Best Strapless Bras

Are you a woman who prefers wearing tiny strap clothes either because that is your style or because the weather is too hot? 

Do you find it annoying when you have to go to the restroom to adjust your falling strapless bra every five minutes? Does your breast seem to look funny in that beautiful strapless dress you have on because of the bra underneath? 

A lot of women have been victims of the following situations at one point or the other. Having to walk around with a bra that needs adjustment every time you lift your arm can make you feel very uncomfortable. 

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The primary reason why a lot of women have issues when they have on a strapless bra is as a result of either wearing the wrong bra size or buying strapless bras that do not meet up to standard. The idea of a strapless bra goes against the law of gravity as there are no straps to keep your boobs up. 

The introduction of the strapless bra has made it a lot easier for women to wear a specific type of clothes that otherwise would have seemed like a wardrobe malfunction if worn with a strapped bra. When you do get a good strapless bra in the right fit, you will find yourself comfortable wearing whatever you like without having to worry about a malfunction. 

Because we know purchasing a great strapless bra can turn out to be a frustrating ordeal, we have made a list of the best strapless bra for you – to aid easy selection. 

Below is a list of the best strapless bra every woman should own. 

1. Felina Women’s Hint Of Skin Seam-Free Strapless Contour Bra

The beautiful Felina strapless bra is one of the best and a good choice to serve you well; made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, you have very little to worry. Felina is a brand that has over thirty years of experience in making intimate apparel for women; they offer unique designs and styles that guarantees every woman’s comfort. 

Felina’s women seam-free strapless bra is that bra that provides you the following features. 

  • Great for all hard outfit

There are certain clothes that are not so easy to wear because of the type of bra required for such outfits. It could be a dreamy off the shoulder top, a strapless dress for a wedding or a strapless jumpsuit for an informal dinner; for either of these occasions, you will need a great strapless bra. 

  • Natural appearance

The Feline women’s strapless bra has a demi-cup that covers only half of the bust; it is low cut, which provides you with a more natural look. You can pull off this natural appearance to school, weddings, work, cocktail parties, holiday parties, etc. 

  • Comfort

When it comes to bra, the issue of comfort should never be ignored. The Felina women’s strapless contour bra has a seamless and tagless design that provides the wearer with ease all day long. Made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, the bra acts as a second skin; making you forget you have a bra underneath your outfit. 

Contoured to you

If you are that type of woman that does not like to wear a padded bra because you do not want your bust to look bigger, the Felina contour strapless bra is a great choice. The contour bra has a unified layer of padding that is the same all through the bra cup. 

2. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Strapless Full Figure 

Finally! There is a back strapless bra for the full-figured woman that stays in place. Most full-figured women have issues getting a strapless bra that serves a purpose; it’s either the strapless bra keeps coming down (which defeats its use), or the bra doesn’t fit. 

Made from 78% nylon and 22% spandex, the Vanity women strapless bra will make a great addition to the bra collection of full-figured women; It’s a bra design you can use for various outfits. 

With its hook and eye closure, you can wear this strapless bra in four different ways. You can either wear it as a strapless bra which is a good option when wearing strapless clothes or in the traditional way with straps which you can attach. You can also wear the bra as a halter neck bra or crisscrossed, which is a good option for sports activities. 

The Vanity back strapless underwire bra has silicon along the side, and underwire that keeps the bra in place against the skin to prevent slipping. It is a slightly padded bra that provides you with full coverage and comfort all day. 

For women who do not like the shapes of their bra showing through their clothes, the Vanity back strapless full figure bra provides you with this option; made from double knit fabrics that smoothen all around, it guarantees you of a smooth and beautiful silhouette. 


