22 Best Leggings for Women 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

It’s time for jeans for a move over this year because leggings are the new pants. They’re so trendy that you can match it up with almost anything. There are lots of different purposes like gymnastics, yoga, running, a casual outing with family and friends, and even to work. You heard that right, leggings to work. And while options abound like the vastness of desert dunes, you only need to find a pair that is comfortable, stretchy, and holds up well, while looking luxuriantly compelling.

When shopping for the best leggings, you don’t want to be oblivious to the right materials and overall drapery. Everything has to be right and worth every dollar.  No matter your physical configuration are leggings here for you.

Now, we present to you some of the best legging brands that are sending shockwaves that are rippling throughout the internet in 2019.

Let’s jump right to it before they’re all sold out.

1. Lulelemon Align Pant Full Length Yoga Pants

This pair is known for its buttery soft leggings and is perfect for workouts at the gym. It’s so versatile that you can wear them on weekends or when you’re running errands at night. You will gush at its sweat-wicking, lightweight, and flexible properties. It’s so renowned that they’ve gone on to make other versions of it such as the super-high rise, which is a shorter 25” length and an even shorter crop design.

2. Athleta Stealth Capri

This is a winner for workouts as it has proven to outclass other designs across the board. It handles sweat without fail and fits well. It also performs well in lab laundering, pilling, and colorfastness assessments. Our team also rated it one of the most flattering leisure wears because Athleta incorporated Sculptek compression into the fabric.

It comprises 80% polyester and 20% elastane. Anti-odor mechanism prevents the occurrence of smell-causing microbes. The stealth capri is available in a variety of selections for diverse body types as well a full-length option in case you need a longer pant. Get them at Athleta.

3. Under Armour Fly-By Legging

Built for the archetypal female runner or those who are high-impact workout nuts, the Fly-by leggings by Under Armour brandishes a smooth fabric and flat seams which enables you to attenuate friction throughout the exercise. Our panel also said that it was cozy, breathable, compressive and stunning.

This textile is also opaque and to top it all, there is a zippered phone pouch with a hole that you can fit your headphone in for uninterrupted music as you stomp the pavements.

4. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

This sultry-looking pant is more suited for a daywear with its pseudo-leather design that is uber-chic. It is currently one of spanx’s bestsellers so expect it to have that built-in shapewear add-on functionality. Rely on the slimming waistband for midsection control, while the nylon-spandex textile gleams and lusters in a way that makes the legs look long and skinny. It is machine-wash safe as it’s not made of real leather.

5. Nike Pro Cool Training Tights

The Nike pro cool is awesome when you’re out on a sizzling hot yoga class or a jam-packed gym. This designer pants – made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex- does not go back on its promise of keeping you cool all day long. It has embedded, DriFit moisture-wicking and heat-dispelling technology for that held up snug that reveals your lush curvature. It is opaque even when you lean squat or bend. There is a small snag here: you’ll find that these tights have no pockets.

6. Reebok Women’s Printed Capri Leggings

This mid-waist performance and compression activewear are one of the most eligible and nifty 7/8 lengths which make them ideal for a spin class or a mountain hike.  They are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex. This sweat wicking fabric remains firm, holds up well and feels like an epidermal extension. It comes with a wide waistband and a stylish logo on the right leg. Some users may find that it is wee bit narrow across the hips.

7. Reebok Crossfit Lasercut Women’s Leggings

These innovative reebok hoses make our roundup with its razor-sharp perforations that run throughout the back of the knee for good airflow to keep your temperature down. The material is crafted from 95% polyester and 5% elastane and is considerably thicker than most tights, making them an admirable pair of wintertime tights, which can be great for a dash in cool morning weather.

The CrossFit is made from opaque material as this means you can carry on with your activities comfortably without running the risk of having a wardrobe disaster. One drawback to these leggings is that they tend to run large around the hips, but not to worry, its thick and will not be seen through. This pair can be ordered from Bike24.

