Best Jeans For Petite Women

Finding a pair of jeans for a petite person might be a bit tricky; when you consider the essentials to finding the right jeans that fit is in its length. If you are a woman under five foot three, you might have some difficulties finding your choice of jeans in the right fit. 

 A lot of the time, petite or vertically challenged women buy jeans that they love, but they end up with a skinny jean that leaves too much fabric at the ankle or a distressed jeans that is not hitting the right areas. 

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The stressful process of getting a fitting jeans for a petite woman is an unfortunate situation and a wardrobe bummer; considering that jean is a wardrobe staple of most women. You might find yourself trying on different pairs of jeans in the changing room, hoping to find one that fits your frame. 

As a petite woman, you are probably on the hunt for that perfect jeans that will streamline your figure, elongate your legs and give you a proportioned look. Not to worry, we have rounded up the ten best jeans for the petite woman to make your next jeans shopping an easy one

1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Totally Shaping Bootcut Jean

Petite women of all sizes can benefit from the way bootcut jeans complement their frame; the signature by Levi Strauss & Co Gold label women’s bootcut jeans seems to be the right choice for this look. 

Made from 81% of cotton, 17% polyester and 2% elastane, you will feel comfortable in the jeans for as long as you like. Your midsection will benefit from plenty of stretches as the design comes from stretchy material. 

The signature by Levi Strauss & Co Gold label women’s bootcut jeans provides you with a bootcut jean design that hugs your curves and keeps you looking good all day; It has a zipper closure and allows you to hand wash. 

2. Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Straight Leg Jean

Wearing a pair of jeans with a straight leg cut that falls evenly from your hips to your feet, gives a flattering look to a short and curvy frame. The material used in making democracy women’s Ab solution straight leg jeans consist of 54.1% cotton, 27.2% rayon, 16% polyester, and 1.8% spandex to give you an elegant look. 

The democracy women’s Ab solution straight leg jean works to make your figure look good with its straight leg, by creating an unbroken vertical line that reduces your body size, while making you look taller. It sits high on your waist and allows you to suck in your mid-section, has a zipper closure and supports machine wash.

3. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans

Since the introduction of the skinny jean, the petite woman has a fashion ally; this elegant denim makes your leg look longer and slimmer than their original size. 

The signature by Levi Strauss & Co gold label women’s totally shaping skinny jeans comes from premium materials made with 77% cotton, 21% polyester, and 2% Elastane. 

If you love to pull off the vintage look often, this pair of jeans is the right choice for your vintage shirt combination. It has a mid-rise waistband that gives your tummy a slimmer effect. 

Made from unique fabrics that support machine wash, the signature by Levi Strauss & Co gold label women’s totally shaping skinny jeans comes in a variety of colors.

4. Vibrant Women’s Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans

You do not have to break the bank to get a sleek pair of jeans as a petite woman to look good. Dynamic women’s classic high waist denim skinny jeans will fit your small frame and flatter your look. It comes with a faux pockets at the front and an open pocket at the back for a balanced design. 

Made with materials that feature 49% Siro rayon, 32% cotton, 17% polyester, and 2% spandex, it supports machine wash with cold water. 

5. V.I.P. JEANS Women’s Fray Hem Skinny Distressed Ripped Juniors Plus

Petite Jean has come a long way; designers, when making distress jeans ensure they factor small-framed women into their denim collection – to ensure the jean fits their petite shape. The distressed jeans from V.I.P has 98% cotton and 2% spandex as it’s material composition. 

The V.I.P distressed jeans will make the right choice for night outs with your friends; making you the center of attention. It’s machine wash friendly and a suitable option for flattering your petite frame. 

6. Resfeber Women’s Boyfriend Jeans Comfy Stretch Ripped Jeans Distressed Denim Skinny Jeans

The world of denim keeps revolving, and thankfully, designers keep petite women in mind when making new jean designs. The boyfriend jean from Resfeber has a classic touch that makes you look and feel great. The jean has to be your perfect size to provide comfort because it has 99% cotton and 1% spandex. 

For the petite woman, this boyfriend jean is of good quality material that gives you a slim fit and serves as a suitable choice for your everyday casual wear. 

