Best Running Shoes For Heavy Female Runners 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Yeah, we know that feeling: the spine-chilling thought of not being able to go the distance or the bellyaching distress that overwhelms you when you think of not being able to go all the way because you’re overweight.

Well, your days of feeling uneager to judiciously follow your running regimen are over!

Big means beautiful and accomplished, and we have painstakingly come up 20 of the most functional and stylish running shoes for heavyset joggers, to make your run in the park as exciting and therapeutic as ever

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By the end of this litany, you’ll be on the way to throwing all your medial and axial foot worries out of the window.

Let’s jump right in without further ado.

1. Brooks Ravenna 9 Women’s Running Shoe

This springy shoe creates a great sensation on your underfoot. Its diagonal roll-bar supports midfoot transition. You’ll love the stability it gives, especially if you have mild over-pronation. The Ravenna 9 crash-pad comprises a shock-absorbing functionality that is ameliorated by its 10-millimeter drop.

The midsole is highly cushioned with a taut shank that minimizes torsion or twisting of the foot. Let’s not forget that there’s a medial post that makes foot transitions a breeze. Get this pair if you’re into daily tempo runs and training runs.

You’ll look no further when you get treated to its reflective saddle which ensures a secure fit. Its seamless mesh upper makes for quality breathability and flexibility, while its durable rubber outsole gives quintessential traction. You can get them on Amazon.

2. Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

Best for plumpers who like to go the distance; the Asics Gel Nimbus 18 running shoe helps you keep up. It scores high marks for cushioning from heel to toe and reducing impacts. Asics signature FluidFit technology adapts your foot to glove-esque fit. No worries about slipping or skidding away on this one as the Nimbus has a unique heel-latching mechanism to ensure that your heel is well-balanced.

Female runners of every description rave about these pair. Got plantar fasciitis? No problem. The Nimbus delivers right-out-of-the-box flexibility, so you don’t have to fret about breaking them in. Size up a notch as they can kind of run small. Buy them at Amazon.

3. Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Women’s Running Shoe

Give Saucony Freedom a try if the other shoes feel like they have too much shoe. The heel drop is a low 4mm and features the same Everun Foam as the Triumph issue. The dense low-profile cushioning is a charm for obese runners. Freedom also comprises a supportive ISOFIT upper. Its outsole design was hewn to avail more space.

With its springy and responsive midsole and low weight, you’ll enjoy an irresistibly tantalizing sock-like grasp on your foot, thanks to theISOKNIT upper for added stability and breathability for a bouncy ride. These bouncy soles can be found on Amazon.

4. Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoe

Beautifully engineered with an embellishment of Flywire cables for its upper mesh to securely lock your feet in the Pegasus 35 is purely for the sophisticated runner. The rubber sole is charged up with flex grooves for an improved snug. Interestingly, the sneakers ensure that you run long distances while enjoying a cushioned ride.

With Pegasus’ smooth foot strikes, you’re outfitted for added strength. Fat and overweight ladies clamor for these shoes for its sturdiness and durability. Let’s not forget to mention that it has an internal sock lining to wick away moisture from your feet. Pegasus 35 has shorter lugs at the front for better toeing off for increased traction when the harrier is at the front foot.

Also, the shoe dazzles with a lightweight appendage to facilitate the movement of plus-sized female runners with knee challenges. The heel collar and streamlined build allows lots of space for your achilles while giving you a well-latched fit even with the wide 10mm toe drop, enabling you to enjoy a smoother feel and a natural roll when the sneaker toes off in transition. The combination of rubber and pylon stands this pair out from the rest. They are vended at Amazon.

5. Brooks Ghost 9 Women’s Running shoes

Best for orthotic, fleshier women, the Brooks Ghost 9 Running shoes is elaborated with a nouveau swish interior for a seamless trod. The sneaker has DNA Foam padding to support you while distributing pressure and superfluous weight to your shoe’s sole.

Fat and heavy runners can say adios to foot impediments like knee pain, flat feet, over-pronation, and bad knee with the Ghost 9 running sneakers as a permanent solution. Thanks to these pair, running has become an experience you can always look forward to. Its fantastic grasp enables you to run briskly on a variety of surfaces without any wanton discomfort.