8. Under Armour Women’s Heatgear Leggings

A glamorous thing about these tubes is that it’s a flattering color piping. They are made from 87% polyester and 13% elastane. Those who do not feel that looks are everything will be amazed by its enthralling functionality. They deliver just the right amount of compression; sit right about the ankle for biking or hiking enablement. We almost forgot to fill you in on the fact that it has super light moisture wicking, anti-odor material so that you can stay cool, fresh and stink-free.

9. Sejora Printed Leggings Full-Length Patterned

These leggings comprise 94% polyester, 6% spandex and an irresistibly good price. They are specially crafted to be extra comfy, uber-breathable and fluffily soft against your skin. All in all, these pair turns out to be a major deal because it has multiple designs from which you can select. The Sejora printed leggings is guaranteed to make you stand out at yoga class and make heads roll when you’re out at night.

10. VIV Collection Printed Leggings

Going clad in printed leggings is known to add the element of fun and excitement to your look. These leggings are one such tights that make you look appealing. And with over 40 designs to choose from, you’ll have an embarrassment of options. VIV collection tights are so soft, stretchy, and lightweight that they only weigh 175 grams. They are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The tights are a perfect selection for a summertime field day out because it offers nothing but snug and breathable form-fittingness. The price is pocket-friendly and we also like that you can pair them with a plain white, black T-shirt or a leather jacket.

11. Romastory Women’s Winter Warm Elastic Leggings

There isn’t anything as comforting as a pair of warm leggings on a harsh winter day. These velvet tights can be worn under skirts, shorts and tunics during winter time as they keep your legs warm and secure from blizzardy weather.   The form-fittingness of these leggings may be a bit taut; hence, you need to go a size up when ordering.

12. Betabrand Yoga Dress Pant

We aren’t kidding when we say that you can wear these leggings to work.  Why can’t you when the fabric is thick enough that you aren’t going to feel like you’re moving in tights? One commenter mused that it felt like they were getting away with wearing pajamas at the office.

These executive-style dress pants come in six styles namely: Straight-leg, cropped-leg, six-button, boot-cut, skinny-leg, and wide-leg. There are also four inseam picks that’ll fit dames of varying heights. They consist of 68% rayon, 27% nylon, and 5% spandex. Now we know why they have been reinforced for hustly-bustly days at the office.

13. WOD Gear Clothing Crop Pants

These capri-style pants are comfortable and versatile, making them perfect for maneuverability. The pants have a 2-inch waistband that stays secure so that you can focus on the task at hand without the need to adjust your leggings. The material is opaque so that no peeping tom can see a thing when squatting or deadlifting.

14. New Balance High-Rise Transform Tights

Kisses, kisses, kisses and more kisses to these lovely dress pants from New Balance.  Forged from 88% nylon and 12% spandex, they feature lattice strips at both calf and thigh areas, and comes with a wide and comfy high-rise that holds up and gives you coverage. Also, the mesh inserts at the calf and thighs ensure that you remain comfortable. You’re also going to enjoy two side pockets from these sweat-wicking, form-fitting leggings. A potential drawback that you may encounter is that the pockets are located outside the hip, not hidden in the waist.

15. O’Neill Women’s Motivate Capri

This pair of women’s leggings are suitable for water-based outdoor activities. It consists of 91% polyester and 9% lycra. So if you’re an ardent surfer at heart, then this legwear is a must-have. It’s also great for surfing, lounging and hiking. Beach lovers will love this polyester material and the Capri-style mid-calf length. Since the textile is great for watersports, it dries quickly. These leggings are not washable; simply hand wash and hang to dry.

16. Adidas Women’s Alphaskin Sport Long Leggings

We are in love with the Adidas Alphaskin because they offer low energy returning compression. It is ingeniously designed from manifold curve-conforming panels that moves as you move as you exercise. This feature keeps them from sliding and shifting so that you can focus on your workout without fussing about adjusting your dress pants. And if you have long legs, you can rely on its inseam feature. Unfortunately, these gorgeous tights come in only one color – black. Nonetheless, we are glad to take cognizance of the fact that these workout leggings with move as you do and hold you up in every area possible.