7. Vibrant Women’s Juniors Bell Bottom High Waist Fitted Denim Jeans

The versatility of this jean type is one of the factors that differentiate it from other kinds of jeans. The style of jeans can easily transition from a day outfit to a night out outfit with friends. The vibrant jean has flared bottoms made from comfortable, stretchy materials. 

The bell-bottom high waist jean is the right choice for flattering petite women’s shape and looks nice paired with a crop tee or a tank top. 

8. Denim Bloom Women’s High Rise Cropped Jean with Raw Staggered Hem

The high rise cropped jean with raw staggered hem is a jean type that will fit all petite length and frame; the design provides a lot of options for small frame women to select from, with both classic and contemporary styles. 

The denim bloom women’s jean has soft, stretchy material that brings a flattering fit to the jean’s asymmetrical raw-edged hem. It’s 93% cotton, 5% polyester, and 2% elastane and supports machine wash. 

9. J.Crew Women’s 8″ Midrise Skinny Toothpick Jean

The Skinny toothpick jean is the right type of jean for a woman with a petite frame; it is skinny, lean, and cropped at the hem, which enhances the physique of the small woman. The J. Crew skinny toothpick jean is of mid-rise and sits on the hip, making it a good choice for your tummy trimmer.

One of the useful features of this jean is its ability to recover its stretch after a wash, and also it’s the ability to hold you in for an extended period when you are wearing it all-day

10. HALE Women’s June High Waisted Wide Leg Crop Jean With Pin Tucks 26 Kanti

The high-rise wide-leg crop jeans seems to be in trend and is a good choice for petite women. It’s a style that should not intimidate you as it elongates your smaller frame and also provides comfortable wear compared to other jean styles

The Hale women’s wide-leg jean is a combination of trendy and a timeless design to flatter small-framed women. Made with stretchy LYCRA fabrics that make it comfortable, it’s a good design for every petite woman.

How To Style Your Jean As A Petite Woman

Jean is one of the most diverse, classy, and easy-to-wear pieces of clothing you can own, it’s a fitting combination for nearly all outfit or occasion. Because we know how stressful getting a fitting jeans for petite body shape can be, you might have some difficulty styling your jeans. With this in mind, we have gotten some inspiring ideas to help you make the right choice for any occasion. 

Know Your Jeans and How to Style It Elegantly

1. Bootcut jeans

The bootcut jean is a comfortable and elegant piece of clothing that any petite woman will love to own. It hugs your body from your waist and begins to flare from your knee down to your feet. If you are wondering how long your bootcut jean should be, let your choice of footwear and the look you want to pull guide you. 

Modern look: As a petite woman, you can pull off a modern look with your bootcut by wearing them with a pink raincoat and playful oxfords. 

Classic look: Styling your bootcut with a jacket that falls below the top of your jeans gives you an elongated physique. You can also combine your bootcut jeans with ankle boots and a mini purse for a modern classical look. 

With a statement jacket: A Statement jacket is a great piece that adds style to any outfit; for a long and slim look, pair your jacket with a pair of heels. 

2. Straight leg jeans

The straight leg jean is a great choice for highlighting your legs; it has a clean, long line that can play well with proportion. As a petite woman, you want to ensure you wear your straight leg jeans correctly to avoid making your legs seem shorter. 

When it comes to wearing straight leg jeans as a petite woman, the best way to elongate your legs is by showing a little skin around your ankles. Consider hemming your jeans if you feel it is too long for your frame. 

Depending on what you want or where you are going, you can pair your straight leg jeans with flats and a sweater for a casual look, boots and a jacket for a girl’s night out, strappy heels and a cashmere sweater for a date night. 

3. Pull-on skinny jeans

The skinny jeans design is the most commonly worn jean type; it’s a classy style that is here to stay. As a petite woman, you do not want to miss out on this beautiful fashion piece of clothing. 

The pull-on skinny jean accentuates your stature and makes you look slimmer and taller. There are many tips and tricks to comfortably styling the skinny jeans. Choose a quality jean in the right color to pair with either a cute top, blouse or camisole – depending on the weather and the occasion. 