  • The vanity women’s back strapless bra allows you to wear strapless dresses or tops comfortably
  • The underwire provides the bra with enough support to keep your breast up
  • It provides comfort and full coverage


  • The full coverage makes it a limited option for certain outfits
  • If you have to wear a strapless bra in a dress with a low back, you might experience some difficulty with this bra option

3. MITALOO Push Up Strapless Sticky Adhesive Invisible 

The Mitaloo push up strapless bra is an invisible backless bra that provides the wearer the illusion of a fuller cleavage; it is a reusable magic bra that will suit most of your backless or low back clothes. The push-up bra elevates your breast, creating the appealing effect of a deep “v.”

If you want a strapless bra for showing off the curve of your bust, then this sticky and skin-friendly biological silicone is a great addition to your bra collection. The materials used in making the bra are all skin-friendly and natural product for improved flexibility. 

The Mitaloo push up backless and strapless bra is a great option to wear underneath strapless tops and dresses, low-cut outfit, plunging neck outfit, backless party dress, top or backless, low-cut gown. 

You can wash and reuse this backless stick-on bra without fear that it will lose its adhesiveness. The bra allows for comfortable wear, use, and maintenance; after drying from each wash, the adhesive component regenerates itself.


  • It is a beautiful choice for wearing backless clothes
  • For women with small cleavages, the bra enhances your bust size
    Made from natural, skin-friendly materials


  • The bra type is only suitable for wear in low-temperature places
  • When you begin to sweat, the bra will not stick to your skin
    You cannot apply your body cream before using the bra; it won’t hold. 

How to wear the Mitaloo push up backless and strapless bra

  • You can either wear the bra after having a shower or you clean your chest with soap and water
  • Take out the protective film on the bra
  • With the help of a mirror, press and hold contour cup to your skin until it sticks
  • Connect both cups in front together with the closure
  • Press the surface of the bra cup together gently with your hands for a few seconds to ensure it holds firmly.

4. Aisprts Strapless Bra Self Adhesive Backless Bras Silicone

Similar to the Mitaloo push up backless bra, the Aisprts strapless adhesive backless bra is a strapless bra design that has harmless biological silicone gel that adheres to your skin. The Aisprts strapless adhesive backless bra is also skin-friendly and will help you achieve a natural appearance in push-up bras. 

Aside from the adhesive feature, the Aisprts strapless adhesive backless bra has drawstring closure design in front which creates the illusion of a fuller cleavage for the wearer. The bra comes in a cute mango shape that creates a busty and an appealing deep “V” shaped cleavage. Written below are some of the features of the Aisprts strapless adhesive backless bra. 

  • Drawstring

The drawstring in front serves a purpose; it produces a sexy gather effect in front. There is a center clasp that allows you to adjust how you want your bust to look; this enhances your overall breast appearance while giving you the best and attractive breast shape. 

  • Backless and strapless

It is a backless strapless bra; you can wear it in almost all outfit without worrying about it leaving an imprint on your skin. The strapless bra allows you to reuse as many times as you want because it has a strong adhesive that will hold your breast in place. 

When worn underneath your backless or strapless cloth, it creates a smooth and fashionable appearance, while also giving you that sexy look you desire. 

  • Staple fashion

Because fashion keeps changing every day, most women find it almost impossible to keep up with the trend. The Aisprts strapless adhesive backless bra is something every woman should have in her wardrobe as it comes in handy when wearing clothes like a wedding gown, low-cut dresses, formal evening gowns or cleavage-revealing outfits.

5. Yummie Women’s Peyton Seamless Wire Free Strapless Convertible Bra

The Yummie women’s Peyton seamless wire-free strapless bra is one of the few unique strapless bras. Made from 75% nylon and 25% spandex, the bra provides the wearer with maximum comfort. 

The Yummie women’s Peyton seamless wire-free strapless bra is a wire-free bra, designed to meet the need of women who react to wearing wired bras. The Peyton wire-free underbust channel provides women with maximum comfort and support. 

With this closure free design bra, you do not have to worry about the lines of your bra showing underneath your clothes; the Peyton bra provides a smooth and clean look under all of your favorite outfit. 

