A woman can never have enough bags for a season. Bags are expedient if you are always on the go with several items like laptops, notebooks, baby clothes, etc.

Although they help, it’s but quite tough to find that one designer bag with extra compartment, easily reversible and can hold everything together right?

This is why you seriously need quite a number of tote bags in your life. Not to the hype but the best designer tote bags are totally worth your investments. The roomy structure of totes makes them worthwhile.

Tote bags are scattered all over shops and online stores, but it can be difficult to find “the one” that is both fashionable and functional. What you need are sturdy designer tote bags sewn to last for a long time and chic enough for all occasions

Regardless of your preference and demand, you are certainly going to find an option that satisfies that requirement on this list of best designer tote bags for women.

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1. Dasein Women’s Large Tote Shoulder Bag

Dasein Women’s Large Tote Shoulder Bag was designed and specifically built to put you on the spotlight.

This two-tone bag is sewn from Vegan Saffiano leather finally glistening gold-tone hardware for durability and long-lasting usage. To ensure a sturdy flat bottom, studs have been sparingly attached to ensure your bag sit up straight and not tilt overexposing your items in public.

It is both functional and reversibly stylish with matching wallet and a fashion tassel. The Matching wallet has 6-8 card slots and can easily fit lots of smartphones.

The Dasein bag can serve as a tote bag, daily purse, shoulder bag, top handle bag, work bag, and accommodates your laptop well enough. 

It’s suitable for all women regardless of occupation: teacher, students, office lady, etc. It is a great handbag and a gift choice for women.


  • Reversible matching wallet
  • Vegan Saffiano leather
  • Accommodates laptop
  • Sturdy flat bottom


  • Might seem too big for some people

2. Yaluxe Leather Tote Work Women’s Shoulder Bag

This Yaluxe tote bag is definitely that ‘carry it all’ bag option you can trust to secure your Items. Made from cowhide leather and gold metal hardware, the bag is roomy enough to accommodate all your daily essentials, including your laptop, books, etc. 

To maintain sturdiness and durability, the seams went through double stitching and was strengthened for a heavyweight. Indeed, the Yaluxe bag is your heavyweight champion. It is fitted with a zipper top closure to ensure the security of their items. 

The front pocket makes for quick access and adds an additional decorative accent to the bag. If you love compartments, then you have a lifesaver in your hands with zippered compartments

The Yaluxe bag expands your style options with a handle drop and a long shoulder strap for more carrying options. The bag doubles as handheld, single holder and crossbody, granting you access to unlimited style.


  • Handle drop and shoulder strap
  • Zipper compartments
  • Cowhide leather


  • The cowhide may smell when wet

3. BOSTANTEN Women’s Leather Designer Shoulder Bucket Bags

This is definitely the bag for the strap loving lady. The Bostanten bucket bag was generously crafted by professional artisans with a concise appearance to give you that chic and powerful elegant look.

It is designed with a large capacity and inner structure compartment to comfortably accommodate your phones, wallets, cosmetics, and a lot of other things. It’s perfect for daily work handbags shopping accessory or out for date nights.

The bag is crafted from top cowhide leather and high-quality light gold hardware.  The bag comes with metal magnetic bucket closure for additional security. 

The removable pouch streamlines the silhouette of this bag, making it nobler and to accentuate your feminine elegance.

For reversibility, it features two shoulder straps so you can easily switch up things to fit your daily style. You can either go for a single shoulder strap or with the long strap.


  • Shoulder strap
  • Inner compartment
  • Removable pouch


  • Can only take a few items

4. ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag

The Zysun laptop tote bag is a streamlined version of the regular tote bags. It’s slightly adjusted to carry everything from your laptop to notebook. This tote bag has a structured feel, simple, functional and classic 

Made from rich PU fabric and leather with gray tone hardware. The professional soft foam padding provides more protection to your laptop and notebook. 

The multi-pocket designs have a spacious interior and thoughtfully placed pockets with ample capacity to ensure effortless organization all day.

With this bag, you have no skeptics about the security of your items, because of its professional and functional smooth zippers closure for ease. 

The double adjustable handles give you a bit more control over the length of the bag.


  • Leather and PU fabric and gray-tone hardware
  • Functional smooth zipper closure
  • Double adjustable handles
  • Professional soft padded foam


  • Too large for certain occasions.

5. Molodo Women’s Satchel Hobo bucket bags

From being called hobo bags to satchel to cross-body bucket bags; the Molodo bag is a multifunctional bag for the average sophisticated lady who loves to go a bit classic and casual sometimes. It brings feminine elegance to your everyday look

The internal compartment features a detachable zipper pocket on both ends with extra buckle. 