You can accessorize your pull-on skinny jeans with fancy scarves, sunglasses and the right shoes. For a casual look, pair your skinny jeans with sneakers or flip-flops, for a date night look, stilettos, dress shoes or desert boots will add height to your appearance. If you are going for a semi-casual look, a dress shoe or attractive flats is a good choice. 

4. High waist jeans

Fashion changes, trends come and go; but the denim jean is a design that will forever be in style. The high waist jean is a classy piece that is now a staple in most women’s wardrobe. It gives the wearer a balanced silhouette and provides a flattering appearance. 

The high waist jeans now come in various designs from the skinny high waist jeans to the boyfriend high waist jeans, flare high waist jeans, straight leg high waist jeans, bell-bottom high waist jeans and ripped high waist jeans; you have so many choices. 

As a petite woman, the high waist jean is your ultimate power tool to pull off an elegant appearance that emphasizes your waist and your toned, shapely legs. You can pair your high waist jeans with a crop top, tucked-in shirt, T-shirts, jackets and blazers, corset tops or a denim shirt. 

5. Distressed ripped jeans

The distressed jean is an urban fashion that has come to stay; it’s a look you can pull off with absolutely anything. Aside from an official environment, you can style your distressed jeans for any occasion; it gives you a chic, classy, and a badass look. 

One advantage a petite woman will have when wearing this is that the jean is a very comfortable design and comes in various styles and shapes. The distressed jeans look good on everyone – and that includes petite women. 

You can wear your distressed jeans on a vintage Tee, blazers, black pullovers, ruffled tops, off-the-shoulder tops, sweaters, crop tops, etc. The type of distressed jeans will determine the kind of top and footwear to balance the outfit. 

6. Boyfriend jeans

There was a time when the boyfriend/mom jeans belonged only in the wardrobes of mothers; now, it’s trending hard. The boyfriend jean is a loose style of jeans that looks like what belongs to a guy but comes in a much slimmer waistline. 

Most boyfriend jeans come in high waist design, which is a good choice for the petite woman. You can style the jeans in different styles and not worry about looking funny. You might get confused on how to wear your boyfriend jeans as a petite woman; you do not want to look lost inside the jeans. 

You can either roll-up the hem of your jeans to show off a little skin or get a pair that is loose enough but not too big on you. Wearing your boyfriend jeans on boots or any form of heel elongates your frame. 

7. Bell bottom jeans

The bell-bottom jean is a fashion comeback from the ’70s; it’s a beautiful piece that flatters all body shapes and elongates your leg. With the perfect shoe, the bell-bottom jeans give you a sophisticated appearance. The flared style went out of fashion for a brief period, but it’s back now and looks good on all types of women. 

The bell-bottom jean is a design that you can pull off to any occasion; from a casual look to something a little dressier, a formal event or for a date night. It’s a fashion style that you can never go wrong attempting. 

8. Cropped jeans

As a petite woman, one type of jeans that you should have in your wardrobe is the cropped jeans; it ends above your ankle, creating an illusion of height. Cropped jeans are in fashion and can be a little bit of a style risk if not correctly paired. 

The cropped jeans come in various styles, but they all have one thing in common – they end just above your ankle. The cropped jeans come in two main designs, which could either be the skinny cropped or the flare cropped.

Jean Styling Techniques for the Petite Woman

  • Consider Pairing your dark blue jeans with black or dark solid top to give you a slim and sleek appearance. You can also pair your dark colored jeans with a white top to emphasize the design of the jeans. 
  • If you are a petite woman who loves to rock a pair of ripped jeans, consider pairing it with fishnet on the inside for an elegant look. You can also pair your distressed jeans with a cute off-shoulder white blouse or a plain V-neck shirt. 
  • The boyfriend jean has become a necessary item in every woman’s wardrobe; the loose fitted jeans creates an illusion of a bigger hip to any outfit. You can pair your boyfriend jeans with a V-neck tank top for a sporty chick appearance. You can also combine your boyfriend jeans with crop top during the warmer season. 
  • We are back to the era where flare jeans top the fashion trend. Similar to its bellbottom brother, the flare jean is still considered stylish in the 21st century. You can pair your flair jeans with a crop tank top and an oversized kimono jacket.

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