Best Pantyhose for Women

Have you tried several brands of pantyhose and found none to be your best fit? Are you tired of wearing the old school pantyhose that bag around the ankles after a few hours of wear? Yes, you probably are. 

It’s downright frustrating not to have the most comfortable pantyhose that perfectly fits, offers sheer, seamless coverage and an even skin tone. But not to worry! We have put together our favorite picks for the best pantyhose to add to your wardrobe. 

We will be taking you through their features, styles, texture, and of course, their comfort and durability. So, if you wish to upgrade your style with the best pantyhose that compliments your go-to dress or skirt, read further as we take you through our absolute favorites. 

Let’s get started!

1. Berkshire Women’s All Day Knee High Pantyhose with Reinforced Toe

If you are looking for a comfortable and durable high knee stocking, then the Berkshire All-Day Sheer may be what you need. They are made of sheer and are 100% nylon which depicts its durability and high quality. These pairs of leggings also come in a range of beautiful colors from jet black to a set of nudes.  

In terms of the fit; they fit perfectly and come in sizes ranging from 81/2-11. Compared to similar pantyhose brands, they come with no binds at the top, providing extra comfort during the day and the night as well. We also love that the Berkshire All-Day Sheer lasts long and can be worn multiple times without wear and tear. 

We must also not forget to mention that they stay up all day without running down the legs and are quite affordable for those looking out for low budget yet good quality knee-high stockings. The Reinforced toes are a huge plus as well, which allows for multiple wears compared to similar leggings that can only be worn once.


  • Reinforced Toe
  • Less Binding
  • 100% Nylon
  • Long-lasting 
  • Comfortable


  • Runs a little
  • Medium Quality

2. MANZI Women’s 2 Pairs Opaque Control-Top Tights 70 Denier

For Winter and Spring breaks, the Manzi Opaque Control-Top is the perfect go-to hosiery for warmth and protection. They are warmer than the regular hosiery but are not a substitute for sweater tights. It is due to their extra layer of thickness that surpasses the less thick nylons. 

These pairs of pantyhose are also great for work, the office and other formal social events that call for a stunning appearance. They are thick yet stretches easily and covers any visible defects on the skin to give a natural-looking even skin tone. From nude to navy blue to red, the Manzi Opaque Control-Top comes in different primary neutral colors that are best for an elegant and classy look. 

With a full band at the top, these opaque tights are comfortable to wear and not too tight to cause any discomfort. One of its unique features is also its soft and silky-smooth feel on the skin that enhances a good wearer experience. The fabric is made of 87% Polyamide and 13% Elastane. 


  • Available in different colors
  • Control Top Design
  • Protects Leg Skin
  • 87% Polyamide and 13% Elastane


  • Less Fitting
  • Nude shades are not see-through

3. L’eggs Women’s Leggswear Silky Tights

 A black pantyhose should be a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only are they stylish and elegant, but they also go with almost every outfit you own and could be multipurpose or diverse. In case you need black pantyhose, we recommend the L’eggs Leggswear Silky as it tops one of our absolute favorites. 

Made of 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex, these pair of leggings are of great quality and worth the splurge. They also have a silky-smooth feel on the skin and are not itchy at all. It comes as a black opaque tights that can be worn to offices or formalities that require less revealing outfits. 

With a comfortable waistband and a durable toe area, the L’eggs Leggswear Silky is undoubtedly the best fit for comfort and class. Not to mention that they are highly affordable and worth every penny considering the quality of the fabric used as well as it’s unique style and versatility.


  • 96% Nylon 4% Spandex
  • Silky and Smooth
  • Comfortable Waistband
  • Opaque


  • Highly Pigmented
  • Zero Elasticity

4. Akiido High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings Thigh High Stockings Pantyhose

 Are you a fashion lover that loves to stay on trend at all times? Great! Fishnet Stockings are super trendy and are not going out of style anytime soon. Why? Because they are highly flattering, super sexy and hugs the curves perfectly. They were used as far back as the 50s and 60s by actresses, models, fashion icons and are still here to stay.