The bra comes in a lightweight design that offers you complete flexibility and support all day long. The bra has a modern fit that guarantees your comfort with its dig-free strap and no bumpy clasp closure. It’s a good choice to serve as an everyday bra because it has a comfortable and versatile feature. 

The Yummie women’s Peyton seamless wire-free strapless bra can serve as a strapless bra; you can also attach the strap if you want a traditional look or make the strap into a crisscross design for better comfort – depending on the occasion. 

For care and maintenance of the Yummie women’s Peyton seamless wire-free strapless bra, follow the process below

  • Only use your hands to wash, no machine
  • Dry out on the line under the sun
  • Never use bleach to clean your bra
  • Ironing the bra is a NO
  • Avoid dry cleaning this bra type.

6. Wacoal Women’s Halo Strapless Bra

Made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex, the Wacoal women’s halo strapless bra is a strapless lace underwire bra that every woman will love to own. It is a bandeau bra with hidden underwire to provide support and lift, eliminating the chances of a uni-boob.

The lace of the bra comes from stretchy materials that allow it lay flat on your breast, making the bra a good option for summer tops and off the shoulder outfit. The bra features a hook and eye closure that allows for support and comfort. 

The Wacoal women’s halo strapless bra has medical-grade silicone above the cup, which has intermittent slits that allow you to place the bra straps in different areas to serve various purposes. 

The strapless bra has silicone along the neckline, which helps to keep the bra in place; it also comes with detachable and adjustable straps to guarantee your maximum comfort and support. 

The design of the Wacoal women’s halo strapless bra provides the wearer with a natural look in any outfit worn over the bra. The medical-grade silicone placed in the bra gives your boobs an extra lift and an illusion of a fuller bust. 

Caring for your Wacoal women’s halo strapless bra

  • You can hand wash your bra in warm water
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed.
  • Ensure you wash bras of different colors separately
  • Avoid ironing or dry cleaning

7. Maidenform Women’s Push-Up Combo Wing Bra with Underwire and Adhesive Wings

For women who love to mix style and comfort, the Maidenform women’s push-up combo wing bra has got you covered; it’s the type of bra made for the modern woman. Designed from polyurethane, polyester, spandex, and silicone gel adhesive, this bra provides you support all the way. 

The following are the features of this stylish modern woman’s under apparel

  • Lightweight

Maidenform women’s push-up combo wing bra is a combination of both discrete, lightweight, and versatility; it is strapless and backless bra design that is both adjustable and reusable. The bra comes with one adhesive tape, a backstrap, and a clear halter strap. 

  • Backless bra design

The unique design of the Maidenform women’s push-up combo wing bra makes it stand out from other bra types; it’s a combo wing bra that has a unique underwire to give it the best possible shape and lift. The style of the bra is such that you get the best comfort and support while being able to wear backless and low-cut outfit. 

  • Skin-friendly

The adhesive material that sticks to the skin comes from skin-friendly components; you do not have to worry about skin reaction or skin irritation when you wear our adhesive bra. For better functionality of this type of bra, use on only dry skin. Ensure your skin is dry and free from moisture or oil as this will affect how well the bra sticks to you. 

  • Serves you well

One benefit you will enjoy from using Maidenform women’s push-up combo wing bra is that it gets you the best shape, lift, and support when you wear your favorite backless and low-cut clothes. You do not have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction or your boobs looking saggy.

8. Niidor Sticky Bra, Breathable Strapless Bra Adhesive Push Up Backless Bras for Women

For women who love to attend events that require dressing up in evening gowns, strapless dresses, and low-cut outfits; you will understand the benefit of owning a bra that keeps your boobs firmly in place. It can be a thing of embarrassment if you have to pull your bra up every time you raise your hands or move in a certain way. 

The Niidor sticky, breathable strapless, backless bra is one that every woman should add to their bra collection. It comes in handy as a good choice for wearing open and low-cut dresses. The bra gives your breast an instant push up and has breathable hole design. 