17. Bombsheller Badass Performance Workout Leggings

What else can we say? The photo-quality graphics on these leggings is nothing short of badass. In addition to how cool they appear, they are really functional appearance aren’t all that. The leggings are of high-waist and come with a nice elastic band that holds them up during rhythmic movements such as squats and jumps. Direct printing that doesn’t wear off, making you easily the best badass in the room is what these tights are all about. This fabric fatale is made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

18. Roxy Women’s Capri Leggings

These tights are great for poolside frivolities with its subtle but functional drawstring tie at the front so you can rest assured knowing that they hold up well without making intermittent adjustments. There is a concealed zippered key pocket in these leggings at the back so you don’t have to bother about losing your belongings like keys and such.

Let’s also mention that it is chlorine-resistant so there won’t be any surprise eventualities at the waterside. Users may be dismayed by the fact that the textile is not super flexy. They also run small. However, if you ask us of its appropriateness for water or gym workouts, then we’d say that these tights tick all the boxes.

19. Reebok Crossfit Lux Fade Leggings

These Reebok tights are rough and can take a pummeling and still look great afterwards. They are just perfect for power-bursting activities like boot camp, Cross fit, mad run and other energy-demanding regimes. The Lux material has a low-rise waist, is breathable, body-cinching and aligns with your every move.

The lux fade leggings are never going to bunch up or reveal your underwear when you bend or slide across a surface. More so, the speedwick fabrication dries rapidly. And although it has no pockets, we can take solace in the fact that these leggings are ideal for high-octane physical exertions. Get these leggings on Reebok.

20. Platinum Sun Printed Women’s Leggings

Whenever your run of adventure takes you to the poolside or coast, you can whip on these pair of platinum sun tights which come with built-in water and sun protection. This technology ensures that you get dry super-quick and won’t stink when you store them away in your gym bag – we owe this to its anti-microbial attributes. In addition, this piece comes in fun prints, and the manufacturer has also invested time to align the pattern across the seams- such as rare and pleasurable detail.

Let’s spit some little science now. With this pair, you’ll be getting 30SPF sun protection and a first-rate antimicrobial, rapid-dry material. And while you may be downcast by the fact that the tights run small, you while find great compression for outdoor hydro-activities when you step out in these leggings. Find these tights on Platinum Sun.

21. Baleaf Women’s High-Waist Yoga Leggings

Now this alluring fabric is made of 87% nylon and 13% spandex for that top-value exercise for fitness. It is non-see-through with an elastic waistband for a snugly, comfortable fit. These tights are lightweight and are built for rigorous workouts.

It was designed in plain fashion. Quite the simple but functional stuff that is popular nowadays. These exercise leggings is never going to let you down. It is aesthetically stimulating with its up-to-the-minute niftiness and sporty, vivid colors. It probably should one of the more fashionable tights at the moment. The leggings are as lightweight as they are sturdy and elastic. Just perfect for boisterous sessions.

The material’s weightlessness paves the way for warm-day suitability especially in spring and summer, while still making you feel protected in the fall. The pair is versatile – a one size fits all production that holds up well for heavy-duty activities. They are designed to allow your skin breathe as you stun the community with your swanky-cool look.

22. Vesi Star Flexy Yoga Pant Leggings

These upscale yoga dress pants gives you the sporty edge when pillaging away at the gym, running or focusing your elemental energies during yoga. Vesi star has impressed us with this mind-blowing fade pattern that comes in lots of other hues to choose from. The form-mugginess is raucously perfect with its high-waist. And while the fabric is somewhat thicker than some of the other entries in this roundup, it commands more price-value as it’s extra soft. And, come what may, you’ll never get disappointed or tired of it.

We like the way the fabric compresses with nice coverage in all the right places. We also like that these leggings come in individualized sizes. And now that we know that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all hose, let’s intimate you that you can choose from extra-small to extra-large size ranges. Some users feel that sizing is a small still, but when it comes to a stretchy piece like Vesi star, it’s never really going to pose any problem. It is indeed one of the best women’s pants at an affordable quote.

