is; the more durable the bag would be; this notion is not always true. You can enjoy durability when you purchase very good bags from low-end designers. So, if you are thinking about sustainability, do not assume you can get that only from high-end designs.

The fear of purchasing a fake

So many women fall victims of fake designer bags; they pay the full amount of what an original is worth. The fear of buying a fake designer bag can leave you feeling discouraged; imagine investing so much into your dream bag only to find out it’s a fake.

How to Spot A Fake Chanel Bag

Most top designer bags usually have the problem of counterfeit around the world, and it might be a problem for you to identify the original from the fake. There are certain places you can purchase your Chanel bag from that you will be confident of an original; aside from that, there are tricks you can use in identifying a fake.

Your authenticity card

When you are buying your Chanel bag, make sure you get your authenticity card alongside the bag; the number on your card must be the same as the number inside the bag.

The dust bag

Most designer bags and accessories come with a dust bag – Chanel bags are no different. Your bag duster should have CHANEL written boldly in white letters and perfectly centered in the middle. If you are purchasing your Chanel bag from a vintage store and it has an authenticity card but no dust bag, the bag might not be a replica, but it should be sold at a lower price.

The zipper of the bag

Ordinarily, you might not pay attention to the zipper used for your bag. When buying a Chanel bag, the zip is a good way to differentiate between a fake and an original. The zipper of each Chanel bag differs based on the year the bag was manufactured.

Examine the quilting

Chanel quilting is legendary in the world of fashion, and it’s for a reason. The bags are made from quality leather materials. If you are good with fabrics, mere touching a Chanel bag, you can determine if the leather feels cheap or expensive.

The quilting of the bag is usually symmetrical, seamless, and matches the exterior and the pocket on the back as well as the flap perfectly.


Where can I buy vintage Chanel bag?

There are a couple of stores that are Chanel resellers; you could either purchase from their online store or a walk-in-store. You can buy original vintage Chanel bags from eBayFarfetchMalleries, or Vestiaire. All of these stores will provide you with authentic bags.

How do I shop for vintage Chanel bags?

When it comes to shopping for Chanel vintage bags, there are various ways to go about it to ensure you buy original bags and at the right price. The first thing you should do when deciding to buy a Chanel bag is:

Shop around

Before you finally make a purchase, you must do your research and shop around. Shopping around helps you to see various styles and design you will love; it also gives you an insight into the pricing of the bag.

Check the store policy

Before making a purchase, ensure you read about the store policy you intend buying from. Policies like their return policy, shipping rates, or delivery method are things you should check out.

Ask for pictures

Most sellers will have a display picture of the handbag, but if you are not satisfied with the picture they have on display, you can ask to see other pictures.

Get all information

Before making a purchase, find out about relevant information relating to the bag you wish to buy. Double-check it comes with an authenticity card and also a dust bag. Getting your facts right will help you determine if the bag is genuine.

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