It is why you may want to consider the Akiido Fishnet Stockings as your go-to option. These stockings are incredibly comfortable and perfect for diverse occasions from everyday wear to an evening date night out with your girlfriends. On top of that, they come with beautiful Rhinestone designs available in multiple styles. Super cool, right? 

The most incredible feature of the Akiido Fishnet Stockings is the stretch-fit design which has a universal fit for women of all sizes. So, whether you are skinny or plus size, you can certainly get the right fit for your body type. It also comes with a stretch waistband and is highly elastic as well. One last thing, it comes with a reinforced toe just like those above, which is great.


  • Stretch Waistband
  • High Elasticity
  • Universal Fit
  • Rhinestone Designs
  • Reinforced Toe


  • Gems on the inner thigh
  • Imperfect for shorter women

5. VERO MONTE 4 Styles Women Fishnet Tights Patterned Fishnets Stockings Small Hole

 Vero Monte Fishnet is another good quality fishnet stocking that you may want to try out. In terms of quality, they are hands down one of the best pantyhose you can ever have. It’s worth every single penny and competes against the other basic form of hosiery when it comes to the price. 

They are made of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex with a wide elastic waistband that prevents sagging and stays up all through the day. With a slightly reinforced toe, they are super comfortable and won’t snugly hug your legs. They are also less associated with instant wear and tear and do not rip off on the first wear. 

The Vero Fishnet Tights also have several unique patterns and designs to choose from with a variety of colors ranging from black to nudes. Multiple sizes are also available for all women of different body types. All this being said, we highly recommend these tights for premium quality.


  • Wide Elastic Band
  • Slightly Reinforced Toe
  • 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex


  • Easily rips off
  • Need a minute or two of wear

6. HUE Women’s Blackout Tights with Control Top, Assorted

The Hue Blackout Tights are a great choice for winter. They are warmer than the regular tights providing that extra warmth and protection from the weather. These tights come in two colors; black and espresso, which goes with every woman’s favorite dress or skirt. 

With a control top that is not binding, they give a highly stylish and slimming appearance; they are made of 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex with high elasticity to provide a perfect fit on the legs. Although these tights are opaque, they are not shiny at all and are of good quality. 

Tall women will mostly fall in love with these tights. They are long enough for tall legs to fit in, and they stay up seamlessly to give a more befitting look or appearance. The Hue Blackout Tights are certainly an excellent choice over other similar brands in quality and fit. 


  • 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex
  • Highly Elastic
  • Great for tall women
  • Non-binding fit
  • Great for winter
  • New 18-point fit technology
  • Control Top


  • They run small
  • Hand wash
  • Unsuitable for shorter women

7. Marilyn Naked Lux Line Pantyhose 20 Denier Made in Europe

The Marilyn Naked Lux line is a sheer to waist pantyhose with definite foot shape at the bottom. Made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, they possess a silky-smooth feel on the skin with the material being incredibly soft as well. The quality is excellent as well, and it is highly durable, making it a great choice for winter. 

With a high waistband, it sits perfectly on the skin all through the day without rolling or sagging down. They are a great fit and true to size for every woman’s body type. Even after a few washes, they do not rip or tear and can be worn multiple times. 

They are available in different sizes and come with several nudes to match your skin tone. You can also find them in black, grey and tan, which are a great fit for formal outings as well as evening date nights. These pantyhose designs are not as affordable as the others but can undoubtedly boast of excellent quality for the price.


  • 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane
  • Definite foot shape at the bottom
  • Wide Waistband


  • Not too sheer
  • Not extremely nude 
  • Snag easily

8. Hanes Womens Set of 3 Silk Reflections Control Top RT Pantyhose, C/D, Barely There

Who wouldn’t love a pantyhose with a soft and smooth silky feel against the skin? Hanes offers one of the best sheer quality pantyhose that has ever been produced. They are an excellent choice for high quality and comfortable hosiery. 