What to look out for when buying leggings

Leggings have become a staple among today’s women folk. Most women now own a pair or more leggings in their closet. And, with the number of online shoppers 15 years and above rising, due to having more control over what they buy, this trend will continue to rise. With every increase in population comes higher margins for error and that is why you need to note certain things before buying tights over the web to avoid disappointments.


Consult a sizing chart when buying leggings because they are divergent across brands. Designers usually offer size charts to their clients to check their charts as per customer dimensions, but this usually does not conform to true measurement standards. To check your dimensions, measure your hip and waist with a measuring tape. If the measurements show that you’re in-between two sizes when comparing your specifications based on the chart, then you should buy a size up instead of a smaller size.


Black in addition to plum, dark chocolate and charcoal can be slenderizing and supplicated. Remember that to keep things tonal, colors that blend will make you look longer and slimmer.


When it comes to performance-levels, all fabrics are not the same. We’ll analyze the various fabrics in sports to keep you in the loop about how they perform.


Cotton is a natural fabric that seems useful because it was once a gold mine in the 18th century, but as a sportswear, it sucks. Cotton glues to the skin, and hangs on to dust particles and moisture easily. This implies that cotton gets bulky easily and may soak up sweat instead of wicking it away. However, if you insist on using cotton, you may try a synthetic-cotton material. Natural cotton materials may be suitable, though challenging, for weightlifting, yoga, or other in situ workouts.


This is perhaps the most common sportswear fabric you have come across, thanks to traditional marketing over the years. It is the perfect budget textile that keeps up with your movement, holds up well and can withstand tension and compression without looking bad. This is good news for fitness nuts out there knowing that it’s never going to warp or shrink.

       Spandex, elastane or lycra

Don’t be dismayed just yet, these 3 words mean exactly the same thing. They are manmade synthetic fabrics that are very flexible and durable. Spandex, lycra and elastane deliver a lot of compressions and body-hugging form-fittingness. Like polyester, antimicrobial materials and sweat-wicking technologies can be embedded into spandex.


This is the most durable of the bunch. It dries superfast and is a highly sought-after component of workout leggings. It’s best to choose a material with a blend of nylon, spandex and polyester for the ultimate workout or running leggings


For leggings, small pockets that are hidden in the waistband are over-convenient when you storm the gym. Small pockets give you a place to place car keys, a few bucks or a gym pass. There are some pockets that’ll even contain your credit card or driver’s license.

Look for hidden pouches that do not get in two ways. Choose leggings with zippered pockets because they don’t give surprises. Most users refrain from outside pockets because they are some sort of blemish to the smooth-looking appearance of leggings, creating bumps and protrusions that are often the least of your desires.


  • ·         Capri leggings

Capri leggings run only to the mid-calf. These leggings are less formal but function quite the same way. It is suitable for those who are into cardio biking or are frequent to the gym class. These types come a little shorter and sit above the ankle for 7/8th length and pair well with long shirts. They are sure to stay off bike pedals.

  • ·        Ankle-length leggings

This covers the wearer’s entire legs, heading way down to the ankles. This style is famous as it can be donned as workout clothing or as pants or underdresses or underskirts.

If you’re headed for the yoga class or you are exercising in cold weather, get a pair of full-length workout tights to encase your legs and keep them warm and well protected from the elements.

  • ·         Knee-length leggings

This style is created to fall below the knee, and is perfect for variegated exercises including, yoga, gymnastics and dance.

  • ·         Basic

Basic leggings can describe the vast array of leggings, athletic or otherwise. They are presented in a variety of styles ranging from full-length to ankle-length and materials

  • ·         Boot-cut

Boot-cut leggings are designed to fit around your hips and thighs and flare out at the bottom as a way of promoting maxed comfort. Yoga leggings are usually made in this frame as are more casual leggings that can be worn with boots in lieu of athletic shoes.

Body type

This is a strong consideration that you mustn’t overlook. The length of the leggings can emphasize your legs to varying degrees. And while knee-length leggings embellish the legs more aptly – due to presence of a wider-calf, mid-calf tights are a best for a person with slim legs. Ankle-length leggings are a superb choice for all body specs and give the legs an elongated form when worn above high-heeled shoes.