The breathability of this footwear is made brought to life by the carefully placed overlays on a neo-engineered mesh. Hence, the upper cover secures your feet without impinging a lot of pressure on a spot. And air gets in to make your feet feisty and crisp. The super-fly sneakers are sold on the web via Amazon.

6. Brooks Women Adrenaline GTS 18 Running Shoe

Plush cushioning that preps you to go the whole nine yards awaits you as you invest in this pair. The energized, responsive, and classy cushioning is evenly spread throughout the sneakers as well as the transition areas on the threads to stave off impacts. The soles are designed with Extensive Diagonal Rollbar®, lightweight and supportive components to keep your body well-aligned as you run.

You’ll gush about its sleek design and fantastic color collections too. It’s tailored for all gait styles as it creates a smooth gait cycle and hidden comfort. The durable rubberized outsole of the Adrenaline GTS 18 creates a more fluid ride for burly female runners. Order yours at Amazon.

7. Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Women’s Running Shoes

The full-length Everun midsole gives a firm response and sturdy edge to cushioning, and is an irresistible thickset runner pick. Small e-TPU globules are stuffed in a thick formation to create a cohesive cushioning structure. It’s resistant to redundant compression and without a shroud of doubt, the Triumph ISO is top-quality pick when you want to manage your body weight.

The translucent rubber outsole is longevous and has good latching over dry surfaces. The sleeved ISOFIT upper is well secure, comfy, and aerated for a cushioned ride. You can grab them at Amazon.

8. Nike Epic React V2 Flyknit Women’s Running Shoes

The midsole of the React V2 is made of full-length React Foam. Admittedly, it isn’t as supportive as the other sneakers on this countdown and is an easy candidate for worst pick. Yet, the synthetic rubber-based midsole has a very thick cushioning which fits the bill for burly ladies.

The heel is well-placed atop a plastic stabilizer which lessens the chances of you running lopsidedly. The upper grips well and the midsole has a wide forefoot base while the React Foam does not bottom out. So, if you’re willing to relinquish a bit of stability for a non-mushy padding and lightness, then the EPIC React is a fanciful selection. Cop this luscious brand at Amazon.

9. Mizuno Wave Rider 23 Women’s Running Shoes

Achilles tendinitis is an excruciating condition that plagues the tendon, causing inflammation to the heel bone and calf. The result? Painful running and worse off: painful running in the wrong shoes. One pragmatic solution is the Mizuno Wave Rider 23.

The upper is sleeker and more supportive than other varieties and uses a softer material for the heel and flex grooves in the forefoot. This soft-impact feature ensures a silky distribution from heel to toe. The utilization of a closely-knit engineered mesh offers better ventilation and increased support.  Purchase this verdant legwear on Amazon.

10. Saucony Liberty ISO 2 Women’s Running Shoes

There isn’t much of a difference between the Saucony Freedom and the Saucony Liberty. In fact, one would notice that both words mean the exact same thing. To separate the perks, the Liberty ISO 2 has minuscule plastic stabilizer and if you pay attention more closely, you’d observe a slightly raised midsole and a more supportive ISOFIT upper. So, Liberty carries the day as the better of the two Saucony’s on this review. Find this confident tapestry on Amazon.

11.  New Balance Women’s W990V4 Running Shoes

Built with female senior citizens with stabilization difficulties in mind, these New Balance pair safeguards the chunky runner from injuries. It comes with an approximate 12mm descent, and its midsole gives low flexibility, making the shoe drop feel higher. This effervescent pair provides unflinching protection by riveting shocks from corpulent or overweight women joggers.  It is suitable for road running, the gym, and flats. The shoe’s soles offer wondrous traction that will enable the heavy female sprinter to wade past dry or wet surfaces.

The NB W990V4 offers frontline stability and durability. Its thick padding will require some thin socks for added comfort. It has a flimsy upper that accords you a lighter running experience for heavy female runners. Lamb-textured leather is created as an overlay, making the shoe very breathable. They are waiting for you on Amazon.

12.  Brooks Women’s Glycerin 16 Running Shoes

The arch functions to support the body. And when it’s unusually high or low, it can be tacky. To fend off a blitz of injuries and track on in comfort, fatties with high arches need to wear shoes that maxes support to the arch to ensure that the ball and heel don’t have to writhe upon extra weight.

The 16th iteration is a widely ballyhooed sneaker which is lauded for its responsive padding throughout the shoe’s span. When striking the pavement, the muffling makes the bopping on the pavement slicker and easygoing.