The small pouches in the detachable pocket provide essential roomy structure for keeping your daily essentials well organized. The steel ion plating polishing prevents your items from falling out.

Made from high-quality genuine cowhide, the color is excellent. It won’t fade easily yet soft; it’s delicate and durable. 

It features exquisite tailoring and quality hardware with a thick handle for solid and strong bearing capacity.

With this bucket bag, I don’t think you will have to worry over your bag buckling under the weight of your items. 

If you really care for comfort on the go, rest assured that the adjustable strap grants you that luxury of adjustment.


  • Made from high-quality genuine cowhide
  • Detachable zipper pocket on both ends with extra buckle
  • Adjustable strap
  • Steel ion plating polishing


  • Not a good substitute for purses due to its size

6. MICHAEL Kors Jet Set Large Logo Tote

Ready to take you on the fashion walkway, The Michael Kors jet set bag is instantly recognized by the brand log print and charm. It marks a check on all the requirements you might need in a classy bag. 

It offers an infinite room to accessorizing. The lustrous silhouette fastens with a top-zip, while the double handle promises a fashionable fit. With zippered compartments, there’s space for everything.

Made from Saffiano leather with gold-tone hardware and a polyester lining, the Micheal Kor bag is perfect for anyone that travels around quite often for work.

It’s roomy enough to fit all your work essentials and other necessities without looking bulky. 

What’s not to love about this bag’s functionality and versatility? 


  • Leather
  • Saffiano leather with gold-tone hardware
  • Adjustable double top handles
  • Top zip closure with 100% polyester lining


  • Limited strap carriage style

7. Coach Reversible PVC City Signature Tote

Aligning with your simple ensembles and beyond, the coach reversible PVC signature tote is designed to carry everything you may need in a day. 

The aptly named tote is tailored to meet the demands of the average lady with the desire to carry pieces of stuff in a stylish, organized fashion.

Made from Canva fabric, the bag paves way for the wild chaos and weight of your items. You can go from long straps to double handles for a fashionable fit delivering comfort and high performance. 

With an open-top, you may not have to worry about ease of reach to your items while on the go.

This bag is a staple accessory in your closet. Its matching pouch elevates your style for any event for times you don’t want a giant tote hanging around. 

It’s hard to find the right time to hunt down a roomy and gorgeous purse and handbag such as this.


  • Open top
  • Matching pouch
  • Roomy and stylish


  • The open-top may not provide enough security for your items

8. BFB Laptop Tote Bag for Women

The BFB Laptop Tote Bag for Women will leave you drooling over its beauty and elegance. It’s designed by a woman for the classy lady on the go. 

At first look, the slim and defined silhouette may deceive you into limiting the functionality of this tote bag.

Designed for laptops it gives you so much more than that. Imagine yourself walking head high into the office rocking this professional-looking bag, stylish and fashionable; you’ll surely be unstoppable.

Featuring three zippered compartments, the bag provides varieties and versatility for you. From purse to a handbag to shoulder bag and business briefcase, you got a saver in your hands.

It is stylishly padded for the safety of your laptop. You can go from professional to casual with the detachable strap. With this bag, you have no problem with a cross-body style at the airport or when on the go.

It’s one of the best lightweight and durable bag designed to carry heavyweights.


  • Detachable strap
  • Padded
  • Zippered compartment


  • The silhouette might look a bit bulky

9. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel – Large Chain Shoulder Tote

A petite chain tote may be the right complement to your ensemble for the professional and classy lady. 

It defies timeless imaginations to suit every style, providing you accurate functionality and ease of storage for your items: keys, phones, and wallet.

Sewn from rich Saffiano leather, this jet-set chain shoulder bag is finished with the MK gilded logo for charm. 

It features a zipper closure and an adjustable and detachable crossbody strap for easy carriage.

The internal compartments include one zipper pocket and four slip pockets for slim items. 

This may not be your average large tote, but it sure makes commuting much easier, especially if you travel more often. The sleek design of the Michael kors chain bag is an embodiment of class and fashion.


  • Saffiano leather
  • Zipper closure
  • Adjustable body strap


  • Not spacious enough

10. Sunny Snowy Water-Resistant Nylon Laptop Bag for Women 

This laptop bag is another high capacity bag for the professional lady. It looks slim from the exterior but extremely spacious with extra compartments on the inside.

Thus, providing sufficient space to stash your accessories. This stylish laptop bag offers a sophisticated style and feminine elegance.

Made from lightweight, water-resistant Nylon Fabric and a durable handle, it leaves no room for panic in case of a little splash. Its shiny exterior makes for easy wipe. 

The interior of this very bag has padding to keep your laptop secure. It’s easy to close this bag due to its Velcro closure. You are sure to get compliments carrying this firm and flexible design appealing bag.