The Hanes Silk Reflections is made of sleek knit fabric with 15 denier count with a control top for a slimmer tummy, hips, and rear. With a range of colors to choose from, you can make a better choice for the perfect skin tone match. They also come in various sizes for every woman’s body type. 

To prevent picks, snags, and runs, the Hanes Silk Reflections also comes with a reinforced toe for lengthy life of the pantyhose and perfect fit all through the day. Due to the high-quality fabric used, it prevents heat and provides warmth for the skin at all times. Its sheer silky look is also a plus and enhances an elegant look.


  • Control Top
  • Sleek Knit Fabric
  • Reinforced toes
  • Lengthy Life
  • 15 Denier Count


  • Runs easily 
  • Rips easily 
  • Highly Priced

9. Spanx Women’s Tight-end tights

 In case you’re looking for a more flattering pantyhose to go with your outfits, you may consider trying out the Spanx Tight-end Tights. These set of opaque tights have several unique features that will make you stand out from the crowd. Although a bit pricy, it offers great quality for every single penny you splurge. 

Spanx is known for excellence in pantyhose with a long tradition of making only the best pantyhose. They are made of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex with a 3D yard construction and a total of 60 denier count. With a built-in mid-thigh shaper and premium power leg, they keep the tummy smooth and flat with a full firm grip at the hip area for a well-shaped appearance. 

Compared to the regular pantyhose that show visible panty line, the cotton gusset feature in the Spanx Mid-thigh makes panties optional and also hides visible panty lines when needed. It comes with a variety of colors and should be hand washed appropriately. They are also a great choice for plus size women as the sizes range more on the plus-size body type. 


  • Built-in Mid-thigh Shaper
  • 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex
  • 60 Denier Count
  • Level 2 Shaping
  • No Visible Pant Lines


  • Less Than Opaque

10. No Nonsense Women’s Waist Sheer Toe Hosiery

The no-nonsense Sheer Toe Hosiery is a great choice for pairing with several kinds of footwear. This unique style is one that you’ll seldom find amongst all other hosiery. Whether you’re wearing heels, sandals, a pair of flats or even boots, they go with certainly every footwear you will want. 

They come in three basic colors which include the nude, tan and off-black. The panty is made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex while the leg is 100% Nylon. A wider waistband coupled with spandex is also a unique feature of the hosiery that provides extra comfort and layer to the skin. The Spanx tight comes with a contoured gusset as well to ensure a perfect fit and feel at all time. 

Also, if you need a highly affordable and budget-friendly pantyhose, the no-nonsense Sheer to Waist offers good quality at an affordable amount. They come in a pack of six pairs and are definitely worth the splurge. You can always have a spare pair around you for any emergency use. 


  • 100% Nylon
  • Sheer Toe
  • Contoured Gusset
  • Affordable


  • Not Sheer to Waist
  • Don’t Stay Up

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Pantyhose


  • Warmth

In the cold weather, the pantyhose come in handy for most women; it helps to retain and trap heat needed by the body. Because the pantyhose lies snugly on the skin, it makes it more effective in trapping body warmth compared to the regular pants. 

  • Prevents your skin from getting dry

Women that wear pantyhose regularly rarely experience dry skin. The reason for this is because the hose is close to the skin, making it quite useful in trapping natural oils and skin moisture. 

  • Gives you improved skin

Aside from being fashionable, the pantyhose reduces the appearance of blemishes, stubble, or a pale legs. It protects your skin and gives you a uniformed look.


  • If not monitored, it can lead to yeast, fungal and other types of infection.
  • A dirty pantyhose can leave you with skin rashes and irritation.
  • Some pantyhose designs are so light; you might only be able to use them once.

What to Look Out For When Buying A Pair Of Pantyhose

When choosing a pair of pantyhose, the essential factor to consider should be your comfort and convenience. It is not wise to choose trendy or fashionable hosiery over the ease of your clothing. To ensure that you make the best decision while shopping, take the following factors into proper consideration. 