Also, body type has a very strong relationship with the color of the leggings. Generally, black and dark-colored hoses give a slimming illusion to the wearer’s legs and flatter all body specs. Additionally, they combine supremely with a vast array of outfit selections. Conversely, bright or light-colored leggings or those with emboldened patterns tend to attract a lot of attention because these tights have a way of emphasizing the lower body. Women who are trying to have a slimmed-down look should try to steer clear from bright, light colors and colorful designs and choose darker colors instead.

Give importance to the rise

Now the rise is the area between the crotch and the waistband. It is particularly crucial if you’re curvy. If it’s too short, then we can wear booties or knee-high boots. However, if we cannot pull them up, then we shouldn’t compromise. It is as insufferable as a shoe that doesn’t fit.

Measuring the rise is important for curvy women and plus-sized leggings. Some ladies put the entire weight on their hips, some on their bellies or bums. If you carry your weight on your bum or belly, a 6” rise will not be sufficiently high, irrespective of whether you like the design. If you’re someone who carries your weight on your hips, and have a flat stomach, then a lower rise is okay.

High –rise leggings are the best on both function and styling fronts. The high-rise is trending this year and are more flattering when they come up to your waistline. In addition, you can pair them with a crop top or wear them with a T-shirt tucked to the front, just as you’d do for high-waist pants. High-waist leggings are suitable for yoga because they’ll hold you in place with every pose


What is the right way to wear leggings?

You’ll know you’re wearing your leggings wrong when your shirt hits the waist bands; your stomach, thighs, and bum are popping out. Ideally, the shirt should just hit the mid-thigh and well past the crotch area so that it covers ups the crotch. It covers your booty so nicely so that you can look more flattering and fashionable.

What is the best fabric for leggings?

We are convinced that a combination of spandex, polyester and nylon are the most ideal because it avails you the best of all three materials working in tandem to give you maximum performance.

What is the difference between leggings and meggings?

Fashion can be really dynamic. Just as we have murse (men’s purse), we have meggings: leggings for men. And while women’s leggings come with a sewn-in gusset, meggings have a pocket for their testicles so it’s not pressed or flattened. Generally, it is designed to best suit the male anatomy. For instance, there are two seams either side of the groin region instead of one. They also have masculine-type designs that aren’t ladylike e.g. no florals, frills, lacy, bright-colored or loony.

What is the difference between leggings and workout pants?

While there aren’t really hard and fast rules for distinguishing both, leggings are form-fitting; a slim fit or shapewear. Workout pants tend to be loose activewear. Pants may also be loose at the calf , have a bell bottom or boot cut style.

How tight should my leggings be?

How tight your leggings should be is really up to you, but always remember that it must flex comfortably and allow your skin to breathe properly.

How can I care for my leggings?

The key to long-lasting leggings is ensuring that they are cleaned correctly. Since most leggings are manufactured from moisture wicking material to maintain dryness, it’ll definitely be damp after all-day use or workout. This is the ideal condition for mold and mildew to thrive. In order to avoid this, hang your leggings up to dry before storing them away, the sooner you clean them, the better.

Keep your hose away from the dryer. Instead, spread them over a dry towel or table or leave them to hang dry. Dryer heat can twist individual strands of fiber from your leggings and compromise the material by making it weak. In no time, you’ll be seeing tears and holes in your fabric. Here are the steps to washing and drying your leggings.

  • Firstly, turn them inside out
  • Set your washing machine to small load, gentle slow and cold-cold to keep them nice and bright for as long as possible.
  • For gentleness level, set to hand wash mode
  • Pull the leggings out of the machine and put on dry towels or on a table, leaving them to dry flat.

Wash your leggings only in cold water to prevent shrinkage and color-bleeding. Refrain from using fabric softeners. This malevolent chemical contains silicone which can create a coating on the textile, thus, weakening its breathability and moisture-wicking abilities. Wash your leggings again in water without using the softer if you’ve accidentally washed them in a softener. Doing that will bring your leggings back to regular wicking level. Take extra care when maintaining velvet or fleece leggings as they can get dirty pretty quickly. 

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