The new DNA Loft cushion is a finely calibrated mix of DNA from air and rubber, aimed at providing a glibly feel underfoot without a dip in durability and reactiveness. Bubbly, comfortable and chic, we believe it’s the best variety of the shoe so far. You can buy them at Amazon.

13.  Altra AFW1733G Escalante Women’s  Running Shoes

Heavyset runners often have to deal with bunions which can be a real bummer.  Most running shoes for obese women aren’t built to deal with this impediment. Altra, a comparatively new name in the business, is fast-becoming a top choice among runners. 

The Escalante gives you a wider toe box with its trademark Foot Shape™ to let the toes extend naturally eliminate bump worries. The upper portion is knitted to hold your foot snugly. The sneakers are explicitly fabricated for female feet with Fit4Her™ technology. Customers have claimed that this shoe delivers flexibility, comfort, lightness. They’re up for grabs at Amazon.

14.  ASICS Gel-cumulus 18 Women’s Running Shoes

This is a neutral shoe with a heel-crash pad. It gives first-rate flexibility, with great cushioning and stability for your high-mileage or short sprints. Clunky runners experience a lot foot strikes because they overpronate and the Gel-cumulus 18 is apt to accommodate this by seamlessly neutralizing impacts.

The shoe has a confident-looking build, is light and comes with sufficient cushioning. It sports the Convergence Gel sole as well as the impact Guidance System which enhances running flexibility while distributing the cushioning effect for an impeccably natural gait.

We also found out that the additional cushioning does nothing to add to the pair’s weight. Even smaller female joggers enjoy the shoe’s easygoing ride. The sneaker’s upper creates less pressure on the user due to the company jettisoning the overlaps on the upper’s toe box.

Furthermore, it has a breathable mesh with tongues maintaining position after long runs while laces tie up beautifully. Also, they are a revelation in the prevention of knee pain, plantar fasciitis and supination. Order this pair at Amazon.

15.  Saucony Cohesion 12 Women’s  Running Shoes

Saucony is one of the most seasoned manufacturers for the quintessential athlete. The masterminds at the outfit have embedded the heel grid system ingeniously, and the result is a highly responsive midsole foam for a more definitive and stable cushioning. When running becomes mawkish and messy, you can count on Cohesion 12’s breathable mesh to keep you fresh and comfy all day long. The 12th version of the Saucony Cohesion was praised for being efficacious during exercise sessions. The upper compartment feels cool as it has more open pores than most; welcoming air into the inner chamber as observed by some users. Prescription orthotic inserts slot in easily inside the foot-chamber. You can buy this product on Amazon.

16.  Adidas Ultraboost 19 Women’s Running Shoes

Since Adida’s unveiled the Ultraboost series in 2015, it has gone one to become one of the most-sough-after running shoes in the market. Its unparalleled bounce, diverse functionality, and padding are what make these sneakers a big enchilada. Adidas have niftily boosted the midsole to a whopping 20% for enhanced stability.

Great responsiveness, versatility, flexibility and prime underfoot protection is just some of the nectarous juices that continue to spurt from this pair. This pair can be found on Amazon.

17.  Reebok Harmony Road 3 Women’s Running Shoes

Reebok has embedded the tech-inspired floatride e-TPU – which is firmer than Adidas’ Boost – to strike a swashbuckling balance between cushioning comfort and stability. That’s not all; it is forged with a firm midsole heel plug, so the Harmony Road 3 is a trophy for long days on the road for large-framed, beefy dames.

The revolutionized mesh upper features an adaptive midfoot woven saddle that offers stylish support and security. Buy them anytime at Amazon.

18.  Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 19 Running shoes

This is an exciting must-have for long-term rides which require unbridled cushioning and very rugged design. It has an anatomical sock-liner that jazzes up your underfoot comfort and all-round fit. Another plus is the full-length midsole and 12mm drop that marshals shock absorption duties excellently while running. Its soft heel collar does not rub easily.

You’ll also notice that it gives a solid grip especially on its upper, which is flexible enough to deliver sturdiness when roving on surfaces of any designation. They are available at Amazon.

19.  Asics Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

We elect this to the list because its qualities suit heavy runners with overpronation. The upper mesh is stretchy and multidirectional with SPEVAFoam and Dynamic DuoMax Support System to give the robust female runner comfort, rhythm and balance during their runs.