Brand Legibility

Every single year, tons of hosiery brands are introduced to the market, both the good and bad. We have seen several buyers purchasing pantyhose from brands they barely know, and they usually end up being disappointed. To ensure a worthwhile purchase and a 100% full customer support, you should shop from known brands of high credibility and trust.

It is not to disapprove of new and upcoming hosiery brands because the known brands also began pretty much like them. The point is that you should make sure the brand is credible and highly rated or recommended for good quality pantyhose. You never can tell, the latest or newly launched hosiery in the industry might have the perfect pantyhose you might need. 

In case you do not know the credible and trustworthy hosiery brands to go for, we have provided a list of a few of them below:

  • Vero Monte
  • Berkshire
  • No Nonsense
  • L’eggs 
  • Spanx
  • Hanes
  • Hue
  • Nordstrom

There are several others online, but we believe the few listed above can also help and serve a guide while you go through the major stores for your best choices. 

Size Chart

Sizing is a very crucial factor to consider while shopping for women wear. It’s no surprise due to the several body types and shapes that are unique to a set of women. While many overlook the size chart and go with what they think might fit, only a few get lucky enough to get a perfect size. 

The size chart is always provided on the product page to guide every buyer in choosing the right fit. Ensure that you carefully and thoroughly check through to find your body fit. Each product has its own characteristic sizing option which may vary through the brands offering the product for sale. Some come in sizes ranging from XS to XL while others range from a US 4-16. It depends on the particular product you need.  

Although most previous buyers complain that certain brands of hosiery are not true to size, which is very much possible, we still advise that you consider the size chart to a reasonable extent. Some brands might not be completely accurate in their measurements, but they are certainly some others that offer the perfect fit for their sizes.  

Style Options

Most pantyhose come in various styles for you to make a choice. We have the ones with control tops, fishnet tights down, sheer to waist nylons, and a few other styles inclusive. For this category, you should go for a style that matches your outfits and your overall fashion sense. These styles, however, come with their own unique individual functions. We will take a quick look at each of the styles mentioned above alongside their distinctive features. 

  • Fishnet Stockings

These pairs of leggings are most women’s favorite, especially for the fashionable ladies that love to look sexy and confident. They come with open knits ranging in sizes based on manufacturer or designer. Some brands also include rhinestones on each of their pieces for a more defined overall appearance. 

  • Control Tops

Control tops usually give a slimming effect to the body due to the type of material used at the pantry part down to the legs. The panty part has more spandex while the hip and waist area are made of a stronger fabric. They are best worn with slim dresses or skirts. 

  • Sheer to Waist

As opposed to the control tops, just a single fabric is used from the top down to the toe to ensure uniformity and a smooth appearance. They mostly go with shorts or mini dresses and are highly flattering. 


The color factor is also highly essential and should not be disregarded while shopping for the best pantyhose. It is due to the several color variations produced by most of the hosiery brands in the industry. Colors are a huge determinant for the best hosiery to go with your favorite outfits and distinct occasions. 

When it comes to colors, we have several of them available to choose from, but while shopping, make sure you check the descriptions and pictures carefully before making a decision. You can also go through the product reviews to gain an insight into whether or not they are the same color as seen in the pictures or product page. 

One major color of concern is nude color. Because there are several shades of nude available, you will need to choose one that perfectly or closely matches your skin tone. Especially when you are aiming to achieve an even skin tone with the pantyhose, it’s best to choose right. 

Material/Fabric Used

Fabrics come in various styles and textures. They also differ in quality as some are of better quality than others. The type of material used in making a particular pantyhose can determine its longevity, durability, and comfort to a great extent. It is why most women complain of wear and tear or rips in their pantyhose. 

Most materials might look similar but are very different from one another. Ensure that you go with a hosiery design that is made of nylon and spandex at the upper pantry area. The gusset, on the other hand, should be made of cotton material to allow for the passage of air and lastly, the leg part should be composed mostly of spandex or better still 100% nylon. 