  • Water-resistant
  • Nylon fabric and high-quality PU leather handle
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro closure and padded interior


  • The bag doesn’t stand on its own

11. Multi-Pocket Tote Bag Structured Briefcase by EaseGave

EaseGave provides another functional briefcase tote bag for the classy lady. You could be misguided to think this is a casual purse. 

Meanwhile, it has tons of space for additional accessories. It makes it the perfect fit without compromise on feminine elegance.

The smooth metal zipper reveals a spacious interior with four large compartments. It’s designed to a minimalistic shape, with sleek top handles, widen adjustable shoulder strap and metal hardware in tones of grey, which complements the hot-stamped logo finish.

The fun begins with the dual functionality of these bag handles switching between the top handle and optional shoulder strap to offer an elegant translation of a vintage style for everyday use.

The laptop bag provides a thick padded foams section with a Velcro strap closure for your laptop or tablet. It has a professional design to fully protect your laptop against accidental impacts and scratches.


  • Reinforced padded soft foam
  • Large compartments
  • Detachable handle


12. Dreubea Soft Faux Leather Tote, Big Capacity Tassel Handbag

This soft faux leather bag is a minimalistic but stylish bag to meet the demands of the professional lady on the go. The bag is made from high construction soft faux leather to elongate its shelf life.

Its exterior is designed with a tassel, stunning texture, and convenient magnetic closure. This material makes this bag comfortable to carry and a very reliable choice for traveling, working, shopping, school, etc.

Without compromise on your feminine elegance and sophistication, the sleek and design ensure the bag maintained its flat silhouette even with your items inside and stashed away in the side compartments.

It’s definitely the best bag to rock your workdays, and you are sure to get questions on purchase.


  • Soft faux leather
  • Magnet closure design
  • Decorative tassel


  • It is an open-top bag

Buyer’s Guide For Designers Tote Bags For Women

We have carefully gone through the reviews for each product. Still, I believe it’s important I give you some benefits of tote bags for women likewise a guide on what to look out for before you make your purchase online or at local stores. Let’s get to it.

What are Tote bags?

With the current rant on tote bags, I am pretty sure that every woman out there has heard this word so much that you even chant it while you are at the bag section.

A tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. They are usually sturdy with several compartments for “toting” stuff.

In time past, it was associated with mothers, but the recent trend has all of us gushing and drooling over these reversible bags.

Why you need a tote bag in your life

Buying a tote bag is a serious business because it’s going to be a handy buddy you’ll move around town with. So before you buy that bag your friend told you about, I suggest you take a look at these tips. 


Designer tote bag for women comes handy for several purposes. They are functional as shopping bags, work bags, beach bags, school or college bags, laptop bags, mother care bags for nursing mothers, and several other uses.

Some are even reversible, and in a split of a second, a single bag meets several demands without compromising style.


The sturdy silhouette of tote bags makes enough room for everything that needs to be stuffed on the go and still sit up nicely. If you are the type who loves to randomly throw pieces of stuff into a cavernous, mighty bag, then you must appreciate these bags.


Tote bags are durable and can last for a long time if great care is given to it. 

Fashion Accessory

From sleek designer tote bags to everyday canvas design, tote bags are currently topping our bag racks, and they are worth the hype.

Tote bag is that little piece of accessory that makes your ensemble pop out, perks you up as stylish, classy, and elegant depending on how you choose to wear the bag. With tote bags, you are definitely going to be the talk of the party. 

Large Size

Tote bags are big, stylish, and can hold loads of stuff. You can fit everything that you will need for a day at work or play into a tote bag and still have room for more.

Things to consider before buying Designer tote bags for women

  • Where and when you will carry the bag will help you consider the material to choose. Whether leather or damage resistant material like Canva.
  • Am I worried about the security of my belongings? Do I prefer a zipper closure or open-top?
  • How do I want my items to stay organized and separated within the bag? Do I need a bag with more compartments?
  • Do I want exterior adornments or features? (such as decorative and/or functional pockets and zippers)?
  • How much can this tote accommodate? Will the shape change when packed to capacity? 
  • Do I prefer to carry my tote bags on my shoulder, in the crook of my arm or hand once my items are fitted?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the quality of the handbag?

They are mostly made from Synthetic leather; the quality cannot be compromised.

Is the bag water resistant?

This leather is made resistant to water penetration. However, wipe stains with cloth for long-lasting.

Do all the bags have zip closure?

You have to read specifications or check the bag to find out.

Do the bags hold up after long usage?

These tote bags are sturdy and built to last. They hold up in donkey years even with all your items stuffed inside.

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