It also features a 10mm drop as well as DuraSponge for absorbing impact. The heels are made of rubber to contain high-abrasion impacts. You can have them at Amazon.

20.  Hoka One One Women’s Bondi 5 Running Shoes

This model shoe has a wider toe box to deliver top stability and comfort the moment it’s worn. The Bondi 5 provides a 4-mm drop (heel to toe). Its heel bevel is adequate, allowing smoother heel transition. Favorited by chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons for arthritis and plantar fasciitis, this pair provides cushioning when running on hard-baked surfaces. Enjoy top balance and sleek races that the thick EVA midsoles and moderate heel bevel avails. Purchase these from Amazon. 

What To Look For When Buying Running Shoes For Overweight Women


Being heavy, you require more clannish shoes that will make your running routines more exciting and gratifying. When fitting your sneakers, consider the larger foot, twin parts of the human body are not entirely perfect and the feet are no different as one foot may be slightly larger than the other.

For maximum comfort, base your fit on the larger foot because it’ll more if the shoe comes up short. Also, your feet tend to swell as the day progresses and if you want to pinpoint accuracy, fit your feet after you have been standing or running.

Foot pronation

Pronation is a natural movement of the human body and involves the way the foot moves and positions upon landing. Understanding one’s pronation type can assist in finding comfort.

  • Underpronators (supinators)-  this type of runners need a lot of cushioning to prevent impact


  • Neutral Pronators – can wear a broad-range of shoes
  • Overpronators – causes extra wear on the exterior heel and interior forefoot require structured cushioning and motion-control functionality for maxed support

Most bulky women who have low arches or flat feet tend to overpronate, rolling their feet inwards and pushing off with the big toe and second toe. They are frequent sufferers of plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel spurs, and bunions. It’s best to get motion control sneakers that offer a lot of pronation support and cushioning.

To deliver support, an extra wear on the interior of the heel and under the ball of the foot may be necessary, especially for the big toe.

Arch support

Overweight runners require more support in the arch because there is a greater chance that their arch does not support their bodies. When the arch isn’t supportive enough, the body needs to compensate for this inconsistency, and these result in discomfort in the feet, legs, ankles, and feet. The pain can be horrid and disheartening and that is why wearing the right jogging shoes are important for your arch and feet to absorb excessive shock.

Find a secure upper fit

When you shop for a shoe that fits just right, you’ll evade a lot of foot-related injuries that cause a lot of nasty pain. Evaluate your feet type. Are they flat? Are they wide? Are there lesions and bunions? A simple assessment will assure that you get the right fit and size. Generally, a stable midsole is of little benefit if it will be matched with a sloppy upper fit. An interior that locks the front down in secure fashion over the midsole improves the overall stability levels during sprints.


Air flow is vital when running as no one wants to feel excess sweat running over their feet while sprinting. Shoes designed with mesh material are the standard as they are lightweight and breathable.

Specialized design

Running sneakers appear in different varieties for different kind of plum runners. You may elect to purchase shoes that are flexible to prevent the expansion of your feet. Additionally, sneakers that have more gel padding are idyllic as they provide more support for your weight. Should you feel pain of exterior sides of your feet when roving, flex design sneakers are your best bet.


Your sneakers should have removable insoles, especially if you have an orthotic. The detachable soles enable replacement when they are worn out or when you need to buy one that offers meliorated support to your feet. A topline insole delivers remarkable comfort and cushioning for heavy riders.

Look for non-EVA foam midsoles

When it comes to delivering cushioning for fatties, expanded polyurethane should be the top choice as they maintain their turgidity over time compared to EVA. Regular EVA foams tend to collapse, losing their structure over time, leading to instability and discomfort.

Don’t buy pillow-soft running shoes

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid shoes with max-soft padding if you’re a plump female. Let’s say you’re 5’6”, weigh 185 Ibs and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28. With your above average weight, running in shoes with an outstandingly soft midsole will do more harm than good. Why? Because such shoes that are not stable and translates to more work on the person, and may result injuries prompting your musculoskeletal system to compensate the inconsistency in the shoes naturally.