The Niidor sticky, breathable strapless, backless bra meets all your imagination in a strapless bra; it gives your chest the charming effect of a deep “V” The bra comes in a unique butterfly shape that shows off your beautiful chest curve and increases your sexy glamour in your favorite strapless or backless outfit.

Features of the Niidor sticky, breathable strapless, backless bra 

  • Durable and super light

With the Niidor sticky, breathable strapless, backless bra, you will not remember you have a bra on; as it provides you support and comfort at the same time. It has a sturdy metal clip in front that supports your breast lift, showing off your beautiful cleavage without the stress of a binding bra strap. 

  • Strong stickiness and skin-friendly

The Niidor sticky, breathable strapless, backless bra comes from sticky and skin-friendly silicone adhesive materials that will keep your breasts firmly in place and not give you skin irritation. Made from hypoallergenic, the adhesive bra will not leave a mark on your skin when you take it off. The bra sticks to your skin quickly and remains that way until you remove. 

  • Easy to maintain

The Niidor sticky, breathable strapless, backless bra allows for hand wash with warm water and mild detergent. It is reusable as many times as you chose; so long you maintain it properly.

9. Maidenform Women’s Sexy Plunge Convertible Bra-Fully Adjustable

Are you a woman who dares to wear sexy plunging down neck outfit? Then you know to pull the look, you need the right type of bra. The Maidenform women’s sexy plunge bra combines enough coverage and comfort to enhance your sexy cleavage. The convertible plunge bra gives your bust a good shape in plunging V-neck dresses and other outfits. 

The Maidenform women’s sexy plunge bra has foam cups covered with 85% polyester and 15% spandex; it has a hook and bar closure, and it allows you hand wash without damaging the material of the bra. 


  • Fitting for plunging neck

The style of the bra is such that enhances your cleavage and supports low-cut fashions; it is one of the best bras for rocking a plunging neck dress. The bra design has multiple straps to help you personalize the bra in whatever way you choose. 

  • Ideal for all occasion

You can wear a bra with a halter neck dress, plunging neckline or low back outfit confidently. The bra comes with adjustable dyed-to-match shoulder strap and one adjustable low-back converter to accommodate your favorite low-back outfit. The bra gives you various fashion option choices; you do not have to worry about a fashion faux pas. 

  • Easy maintenance

It’s effortless to maintain the Maidenform women’s sexy plunge bra, all you need is to wash in cold water and mild soap and lay flat to dry. Avoid using washing machine to either wash or dry.

10. Adhesive Bra, Latest Rabbit Strapless Backless Bra Lift Nippleless Cover Sticky Pasties Bras

For women who complain about the disadvantages of using a strapped bra, this latest rabbit strapless, backless bra is one of the essentials you should consider adding to your bra collection.  

Compared to the traditional strapped bra, the bunny nipple invisible chest sticker design provides you with comfort and maximum support. You can say goodbye to using binding bra straps without losing support to your cleavage. 

The rabbit strapless, backless bra is a good choice to keep your breast lifted and perky while going braless. It’s a good option for wearing strapless, backless, and low-cut outfits without having to worry about how your cleavage will look. 


  • Instant breast lift

Designed with an adhesive breast lift tape, the strapless rabbit bra will give your breast an instant and firm lift. The nipple cover will protect your chest and offer maximum comfort. 

  • Skin-friendly material

The materials used in making the rabbit strapless, backless bra comes from high-quality breathable fabrics, and also high viscosity medical-biological silica gel. It is hypoallergenic, harmless, safe, soft, skin-friendly, and a suitable option for people with sensitive skin. 

The self-adhesive push-up bra can stay in place for a long time because it is super sticky. It protects your breast, provides support, perkiness, and prevent it from falling off. 