For a better feel and high-quality pantyhose, we would recommend that you go for the ones made of silk, cotton or wool. These materials are highly durable and will last longer than the nylons which are prone to early damage. Silk materials especially provide adequate warmth and a smooth feel to the skin. You would need hosiery made of these types of materials during winter for extra comfort and layer on the skin. 

Safety Precautions

Hosiery made of a more significant percentage of nylon has a few side effects that you should know. Nylon is a highly synthetic material that can cause heat and hinder air movement when worn on the skin. As much as you might want nylon for a pantyhose, you should consider weighing its benefits against using a silky one instead. Let’s take a quick look at safety hazards to look out for below. 

  • Calluses

Calluses are conditions that affect the surface of the skin. They are referred to as Thylomas in health terms. Calluses can arise when you continuously wear nylon pantyhose that expose the feet to constant friction during movement. The only way to prevent this is by making sure you stay true to your size at all times. 

  • Rashes

Dry and sensitive skin is prone to developing rashes during hot weather that cause excessive heat. Because of this, if you know you have such sensitive skin, it is best to keep off nylon hosiery till maybe the winter season. 

  • Fungal Infections

Nylons prevent skin respiration which could lead to the formation of bacterial growth which mostly results in fungal infections or body odor. You can avoid these by going for pantyhose made of silk. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does Control Top mean? 

A: A Control Top is the area at the top of a hose that gives the body a slimming effect or appearance by smoothing out the lines of the body. It is majorly composed of a higher percentage of elastane to ensure a full-body grip and a perfect fit that accentuates the body shape.  They are best worn with slim dresses and skirts for an overall elegant and well-reformed look whether at night or during the day. 

Q: Can I wear hose on sensitive skin?

A: Of course, you can. However, you must be selective about the type of hose you buy as well as the material used. Silky hosiery will go better with a sensitive skin rather than the nylons. It is to ensure adequate respiration and warmth for the skin at all times. 

You should not consider nylons because they cause rashes, especially when worn during hot weather like summer. Other health conditions arise from wearing nylons on sensitive skin such as calluses and bacterial growth. For the above reasons, you should only go for silky tights instead. 

Q: How do I know if my hose is opaque? 

A: To tell if your pantyhose is genuinely opaque, you should go for a pantyhose with the highest possible denier count of nothing less than the regular denier count for opaque tights. The constant denier count for high-quality opaque tights is mostly a 100. Anything less than that might be less than opaque when worn. Another essential factor to consider is the sizing. Going for a smaller size can expand the material, thereby making it less than opaque. 

Q: How frequently should I wash my hose?

A: You should wash your tights as often as possible to ensure that you maintain a proper health condition. It applies to not only tights but every other form of clothing or underwear. Therefore, after each use, it is advisable to wash your hose immediately before a second use. The rule of washing after each use applies to nylons most especially, because they store up so much heat giving room to the growth of bacteria, high moisture content, and sweat accumulation. All of the above could result in body odor and fungal infections if not adequately dealt with by washing. 

Q: How can I prevent runs in my hose?

A: To avoid runs in your hose, you have to ensure that while putting it on, you carry out the entire process carefully with time. For most leggings, it takes about 2-3 minutes to wear on the skin to avoid tears or splits successfully. There’s no need to rush. Take your time and ensure that you wear your hose cautiously with great care. Also, be careful of the nails or jewelry you are wearing, so they don’t get in your way and then cause the hose to snag. 

Q: How should I wash my hose? 

A: You can do this either through hand wash or through the use of a washing machine. Some pantyhose are specifically meant to be hand washed. You can find these kinds of information on the product page and description. If your hose falls into this category, then it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guide for maintenance. However, if it was not stated, you can certainly go ahead to wash with a washing machine. If you are washing with a washing machine, ensure that it is placed on a gentle cycle and washed alone. For the hand wash, on the other hand, use warm water and mild soap.

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