This doesn’t mean that your sneakers should be as hard as a rock. Simply refrain from buying shoes with uber-cushioning if you are obese or muscular. Brooks Glycerin 17 is built for a cushioned ride. It is made with a sturdy midsole and a snugly outsole to deliver stability. We discovered that its single-density midsole build ensures a slick ride with stability-causing sink spots.

By and large, a well-cushioned midsole works wonders for overweight women so long as it does not create an unstable run. The support level should be a consequence of midsole geometry and foam compactness.


How many running shoes should I buy?

You should have as many running sneakers as the number of days you run per week. Those who run three times a week should have three pairs of running shoes because it is crucial for your feet not to become habituated to the orthopedics of a single pair of shoes, hence, providing more variety to your feet. The more your body becomes familiar with a particular pattern of movement, the greater the risk of injury. Secondly, people run differently: vigorously when sprinting and slowly when regenerating.

What kinds of running shoes do I need?

Bodily-speaking, running can be considered a high-contact activity, which invariably results in achy joints, irritated tendons and other related injuries. When roving in cities and towns with paved roads of asphalt or stone, it’s best to have good neutral running shoes. When you foray into packed surfaces with slight abnormalities, they provide stabilization and cushioning during repetitive strides. Your neutral running shoes should have aggressive threads for solid traction and fortitude for underfoot protection and stability.

Speed or interval training demands lightweight sneakers with less cushioning.

Cross-country runners should get trail shoes that are designed for gym or cross-fit workouts or any activity that requires balance and there is increased contact with the ground.

What is a good running shoe size?

Keep this rule of thumb in mind: stand with your weight evenly distributed throughout your feet, ensuring that there is still a thumb’s width of space in front of the longest toe in your running shoe. More precisely, your running shoe should be around half to a whole size bigger than your everyday shoe.

A good running shoe should not make your feet feel tingly and numb as this is denotive of insufficient volume in the shoe. It also indicates that the shoes are too short or too narrow leading to serious foot issues.

Your feet changes in dimensions as you age, therefore, it’s vital to know the size of your feet instantaneously and not just the last time you got a pair of shoes. Foot size can also be altered on account of weight gain or loss, surgery or pregnancy. Feet increase in mas over the course of the day, so you’ll get the best fit for your feet when they are at their largest.

More so, each running shoe manufacturer has its trademark foot model or “last.” You’ll have a great fit success if your foot is proximate with your preferred brand’s last. However, this parameter is something that in the footwear manufacturer knows and that’s why having an in-store fit session is crucial.

How do I maintain good running form?

Proper running habits are important for heavy runners in order to improve their performance and to fend off injury. Proper running form transmits shock equally which lessens potential damage to the joints and tendons. Here is a run-down of some of the best running practices:

  • Head – keep it directly in front of you
  • Shoulders – pull back in relaxed fashion and don’t hunch over
  • Arms – 90 degrees with elbow at the side
  • Hands – keep it relaxed and unclenched
  • Torso/core – strength-train this part, keep core taut
  • Hips – slightly lean when running
  • Knees – keep at the middle of the feet so that the foot hits the ground just under the knee
  • Legs – keep at 90 degrees as you land to absorb shock
  • Feet – hit the surface with the ball of your feet

When can I use orthotics?

Orthotics are used to relieve pain and curb damage to individuals who are overheavy. The most trusted place to get these artificial supports are from your doctor. The devices need to fit properly, be reasonably firm, and offset the forces placed on the ankles and feet. Where you don’t have the wherewithal or time to see a doctor, an over-the-counter orthotic can work, provided that it fits perfectly into your feet without digging into it.

Does color make any difference?

Yes, at least when it comes to the shoe sole. Black soles are manufactured with carbon rubber – the same material used in car tires, meaning that they’re bulky and super durable. While and colored soles are crafted from inflated rubber of low-density, weak materials, which contains more air and is less dense.

So how do you know which hue to choose? That depends on the surface you’re running on. Go with black soles if you’re working on asphalt or concrete. Conversely, colored soles will take you all the way if you’re running on a dirt trail, grass, treadmill, or a padded track.

Are these groovy-looking attributes truly functional?

While some models of running shoes look better equipped for a space mission than a jog at the park, some of the oleaginous features are actually functional. Gel-filled inserts, Freon, and air provide shock absorptivity as do those spongy-looking things. These fittings are particularly good for plum women who suffer heel encumbrances.

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