  • Invisible and charming

The rabbit strapless, backless bra provides complete invisibility when worn and covers your nipple area fully. It provides support and lifts to your cleavage, giving you a natural shape. The design allows you to wear strapless, backless, and deep-V outfits. 

  • Reusable and washable

Good news; your rabbit strapless, backless bra allows you to wash and reuse. To increase longevity, rinse with warm water and mild soap after each use. Clean and air dry in the shade – do NOT expose to direct sunlight.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Strapless Bra

Source: bustle

When it comes to buying a strapless bra, there are many things you need to put into consideration because strapless bra can be both a blessing and a curse. If you purchase a strapless bra that is the right fit, you will enjoy its benefits; if you buy one that doesn’t work well, you might be in for a nightmare. 

With the right strapless bra, you say goodbye to the dreaded “what do i wear under this cloth?” dilemma. You can wear your clothes any way you want without a bother. When it comes to buying the right fit in a strapless bra, the idea is to buy a bra that is firm and one that will serve. 

But how can you tell which bra is good when you have so many options of strapless bras in front of you? If you do finally get a good strapless bra that stays up and supports your chest, you will be glad about the effort you made. 

Who Uses a Strapless Bra?

A strapless bra is a woman’s best choice when it comes to wearing certain outfits not suitable for the traditional type of bra. There are various designs of strapless bra to suit different kinds of outfits. A woman wearing an off the shoulder dress can use a strapless bra with a back clap; while for someone wearing a plunging neck outfit, a stick-on bra might be a better alternative. 

All women might need to use a strapless bra at one point or the other in their lives. 

How To Buy The Best Strapless Bra

Play around with sizes

When you are buying a strapless bra, you want to ensure you obtain your right fit. The size you wear for a traditional bra might differ from what you will wear in a strapless bra. You could either get professional measurement before heading to the bra store or settle on a bra band that is a little bit smaller than your usual size. 

Buy a bra with a snug band

If you are buying the traditional bra, the band and the strap is what gives your breasts the support and lift; but for a strapless bra, the band is the only thing supporting your boobs. For this reason, you should settle for a strapless bra with a band that is a little on the tight side. Don’t buy one that is too tight or one that makes it difficult for you to breath; you want it snug, not uncomfortable. 

Try it before you purchase

To ascertain you have the right fit when buying a strapless bra, it’s essential that you try them on before leaving the store with the bra. If you wear a strapless bra that is the right fit; when you jump up, the band is not supposed to ride up in the back – if you notice this happening, it’s a sign the bra is too big for you. 

Avoid using lotions when you go bra shopping

When you go strapless bra shopping, especially if you intend to purchase stick-on or silicone strapless bra, you need to avoid applying oil, lotion, deodorant or baby powder anywhere around your chest. Application of any of these will work against your bra, causing it to slip. 

Go silicone-free

If you ever had a bad experience using silicone, you might want to avoid purchasing a bra that has silicone; you might have an allergic reaction to silicone. You should buy other types of strapless bra that do not have silicone. 

Consider the longline

A longline is a good option for women with bigger bust; the longline gives you more reinforcement from below your chest. The longline bra comes with a bodice which will help to hold your breast in place. 

Take care of your bra

You know how vital your strapless bra is to you; ensure you care for it in the right manner. Wash your hands after each wear, especially during the summer when you are prone to sweat more. 


Is it true that you should buy a strapless bra a band lower than your size to keep it in place?

Yes, you should try to purchase a strapless bra that is snug and firm, but not too tight to the point it hurts you. A lot of women have strapless bras that are a size or two too big, avoid making such mistakes. 

Are there unique features to look for in strapless bras?

A bra with silicone is good, but that is assuming you don’t have an allergy reaction to silicone. Silicone sticks the bra slightly to the skin and will hold it in place. 

How true is it that lotion and baby powder helps to keep the strapless bra up?

Lotions, oils, deodorants, or baby powder affects how your strapless bra sticks to your skin. When buying, you want a design with the best friction between your bra and your skin. 

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